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Annual Tax Registration Renewal408 Aug 2014safety check,tax registration,technical checkIf you have a motorbike or a car, each year you have to renew the registration (the tax sticker). The fee is the same each year for the first five years, then it is reduced by 10% every year up to a maximum of 50%.
If your car or bike is more than five years old, you have to undertake a technical check before you can apply to renew your registration. My old one, Toyota Camery 2.4 (8 years old and looking same new and about 75000 km only), is no more used actually and because of the ridiculous offered price not sold. Hi Hans, I think you don't need to renew the insurance if you don't use the car, but you do need to pay the tax registration every year (or else they will ask you to pay for every year you didn't pay, and possibly add a fine). An overview of what you need to renew your registration, and the criteria for getting a car registration renewal online. In the majority of US states, car owners can obtain a car registration renewal through online services, mail or in person. Check your Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice to see whether it is necessary for you to submit a smog certification and also to know the fee amount for the renewal. If the notice asks for a smog certification, you have to get your car tested in order to acquire the smog certificate. It is necessary to have the proof of your car insurance policy with you when going to the DMV office. In the majority of states, it is necessary for the vehicle owner to produce an Odometer Disclosure Statement for a title transfer, if the car is less than 10 years of age. A Renewal Identification Number (RIN) is provided to a vehicle that is eligible for registration renewal via the Internet.
Yes, motor vehicle registration renewal is handled by the DMV and must be done through them.
Just like anything you do for the first time, registering and renewing your car license may be a little bit cumbersome – not that you don’t want to do it, it’s just that you don’t know where to start.
The last digit of your plate number will depend on the month of your registration while the middle digit indicates the weekly deadline. If your plate number is ZHB143, you have to renew on the working days of March 8-14 or one month before.
You can do your renew and register to any LTO District Office that is most convenient or accessible to you. According to a news from The Philippine Star, starting January 2015, the LTO will issue new standard license plates so car owners who will renew their registrations will have to prepare an additional P450 for the license plates fee.

Entry tagged with: Land Transportation Office • Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance • LTO • Renewal Requirements • CPTL • Motor Vehicle Registration • Car Registration • Car Renewal • Batas Pambansa Blg. Under financing po car ko at parenew na po ang plate… Pwede po ba photocopy ang gagamitin na or cr?
Bibili po ako ng motorcycle na yellow plate, gusto ko sana siyang gamitin for business na deliver lang ng gas.
Okey lang po ba na yellow plate parin pero gagamitin ko siya para sa delivery ng gas, papalagyan ko po siya ng sidecar(kolong kolong) na lalagyanan lang ng gas pang deliver.
Nagpa renew nako ug car katong ming aging adlaw tapos g txtsan ko sa akoa giparenewhan na dili pwede ipa renew ang sakyanan Kay naa kaso nabangga. Yung car nabili ko sa Cebu, pero gusto ko sana dalin sa Manila, pwede po ba maging manila plate? Mom mgkno mo renewal ng sasakyan 2 years n po sya di nrenew at mgkano din po mgpatransfer ng ownership po ang ang last plate no.po ay 4 po.
It could be more helpful if the estimated amounts are shown for each item, as applicable, so car owners will know how much money to prepare. What if you buy a new car in October and happen to get a Plate Number ending in 1 or 2 during its Initial Registration? Mag renew po Same pa din ang gagamitin sample NOY 412 sa old sa new plate pwede kaya NOY 412 din.. This in mind I think, contrary to my Thai friend, that i only have to do the annual tax registration (and insurance) as soon as I'm using it again. So I'd say you're right concerning the insurance, and your friend is right concerning the tax registration! If you have not received the notice, or have misplaced it, call the DMV office to find the required information.
To avoid late payment of renewal fees, you can pay the renewal registration fees before getting the smog certificate, but you will not be sent the new tags until the smog certificate is sent to the DMV. Make a prior appointment and to carry all the necessary documents along with required fees amount in cash, check or money order to the DMV office.
Take note, thought, that do not renew later than the last working day of the indicated week from the middle digit.
43:An Act Providing Number Plates to Owners of Motor Vehicles and Trailers, any motor vehicle number plate is permanently assigned to such motor vehicle during its lifetime.
But, there will be a charge of Php100.00 for Change of Venue (CV) of your vehicle registration.

I had a friend get my new registration because I was in the hospital, but I noticed there was no new sticker? Pero ang pangutana nako?nganong dili pwede?na ang katong motor nagkabangga nako Kay iyaha sala,wala pa license dili pa iya motor,dako pa kaau damage akoa sakyanan,tapos karon dili pwede I renew!wtf?ako pa karon ang balihon na akoa sayop!!!buwisit ning pulis pod sa tagom,gipangkwrtahan pod ko sa mga animal,ako pay nag bayad sa hospital sa bata.buwisit siya naka sala!!!!tapos inyu dapigan!!! Paano mag renew ng registration pag nawala na yung original OR CR ng motor ko but my photo copy po ako.
For a car it starts at around 1,000 baht (engine up to 2,000cc), average price is about 2,000 baht (for example a Toyota Altis 1.8) but it can go up to 6 to 7,000 baht, for instance for a 4-door pick-up. The assigned Renewal Identification Number comes on the Vehicle Registration Renewal Billing Notice of the eligible vehicle.
This policy varies by state, so check with your local DMV in regards to their polices and procedures.
Each state handles it on their own, so the answer to this question will vary depending on the state you live in.
Paano ko ire renew ang plaka which is already expired last February kung walang CR, ako po ba ang dapat mag renew ng rehistro o sagutin pa ito ng dealer? That way any cop flagging you down can see if your Registration is still current at one glance. There are numerous states that still require you to come down to the local office to renew your registration.
There are fees for not renewing your registration in a timely manner, so make sure you get the payment in on time.
My plate ends 8, but I didn’t have the time to renew it August of last year due to priorities. Some states require that your vehicle passes an emissions test before you can renew your registration. With other states, it is possible to register some vehicle types online while others must be registered at the local office.

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