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Chaldean Numerology is also call Mystic Numerology and is an older system than the modern system pioneered by Pythagoras.
In Modern Numerology, we use the numbers 1 to 9 and occasionally the Master Numbers of 11 and 22 and perhaps a few others. Chaldean Numerology is fixed: it does not change or evolve and hasn’t since the days of Babylon. Chaldean Mythology has a “Mystical” component, in part described by your compound numbers described below. The “mystical numbers” or “compound numbers” from your name describe your hidden influences and may divine your future in mysterious ways. Let’s say you first, middle, and last name respectively add up to 22, 20, and 10 respectively.
Some professional numerologists, for example Johny Cusante, combine aspects of both systems. Semitic settlers who arrived in the 10th century BC became known as the Chaldeans or the Chaldees. When the Chaldeans ruled Southern Mesopotamia, the terms Chaldean and Babylonian were used interchangeably.
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Tighten the strap on your tinfoil hat: Recently declassified documents show that the US Air Force was working on, and perhaps had already built, a supersonic flying saucer in 1956. The aircraft, which had the code name Project 1794, was developed by the USAF and Avro Canada in the 1950s. As far as we can tell, the supersonic flying saucer would propel itself by rotating an outer disk at very high speed, taking advantage of the Coandă effect.
These images (two more at the end of the story) come from the US National Archives, which is tasked with preserving important records and documents ? including declassified military documents. The Biefeld?Brown effect is an electrical effect that produces an ionic wind that transfers its momentum to surrounding neutral particles, first discovered by Paul Alfred Biefeld (Germany) and Thomas Townsend Brown (USA). Im sure the Air Force tried jet engines at first but the design is for an electromagnetic device and Im sure they found that out. In 1961, Marcel Violet, engineer of arts and professions and recognised inventor and scientist of his time, gave the only public lecture of his life during which he revealed his discovery of vitalised water. He discovered that beeswax, properly prepared, is a selective filter of cosmic radiation, all of which is explained in detail in the conference. Nikola Tesla exhausted his coils and capacitors for insulating purposes in a pressure tank while melting the beeswax and paraffin mixture with steam permeating the mix into the smallest spaces to force out all gas bubbles, which was the reason his equipment was capable to stand these high electrical pressures and extremely rapid potentials. The Magnetic Fountain also contains a magnetic vortex, a sort of swirling magnetic field, which rotates the water molecules. Abha Vortex coil is finished and a simple joule thief circuit just to light and welcome the born of this electric Venturi as Marko Rodin calls it.
Psychic & Paranormal TRV, Remote Viewing, OBE, Psychic Phenomenon, Synchronicity, Metaphysics, and other related topics. Many astrologers like to emphasize the illusory nature that characterizes Venus-Neptune aspects.
Wardenclyffe Tower (1901?1917) also known as the Tesla Tower, was an early wireless transmission tower designed by Nikola Tesla and intended for commercial trans-Atlantic wireless telephony, broadcasting, and proof-of-concept demonstrations of wireless power transmission.[2][3] It was never fully operational,[4] and the tower was demolished in 1917.

Medical astrology posits the association of each sign of the zodiac with parts of the body, and was already mentioned by Marcus Manilius (1st century AD) in his epic poem (8000 verses) Astronomica.
Magical Intentions: Spiritual concepts, all matters which are illusionary, unclear, imaginary or unstructured. Comparing them is like comparing apples and pumpkins, or sheep and goats, or Astrology and Palmistry. Chaldean Numerology similarly, uses the numbers 1 to 8 and occasionally the number 9, analogous to the concept of Master Numbers. Conversely, Chaldean Numerology to nicknames, your name most commonly used in social situations.
Unlike the name you are commonly referred to which may change over time, your date of birth cannot change. I’m Middle Eastern, my parents always claimed we were Chaldean way back, and the women in my family have always been very intuitive. Also any discussion about the environment, global warming, and other related topics are welcome here. One declassified memo, which seems to be the conclusion of initial research and prototyping, says that Project 1794 is a flying saucer capable of ?between Mach 3 and Mach 4,? (2,300-3,000 mph) a service ceiling of over 100,000 feet (30,500m), and a range of around 1,000 nautical miles (1,150mi, 1850km). Maneuvering would be accomplished by using small shutters on the edge of the disc (similar to ailerons on a winged aircraft). It isn?t clear why it has taken some 64 years for Project 1794 to be declassified, though it does follow on from the declassified news in 2008 that the US government has been monitoring UFO activity for more than 30 years. The effect is more widely referred to as electrohydrodynamics (EHD) or sometimes electro-fluid-dynamics, a counterpart to the well-known magnetohydrodynamics.
The Magnetic Fountain integrates this discovery, while incorporating the resonant frequency of the Cosmic C, which constitutes an additional vital information.
All serious chemists know that the water molecule is electrically asymmetrical, so it aligns with magnetic fields. This device accelerates the vibratory rate, and therefore increases the energy levels of the processed substances.
Since i?m new in this technology i found very interesting the efficiency of this circuit, with 5.43 VDC on the input voltage and 9,39 VAC on the output and the amperage its about the same in and out, just by the grace of the Joule effect and collapsing magnetic fields of inductance. Apparently Venus-Neptune people don?t like the mundane, daily gestures that mark a long term relationship, they say. I looked at the natal charts of four famous women in the Middle Ages who had notable numinous experiences, and discovered three had Venus-Neptune contacts and to my surprize, all had at least one or more aspects that would indicate a strong libido or a more intense sexuality (e.g.
Since the number 66 is a doubling of the number 6, it can be viewed as a doubling of perfection or a symbolic representation of achieving perfect balance. A little investigation into the symbolism behind makes it seem a rather obvious choice though. This culture has little or nothing to do with the germanic Asa culture of the southern Scandinavia. One is not “better” or more valid than the other; results depend on the skill and knowledge of the practitioner. This single number is called the “physical number” which explains how you appear to others.
Mesopotamia means “between rivers” in Greek and the rivers in questions are the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

And for the record, I find people in the Middle East to be among the most friendly on the planet! There are apparently two whole boxes of Project 1794 documents ? but only the four images shown here have been digitized.
Extensive research was performed during the 1950s and 1960s on the use of this electric propulsion effect during the publicized era of the United States gravity control propulsion research (1955 - 1974). Further, when the two sixes are added together, the result is 12, and when 1 and 2 are combined, the result is 3. Bewitchments, casting illusions, optimism, opportunity, expansion, enlargement and works involving religion, faith and law.
Known among many things for their nomadic life with reindeers, and their craftmanship with the metal Tin. Your physical number is 7, which is all the digits of the mystical numbers added together (2+2+2+0+1+0). Mesopotamia corresponds today to Iraq, northeastern Syria and small parts of adjoining Kuwait, Iran, and Turkey.
That said, I once found myself in a revolution (Egypt) and saw an errant (I hope) shell land not too far away from me once while exploring the Golan Heights. According to the cutaway diagrams, the entire thing would even be capable of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL). We owe the magnetic resonance characteristics found in the Magnetic Fountain to the works of the great and underrated Nikola Tesla. While three examples hardly make a rule and the data may be debatable given how old these women are, it?s fair to say that finding birth data for such women is rare, and three for four isn?t bad. Think from the beginning of written history (over 4000 years ago) to perhaps the mid 7th century.
Patent 3,130,945, and with the aim to forestall any possible misunderstanding about these devices, termed these flying machines as ionocraft. While that can be true, I?d add that those aspects present the possibility of having a direct romantic relationship (Venus) with the divine (Neptune). It is not unlikely however that Samic symbolism and spiritualism has strongly influenced the south. In the following years, many promising concepts were abandoned due to technological limitations. The effect has only recently become of interest again and such flying devices are now known as EHD thrusters. Moreover, maintaining this relationship requires incredible discipline exacted upon a quotidian level. There was no religious protocol, Jesus, 'White Christ', were welcomed into the collective of the other nature force inspired entities at the time, the church had a hard time whipping that way of spiritualistic thinking out of the northern savages sinful minds. There was no religious protocol ( love freestyle ) , Jesus, 'White Christ', were welcomed into the collective of the other nature force inspired entities at the time, the church had a hard time whipping that way of spiritualistic thinking out of the northern savages sinful minds.

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