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In our house, bedtime stories come in the form of a chapter book read aloud to the older two kids, ages 6 and 4.
I think I was so excited to do chapter books with my first that we did Charlotte’s Web even before she was four! You may want to put a pin in those, since your kids are a little young for those, but they may come in handy in a year or two. We have a fantastic kids’ version of the Odyssey by Mary Pope Osborne (of Magic Tree House fame) that my kids LOVED. My girls are 5 and 7, we enjoy the Magic School Bus chapter books, the Never Girls series, Charlotte ‘ s Web and the Trumpet of the Swan.
But we have more than one thousand blog posts in the archives, and they're not going anywhere. Latest PodcastsAsha Dornfest of Parent Hacks: The Mom Hour BONUS Interview 01What Is A Side Hustle and Do You Need One? If you liked this post, you'll love hearing us discuss topics just like this on our free weekly podcasts! NOTE: If you are just starting out with reading chapter book novels to your kids, visit my list of chapter books to read aloud to preschoolers.
Owls in the FamilyA by Farley Mowat is a short chapter book about boys growing up in Saskatchewan in the 1950s.
Oh, and in my search of the NYPL for these, I discovered there is an adult ROMANCE called The Chocolate Touch!!
Thank you so much for this book list I”m constantly on the lookout for interesting chapter books to read to my 5 year old. I had the great fortune to meet The Nerdy Book Club founders at a dinner for Anne Ursu hosted by Walden Pond Press to celebrate her latest chapter book, The Real Boy.
Colby Sharp, one of The Nerdy Book Club founders, mentioned that he was teaching third grade this year, a move from years spent teaching fourth grade and I got very excited because I have a son in third grade! To complete this list of 10 perfect 3rd grade read aloud books either for parents to read at home or for a classroom, I asked my girls what books their teachers read to them in third grade. Giving them wonderful works of writing to emulate helps them think about things like setting, voice, character, plot and experiencing sensations through words. The best part of a perfect read aloud, I think,  is how mesmerized the children become. My son says, “Because of Winn Dixie was a extremely good book and when we read it, had everybody in the class wrapped inside the book. My oldest’s third grade teacher flagged me down two years ago to tell me how much she loved this chapter book. In some ways this book reminds me of Charlotte’s Web so I like the pairing so kids can compare and contrast. My son says, “My class is still reading it but it is a very good book so far and everybody loves it. Grasshopper and Sensei’s third grade teacher recommended this easy chapter book to me for her and I ended up using it for her book club. As I read this book with my daughter, I got that deja vu feeling and realized that I had read a long time ago too! THIS STORY HONORS THE TEACHER THAT TOOK TIME TO SEE A CHILD THAT WAS DROWNING AND NEEDED HELP. PickyKidPix said that these were her two favorite Doug Cushman mysteries that she read in third grade. It’s about finding the wonder in everyday life and discovering that the people in your community have amazing stories and experiences! My son ended up doing a book project on The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs for rising 4th grade summer homework. This is one of my favorite chapter books but remains is lesser known than it deserves to be. Chester is a cricket from Connecticut that winds up in picnic basket and ends up in New York City’s Times Square. My son said that they read this mystery chapter book for read aloud and he highly recommends it. The final Read Aloud book of the year was in prepration for a field trip to Plimoth Plantation. This would be great because their cousin was working at Plimoth Plantation when we visited and that would make for a rich discussion! My son tells me that they started this chapter book about the Wampanoag Native Americans but will not have time to finish it before school ends. I am an Amazon affiliate which means if you buy anything through my blog, I get a very small kickback at no cost to you. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. I love it when the movie is true to the book like Charlotte’s Web and equally fantastic! Right now, I really want to focus his mind on concentrating and understanding the story to another level.
Hi Mia – to answer your question, I taught a combined classroom of grades 3-5 for three years, then one year of just first grade, and three more years of grades 1-2.
Pragmatic Mom recently posted…Rebecca Stead: From Attorney to Secret Writer to Newbery Winner! I really like this list – we read some of the books either together or separately, but I’d like to make sure that we will hang 10 on this list ?? Thanks for sharing with Afterschool! I’m by no means advocating that parents abandon picture books in favor of longer chapter books.
If you are looking for early read aloud chapter books, the following list should be helpful. The Anna Hibiscus (series) books were written with early readers in mind, but the stories about Anna and her extended family in Africa make excellent read alouds for even the younger three year olds.
When my son started back at school this year as a second grader, his teacher requested parents send in any chapter books they would like to donate. I headed to Savers with the hopes of finding common titles that other parents might also send in and came out with a whole basket full (and super cute basket, might I add, that was just $2!) of great books!
Savers is a great place to find books for your own home collection or to donate to schools!
My third grader and I spent all of second grade reading every Narnia book in order, and over the summer we read The Hobbit. I’m going to start off by saying Runaway Ralph has been a favorite of mine for years. One of our favorites, especially nearing Thanksgiving, is the Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare. 1st Graders are learning to read on their own and need practice reading, but they also need to be read to. You can make over 29 amazing summer activities for kids using items from your local dollar store. Disney World is changing a lot right now, including closing 2 fan favorite rides within the next 2 weeks. Book reports are a great way for kids to recall what they’ve read, help with reading comprehension, and improve writing too. Get ready for Earth Day on April 22nd with these fun and creative earth day crafts for kids of all ages!
Last year we went on a big Magic Tree House series kick, which made choosing the next book easy since there are approximately 4837 in the series. But as we neared the end of the last book in our boxed set of Dahl stories, we were at a loss for what to read next. The thread developed into a hugely helpful list of read-aloud chapter books that both kids AND grownups love. My 4yo still likes some picture books, but when we are in the library hunting for something new, most of the ones that aren’t her already established favorites feel too young for her and she loses interest quickly.
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Free weekly shows featuring dynamic interviews, fun cohosts and real-life stories and tips for living a creative, happy life at home, as a mom, and in your work. The themes and stories of these selections, however, are all appropriate for younger kids — nothing too scary, nothing too sophisticated, but the vocabulary and sentence structure will still increase their literacy.

This is the first book in a trilogy about a group of toys and their adventures in and out of a girl’s bedroom. We recently finished reading this installment in Finnish author Tove Jansson’s classic tales of his whimsical creatures the Moomins. The premise is wonderfully silly: in the Kingdom of Spiff everyone is obsessed with fashion, and ridiculously elaborate fashion at that. I bet you didn’t know the author of Lily and the Purple Plastic Purse also wrote chapter books.
It is often overlooked in favor of Poppy, the next book because Poppy is the heroine of the rest of the series.
His recent faves are Socks by Cleary, the Mouse and the Motorcycle series by Cleary, Anna Hibiscus by Atinuke, and Mr.
If you’ve only just started chapter books, I think the list chapter books for preschoolers (suitable for 3-6 year olds on up) will also be really useful for you. Quickly and not surprisingly, we started talking about perfect third grade read aloud books. And how much they learn to love reading; not as a chore to fill out a reading log but as a story that they can not wait to hear the next installment.
It’s a perfect chapter book in my mind where whole adds up to much more than the sum of the parts. Her teacher said that girl bullying tends to rear its ugly head in third grade and this book centers around the role of bystanders in bullying. FALKER HAD REACHED INTO THE MOST LONELY DARKNESS AND PULLED ME INTO BRIGHT SUNLIGHT AND SAT ME ON A SHOOTING STAR. His third grade teachers have used Cushman’s mystery picture books to lead off the mystery writing unit and have requested him! I had always loved this book but wondered and worried if it was too old fashioned and slow paced to hold kids’ attention. Though it’s the first book in a series, the rest of the books are not nearly as good as this one. It’s a wonderful example of strong voice in writing as well as just a really great read. Debbie Reese of American Indians in Children’s Literature has issues with how the Wampanoags are portrayed and her post is here. There are so many great themes in the book to think about that relate to kids and friendships.
Yes, this list is great for 3rd grade read aloud but kids in 4th and 5th grade would be able to read independently. My 3 year oldA likes to chat with me about stories we have read and I listen carefully because he gives me a clues as to which books he truly comprehends. Based on my observations of both boys, I’ve noted which books are particularly suitable the younger three year olds. I mentioned this classic boy-on-a-quest trilogy in my post about dragon books, and on many other lists! I love to sing the praises of Dick King-Smith (most famous for Babe: The Gallant Pig) as an essential go-to author for early chapter books.
This is a cheerful, wholesome and charming collection of timeless stories about a young girl and how she goes through her first experiences like spending her pennies, sleeping away from home and looking after a hedgehog.
There are a few Mouse and Mole books (Yee is one of our favorite authors) and they are in the easy reader section of the library.
Averill started writing about Jenny and her gang of feline friends in the 1940s and they still hold up today. A fairy must get used to living in the sunlight and along the way exhibits bravery and ingenuity while befriending other garden creature. Anna Hibiscus is also on my list of multicultural early chapter books and early chapter book series with strong girl protagonists. These books are often overlooked for the more well known Pippi LongstockingA by the same author. I realize I’ve told you about this series a million times, but that’s because you need to read them! This is a collection of longer stories rather than a true chapter book, but lovely, comforting tales and beautiful illustrations will charm your young animal lover. A guinea pig escapes to Central Park and learns some life skills from his new squirrel friend. She was looking to add to her reading group books and needed to collect groups of 7 books of each title to have enough copies to create a reading group.
We picked out over 30 books including a Big Nate book, which is my son’s absolute favorite series!
There is nothing like a real book (not a tablet)…oh and I was in LOVE with Judy Blume books! I used to have students come back to sit and listen to me read it again, even though they were in another class. She can read shorter books on her own, but would love the stories in chapter books if we read them together.
My daughter is into them now, and it’s nice that she is enjoying something that I loved as a child myself! The list consisted of books I have already read to my two young boys and some more that we were planning on reading. They will use their imaginations, broaden their vocabulary, form a love of reading, and go on an adventure all while snuggling and bonding with you. Purchasing through these links does not cost you anything additional, but gives us a small referral fee. Although I've done my best to ensure the safety of each activity, clarity of directions, and accuracy of my educational activities; I can in NO way be held liable for your personal use of my material.
They are ready for more complex stories than can be written for beginner readers so the best way to get 1st graders to read more complex stories with rich vocabulary is to read aloud a variety of great books. Your frequent visits to my blog & support purchasing through affiliates links and ads keep the lights on so to speak. Since what happens on Facebook tends to get buried in other stuff that happens on Facebook, I thought I’ll pull from your comments on that thread and share a list of the titles that came up most often. The first ones I remember her really getting into were the Ramona books (Beezus and Ramona takes place when Ramona herself is four and in nursery school so it’s great for that age), and the Mouse and the Motercycle series. I think MTH might appeal to slightly older school-aged kids for the most part, but there are definitely chapter books worth trying with a 4yo for sure!
Remember, as I said in my list of 50 chapter books to read aloud to preschoolers, kids’ listening comprehension is higher than reading comprehension. The owls, added to the family dogs, the pen of rabbits and gophers (in which the owls miraculously co-habit) bring hilarious chaos to the boys’ lives. I include it here again because, frankly, it always takes me by surprise that I still meet people who have never heard of My Father’s Dragon. This book follows their springtime adventures when they find the mysterious and magical Hobgoblin’s hat, which transforms whatever is placed inside. In the interest of full disclosure I should inform you that poor Ragweed gets eaten by an owl in the first pages of Poppy. We read that two years ago, maybe it is time for a repeat — or we could read an additional book from that series.
Take a look at some of the other lists at the bottom of the post, you should find more appropriate books on those lists, too! And the weird thing is that my son’s teacher had read all three perfect third grade books that Colby mentioned!
My two daughters each have had these other two 3rd grade teachers and they are wonderful teachers! Their teachers also mentioned books to me in past years which I am including, trying as best as I can to channel them. At our elementary school, third graders are subjected to the Long Composition Standardized Test which takes the better part of the day for them to complete.
Other perfect read aloud books gently teach empathy by letting reader see the world from a point of view they would not ordinarily experience. In this case, it’s Charlotte’s artistry with web making as well as her knowledge of words! Every character is memorable with a story to tell and somehow all these stories meld together into a satisfying ending with an uplifting message. I actually think it makes the reader into a kinder person just through the act of experiencing the story.

PickyKidPix said that it was because they knew the story from movies so the book was ruined for them. I was thrilled that my kids’ friends talked about it and, when questioned, said that they liked it a lot. There aren’t many Newbery winners that work for third grade and this would work fine for 2nd grade too. If you want to do a book comparison, I’d recommend reading The One and Only Ivan next because there are very similar themes of friendship and saving your friend using your skills.
And, of course, all of these books are appropriate for older kids to read alone (or to listen in on while you read aloud to younger siblings). Darling and a terrific choice for parents who want a classic book for kids with short attention spans.
These are short chapter books and go quickly for kids with less than stellar attention spans. The chapters can also function as stand alone stories about a charming group a children and neighbors in Sweden’s farmland. I first read this 1939 Newbery Honor Book to Kiddo when he was four, but we recently listened to the audio book on a road trip and 3 year old New Kid found it to be hilarious. The Ramona series can be hard as a first chapter book read aloud because the chapters are so loooong.
Jenkins’ droll storytelling style is perfect for communicating the adventures of toys when their owner is away. Burgess started writing these stories in 1910 and there are more than 20 of them to keep you busy.
We found three copies of Charlotte’s Web and a few duplicate copies of the other titles on our list.
She started reading Charlotte’s Web aloud to the class after he brought in a his book donations and told my son that it was her very favorite book! When you’re ready to unload some of your own excess and no longer needed items, they gladly accept donations. It is a very special time in the evening right before bed with freshly brushed teeth and clean body for he and I to snuggle on his bed reading 15-20 minutes every night.
I’ve compiled a list of favorite 1st grade read aloud Chapter books to get you started. And of course, it really helps if mom or dad can enjoy the books too (a huge perk of moving beyond the board book phase, in my opinion). I choose their favorite books and I turn them into posts to share with you.A I read these chapter books aloud over the past year when my youngest son was 4-turning-5 years old. After all, many of them are titles we have read multiple times.A I could certainly put more than 10 books on this list, but at one or two chapters a night, these should keep you going until the next one.
A A?ber-talented author Emily Jenkins has a particular knack for transferring the emotions, anxieties and joys of childhood experiences and discoveries onto the anthropomorphizedA toys. In Spud, however, things are a bit different and when Puggly of Spud and Frannie of Spiff meet up they set out to teach the others a thing or two about what is really important. I know that sounds rather horrible and I was worried about my then-four year old’s reaction but other that asking a ton of questions, he seemed to handle it rather well.
Going back to my childhood books we are also enjoying Teddy Robinson and the My Naughty Little Sister stories. I REMEMBER FEELING DUMB, THAT TERRIBLE FEELING ABOUT MYSELF WAS COMPOUNDED BY BEING TEASED BY A BULLY.
FALKER, BUT ALSO TO WARN YOUNG PEOPLE THAT MEAN WORDS HAVE A TERRIBLE POWER…AND THAT THEY SHOULD DO ALL THAT THEY CAN TO SEE THAT TEASING STOPS AT THEIR SCHOOL. It’s generally recommended for slightly older children, but I read it to New Kid and Kiddo at the same time and found it to entertain both boys equally.
We can have a big impact on our children and their learning by reading with them and to them. I buy books second hand all the time because you can find so many great titles for really inexpensive and build a library pretty easily that way. I picked up all the most common titles we could find and sent them in with my son to donate to his classroom. I love those books as they are fact filled and based around learning, but the kids still love to read them because of all the big interesting pictures and fun fact bubbles and jokes that line the pages.
I know I will add Runaway Ralph, Charlotte’s Web, and Judy Blume’s Fudge books! Use a dry erase markers to cross off series you are finished with or your child didn’t particularly enjoy. My older son enjoyed listening in when he could tear himself away from whatever he was reading at the moment.
There is a lot of humor in the book, too, as the toys engage in gentle absurdities, such as when Lumphy intentionally dips himself in peanut butter so he can visit his friend the Washer in the basement, or when Plastic tries to discover just exactly what she is. Each chapter is narrated in the first person by the various class pets that inhabit the classrooms. This is really fun to read aloud because of the fantastical vocabulary and the rhyming couplets. In any case, I hope that doesn’t put you off because Ragweed is a highly charismatic little mouse who sets off from the forest to see more of the world. THAT BOY CHANGED MY LIFE AND MADE ME FEEL SO UNSAFE AND SO SAD THAT I DIDN’T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL ANYMORE.
There is an entire series of Riverside Kids books and although you may be able to find them at your library, most are out of print (sad face). The chapters can be long, so make sure you have a few other chapter books under your belt before you start this one.
In the Phoenix valley, donations made at Savers supports Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona!
I love to travel and have been known for planning trips specifically to hit the roller coasters!
I’m pleased because it means that families are excited about reading together and I LOVE that! You can also have your child note what book they are on in the series to make picking books up at the library a breeze!
The pets range from hamsters to snakes to fish to birds and getting their different perspectives on the ruckus and life in a school is extremely entertaining to say the least. Truthfully, I would not have complained if this book had put off New Kid from chocolate for a bit, but it didn’t dampen his enthusiasm for the sweet stuff one iota. He hops off the train in a town where he meets some hip new mice friends, starts a music club and outwits the local cats. But I think kids, after reading Wonder, will realize that they can choose to be Summer, who doesn’t need to be coerced to be kind, or Jack, who will stand up for his friend even if it costs him his friends, or Julian, a bully. It’s an easy way to clear up out the unused clutter in your home and be giving back to your community! I am thankful for that because I would not have pushed forward to be an author along with my accounting career and I wouldn’t of been a blogger!. I had comments flooding in from all over with favorite chapter books that you have read to your children and I HAD to make them into their own special list.
I certainly think a 5 year old can listen to it, but it is not the usual fare and I found that mini recaps of the action before we began each reading session to be extra-helpful. A As you might guess from the title, this is a twist on the King Midas legend, only everything that touches John’s lips turns to chocolate.
The story follows Elmer, who runs aways with a knapsack full of assorted items like rubber bands and lollipops. At first this is wonderful, but, of course, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. A A word of advice: because this book is now in the public domain there are a lot of iffy versions out there. He is on a mission to rescue a baby dragon, but he can only do so if he is clever enough to get past a bunch of rather self-absorbed wild animals. My son’s kindergarten teachers are currently reading this aloud and yet my son came home and insisted I read it again, too.

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