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Previously on my origin story, I got frustrated with a picture book in first grade and wrote my own. White even killed off the title character and I still wanted to be there, though I admit to skipping the ending for a few of those eight reads. But Charlotte is still around and I’ve read it since grade school, and yes, it is that good. This entry was posted in My Origin Story, Reviews, Writing Craft and tagged Charlotte's Web, E.B. Flashlight Readers is an interactive literacy experience that lets readers enter the world of books and communicate with their favorite authors.
Students can bring the book to life by creating a comic strip, meet the producer of the movie, see a slideshow of spiders, test their skills on verbs and nouns, and more. Readers can choose their own adventure and create a story — both based on the book’s plots — browse photos of the author, and listen to audio with her. Students can rewrite scenes from the book, write a journal entry as if they were Esperanza, and read a Q&A with the author. Peek into the author’s writing room, take a quiz on the book, write an editorial in a step-by-step workshop, “become” one of the book’s characters, and more.
Students help Hugo grab parts for his automata in a maze, build their own “Mechanical Men,” listen to exclusive audio with the author, and view his sketches. The author discusses the book, and students can create an Underland creature, help a character make his way through a labyrinth, and more.
Find out which standards the Flashlight Readers activities meet, as well as the benchmarks met by specific Flashlight Readers lesson plans. Use these handy printables to turn your classroom or library into a Flashlight Readers zone. One of the most beloved children's classics of all time tells the story of how a little girl named Fern, with the help of a kind spider, saved one special pig. With over 45 million copies sold in 23 languages, this charming story continues to engage children generation after generation.
Do you think Charlotte's three daughters will write words in their webs too, like their mother did? When everybody is at the county fair, Fern leaves Wilbur alone in his pen while she explores the sights (and food and rides). What makes your family stand out from the flock?Tell us for a chance to win a trip to Kennedy Space Center!

My parents tell me I used to not only memorize the books I read and were read to me, but that I also copied them word for word; and yet they seem to have faded into the dark recesses of my mind. Each of the highly-taught, popular titles offers community-building learning activities, author chats, and slideshows, all while encouraging essential reading and writing skills. I remember reading it but I can’t remember how old I was or if I read it to myself or if someone read it to me.
Fern the farmer's daughter thinks this is 'the most terrible case of injustice' and because of her pleas, he is allowed to live. Through its cast of endearing characters, Charlotte's Web shows children everywhere the true meaning of friendship.
Sure, I wanted to live there in Fern’s world, the little farm girl desperate to save her pet pig Wilbur from slaughter.
It was about these British orphaned twins who came to New England and ran around in the salt marshes until they solved a mystery. And I love the set-up of the gang of mismatched characters who band together to fight the bad thing.
I also recollect reading Where the Wild Things Are, but my memories of it are vague at best. Last week we talked about one of our all-time favorites, I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen. This edition features the celebrated watercolours by the great American illustrator Garth Williams. Read the book yourself too, so you can better discuss the story and enjoy the online activities together.
Charlotte uses such big words and seemed to regal and sophisticated compared to the other animals.
Fortunately, help is at hand in the unlikely form of Charlotte, a sagacious spider resident in the barn who dreams up a cunning plan to save Wilbur from his otherwise inevitable fate.
It’s a great story but I keep thinking about how it might give kids a false idea of what farms are like.
I found myself trying to talk to my students about how bacon comes from pigs and about how animals are raised and then slaughtered.
In a way I felt like I was bursting their little bubble-worlds but at the same time it was a natural conversation to have with them because it made sense as we discussed the book. Every year my students and I go on a field trip where high school students tell them about farming.

We visit about 20 stations where we visit: various animals, farm equipment, and model farms. It’s a main reason I decided to first to become vegetarian and then eventually vegan. I think the biggest reasons some people do eat so much meat is that there is a huge disconnect between what people eat and where it comes from. Katherine Applegate, who wrote our beloved The One and Only Ivan, pointed this same thing out when we saw her speak at Anderson’s. She asked people to think about what the animals have to go through just to be in a circus simply to entertain us humans. A agree that there is a disconnect, but man I can not imagine life without a burger or chicken wings. I think it would still send a message to the meat industry if everyone could eat a little less meat. Or be conscious of where your meat comes from and try to not buy meat from the big companies known for their factory farming. And you are right, kids have to infer a lot about the story and can visualize so much just from that one line. A couple of years ago when the new Charlotte’s Web came out on DVD I was very excited to watch it.
When I got home I popped it in the DVD player only to be devastated when they decided to start the movie without that perfect line. The adult book I have been rereading all week is my all-time favorite book, The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and the movie did not do justice to the amazing writing that the author put into this book.
It was okay and interesting to see on screen but so much had to be taken out and they made it much more soft and romantic compared to how raw and intense the book is. Just today I asked my oldest son to promise me he would read Harry Potter before seeing any of the movies.

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