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Of course, it is always possible that, after a global Flood, God created new creatures and that the platypus is part of that second creation but there is no mentioning of a "second creation" in the Bible. Finally, I find it a bit odd that CRC folk are willing to consider arguments from people with dubious scientific credentials and reject the writings of recognized scientists in its circles such as Davis Young, Howard van Til, Clarence Menninga,Terry Gray and Loren and Deborah Haarsma.  May I suggest the excellent book "Perspectives of an Evolving Creation" edited by Keith Miller and published by Eerdmans?
The Flood could only be a Global flood as the rainbow was given as a promise that God would never flood the whole earth again. The Search for Adam and Eve", was a Newsweek article by John Tierney, Lynda Wright and Karen Springen. Regarding Keith Miller whose book you claim is excellent, professed on the PBS program to be an ‘ardent evangelical Christian.’ He asserted, without evidence, that there are lots of transitional forms. Not having watched the PBS program, I don't know what Keith Miller said but, in his chapter "Common Descent, Transitional Forms, and the Fossil Record" in the book I cited, he presents a lot of evidence of transitional forms: the chapter has 55 footnotes!  As to his claim of being an "ardent evangelical Christian", I am not about to judge him!  From what I have heard him say, I doubt if he would have any difficulties in reciting the Apostles' Creed and that would make him a Christian in my book (note that this Creed is silent on the Flood!). We're getting off topic here, from the Flood to evolution but I'm glad to note that you agree that the age of the earth is not the primary issue.  I guess that Bishop Ussher has had his day (a good example why clergy should stick to their trade and, to me, a good example of sphere sovereignty!). My aside about Bishop Ussher was intended to point out the danger of clergy (as well as other disciplines) going outside their expertise. What I am still waiting for from you, is some sense of when, in time, the Biblical Flood occurred. On the other hand, if we accept a regional Flood that was limited to the Tigris-Euphrates valley, and "the whole world" is intended to describe only that region, we can explain the diversity in the global distribution of animals and people but, I admit, does not square with a literal interpretation of Genesis 6.
Just because I have problems with a global Flood does not mean that I have problems with the raising of Lazarus or with the Resurrection.  I do have a problem with proponents of a global Flood continue to cite the Grand Cayon as proof of a global Flood.
John, I will accept the possibility that animals could have floated some distance on "huge floating mats of trees and organic debris" but we're talking about quite some distance even considering, in the case of Australia, the string of Indonesian islands.  But invoking continental drift is a bit of a stretch because, again, of the time frames involved.
The Grand Canyon shows, to me, concrete evidence of stratigraphy, where layers of sedimentary material were deposited over long periods of time.  The geology of the individual layers is quite different, indicating different geochemical conditions. Joy, I have not had a chance to look at the videos but I did note that the first one runs for an hour and I have other irons in the fire.
John, I apologize for my delay in responding to your last two posts.  I've been preoccupied with a number of other projects but I have not forgotten our dialog!
As to the tree trunks in the high arctic, this can also be explained by continental drift and old tree trunks do not have to become fossilized if they are isolated from the environment.  Some clays are very impervious to water and can seal biological material.
John, now that Christmas and Boxing Day are rapidly fading into memory, it's time for me to get back into the discussion.  First, the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. I did look at one of the websites that deals with Walter Brown's hydroplate theory.  I must admit that his theory of the formation of the mid-Atlantic ridge is clever but there are just too many problems for me.
Next, if a hairline crack appeared in this geological layer and caused the geological layer to split, sending all that water to the surface, why would those edges of that layer spread?  The surface of a sphere is finite and it's clever to argue that the release of water caused the astenosphere to bulge upwards and let the geological layer "slide downhill" but where would that layer slide to?  There's no room, unless one postulates that subduction occurs but subduction requires different tectonic plates. Then there is the question of the age of the basement rock of the Atlantic Ocean.  The rock is younger towards the mid-Atlantic ridge, consistent with a slow process of the movement of the tectonic plates away from each other, caused by magma welling up. It should also be noted that rock is brittle and rapid deformation of most geological material wil cause fracturing. Summarizing my comments, then, I find arguments for a global flood weak in the face of geological and other evidence.  Maybe, in time, some scientifically defendable interpretation of the currently available information may shed more light on this topic.
John, a few comments: If you date the flood a few hundred years before the Egyptians built their pyramids, the larger mountains must have formed in a very short time and that presents problems with the deforming of the geological layers. John,  You're getting me "hooked" on this forum but I can't resist (well, I could, if I wanted to) commenting on your Boxing Day post.  As far as ecumenism is concerned, would an "acid test" not be the Apostles' Creed?  If a denomination or a congregation subscribes to this Creed, my guess is that we could see their members as "brothers and sisters in Christ" no matter how we feel about their interpretation of Scripture ([harrumpf], "another believer in consubstantiation. As to the interpretation of the early chapters of Genesis, is not the main point of the Fall that mankind has sinned and falls short of the glory of God?  I must admit that I have had considerable discomfort with the transmitting of original sin from Adam to subsequent generations.  I suppose it is possible that, by eating of the forbidden fruit, Adam's and Eve's DNA was altered miraculously so that the "sin gene" would be propagated though the human race but it does seem a bit odd, humanly speaking, that "one slip by Eve and then Adam" led us into a predicament from which only the death of Jesus can save (some of) us. Finally, it's not so much as "conforming to the world" as it is to confront the evidence in the geological record (Calvin's General Revelation) faithfully.
Long after the critics of Mark Biltz’s book, Blood Moons have been forgotten, the premise of his book will be changing how people view the Bible’s calendar. In his book, Mark Biltz showed that our Creator set out “divine appointments” which he codified in the religious calendar given to Israel. Let me tell you why I believe Biltz’s premise concerning a Biblical calendar is controversial to so many. The other part of the Biblical calendar, as Mark Biltz so wonderfully demonstrates in his book Blood Moons, is governed by the cycle of the moon.  Specific days in these lunar months are designated as “divine appointments”. For many today, Biltz’s book Blood Moons is an uncomfortable reminder that our way of looking at “time” has wandered from its Biblical foundations. This explains why a 7 “year” or a 3.5 “year” tribulation period is never specifically mentioned in relation to the prophecies of the Bible. Once you’ve subscribed be sure to download your free copy of my books in the Prophecy and Patterns series. This entry was posted in Bible Prophecy, Blood Moons and tagged Blood Moons, calendar, Mark Biltz, prophecy, Time, Yeshua on June 28, 2014 by William Struse.
William, this is an awesome article, and makes me want to read all your articles and blogs.
You can download the non-fiction book The 13th Enumeration for free by subscribing to my blog. The 13th Enumeration is a blog where history and the Bible meet with evidence for the promised Messiah Yeshua.
He resides in the desert of Southern Arizona with his love, Winnie and their five children. If it was a global Flood that indeed wiped out all surface creatures, there must have been a fair bit of time for the creatures from the Ark to repopulate the Earth, all the way from Turkey to Australia.  The kangaroos must have hopped all the way and drifted on logs to get to Australia. This article of January 11, 1988 stated: "Trained in molecular biology, they [scientists] looked at an international assortment of genes and picked up a trail of DNA that led to a single woman from whom we are all descended”. He certainly comes across as being "ardent" so we are left with the question if he is "evangelical".  If you accept Merriam-Webster's definition that includes the "authority of the Bible" we can quibble about which parts of the Bible need to interpreted literally and which parts figuratively (and where common sense comes in). No self-respecting geochronologist would use this technique; it's like trying to measure the length of a grain of rice with a yardstick. Or is it more important to accept the fact than mankind is sinful and in need of a Saviour?  Will we be judged if we have trouble with the extent of the Flood?  Will we be judged if we cause a stumbling block to unbelievers by insisting on a global Flood?
From the Bible, it happened quite some time after Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden.

Of course, if one holds to a "Young Earth", one has to explain continental drift some other way. For example, sandstone, overlain by shale and shale in turn overlain by limestone indicate quite different conditions. For example, wood from tree trunks recovered from Dunnarobba in Italy retained its structure and can be carved (I've handled a piece; it looked like a piece from an old barn).
As usual, with these discussions, one topic leads to another and we can go around the mulberry bush for a long time. Yes, it's possible that these rivers have been reshaped but, again, I find this argument a bit of a stretch, because they would still be in approximately the same location.
If the deformation is slow, the geological material can accommodate the stresses and can deform without fracturing.  Thus, a rapid movement of the geological layer would have created a lot of fracturing. No chance for a "do over".  But, no matter how one slices it, it's obvious that mankind sins and needs redemption. To see the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament in their relation one to the other, and to realize the circumstances out of which any one particular book grew, or for what purposes it was designed by the Almighty is immediately to get a glimpse of their beauty. To be sure Biltz was not the first to show the religious calendar of the Bible must be understood within its Biblical context but it was his research that was the catalyst which raised awareness of the subject to the point where it can no longer be ignored.
What he does claim is the blood moons are an important reminder to our generation that we should understand how our Creator reckons time.  For those willing to listen, the blood moons remind us that the Biblical calendar is based upon both the cycles of the sun and moon. If you pulled back the cover on your expensive wrist watch you’ll find different sized gears which allow your watch to keep track of seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, and years.
This cosmic Rolex, if you will, measures time according to a standard He set in motion at creation. YHWH in his infinite wisdom did not intend for this to happen so when Israel left Egypt He instructed Moses to begin each new year in the month of the “Abib”.
One part, as it relates to mankind’s day to day activity, is governed by the rising and setting of the sun. When we look up into the night sky after a hard days work the lunar cycle is there to remind us of our Creator’s plan of reconciliation for all mankind through Yeshua. This 13th month is the bridge which connects the side of the Biblical calendar which governs mankind’s struggle to survive under the curse of sin, with the side of the calendar which offers hope through the promised Redeemer. Think of the implications this has for how we understand many of the prophetic passages in the Scripture. A “year” in the strictest Biblical sense is not 365.24 days but rather 12 or 13 lunar cycles. No matter what you believe about the Blood Moons they are, at the very least, a spectacular reminder for us to look at Biblical “time” in terms of our Creator’s calendar not a poor man-made imitation.
So, for example, if a verse in the New Testament referred back to a verse in the Old Testament, there was an arc drawn between the two chapters they were in (the vertical lines at the bottom represent the number of verses in that chapter):Amazing! This just shows that the word ‘evangelical,’ like ‘Christian,’ has become debased currency.
In any case, proponents of a global Flood need to address the wide variety and distribution of land-based life forms and I am still waiting for this explanation. I forget where I read this, but postulating an accelerated continental drift would call for a much higher degree of friction and a much higher global temperature. So, I end with rephrasing my earlier question: when did the Biblical Flood take place?  For example, xxxx BC or, if you want to put it into perspective, how long before the building of the pyramids in Egypt?
Biltz demonstrated the early church’s belief that several of these divine appointments were fulfilled in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) death and resurrection. According to the Biblical example (first set by YHWH at creation) this day to day cycle is also grouped into 6 days of labor and 1 day of rest. In the first month on Passover, Yeshua became the “lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world.” Not many days later he rose from the grave and became, “the firstfruits” of them that slept.
Have you ever wondered why the prophecies in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation do not use the term “years” to designate the shorter time frames? This is the reason the books of Daniel and Revelation so often use days and months instead of “years” to described specific end time events.
The non-fiction book The 13th Enumeration explains the Messianic symbolism of the 13th Enumeration in more detail.
Turns out there are 63,779 cross references in the Bible (and that many arcs in the image)!
At one time it meant someone who believed the Reformation (and biblical) doctrines of the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture. There certainly is geological evidence that South America and Africa were at one time attached but are you suggesting that the Flood preceded the splitting up of Pangaea?  I would consider this odd in that the description of the Garden of Eden mentions specific geographical features in current Iraq. The common understanding is that Noah built the ark by himself, maybe with the help of his sons but he most likely had access to available technological resources.  If he felled the trees himself, he must have had an axe of some sort and that assumed that there was some type of metallurgy (Tubal-Cain).
My earnest hope is that God may use it to stimulate an interest in the study of the Old Testament, for whatever was written aforetime was given for our learning and our comfort (Rom. He went on to make a strong case for a future fulfillment of those Biblical holy days in events related to the 2nd coming of Yeshua.
If the Biblical calendar was not corrected every few years the months would “wander” causing them to move through the seasons.
In practical terms this synchronization was accomplished by adding a 13th month approximately every 3 years. It makes perfect sense if you realize the Biblical calendar “year” varies between 12 & 13 months.
So next time you’re reading a prophetic passage in the Scripture consider it in terms of our Creator’s calendar, you might be surprised at the insights you find.
I wrote the novel with the hope of reaching a wider audience with the evidence the Bible gives us to prove Yeshua is the Messiah promised in the Scriptures. This time, though, he only included arcs representing contradictions in the Bible:Helpfully, this visual also included text explaining what the contradictions were and where they could be found:Also amazing! If the number of mutations since Eve were known, then one could calculate how long ago mitochondrial Eve lived. If Noah did not know how to make an axe, he and his descendants would have had to reinvent metallurgy (I don't think that Noah would have used a flint axe but, if he had, he would have had to know where to find this flint).  In short, a literal reading of the Flood story raises too many questions to an increasingly sceptical generation and, as I have mentioned before, may in fact hinder our attempts to bring the Good News of salvation in Christ.

It is my firm conviction that, if the average Christian could see the intelligent unfolding of the Scriptures and the recorded events in their relation one to another and in their proper perspective, he would delight to read the Old Testament and would receive a great blessing therefrom.
It is with this thought in mind that I have made the present diagram.The heavy line running through the center represents the chronology of the centuries, beginning with the creation and closing with the end of Old Testament history.
Above this line are arcs thrown over the various periods into which Israel's history divides.
Taylor has taken all that data and turned it into a visual masterpiece.His website, BibViz (Bible Visualization), gives you the same linking arcs as before, but when you hover over one of them, it lights up and tells you in the upper right-hand corner of the screen which verses are being linked together. Each closed with some outstanding epoch or event which prepared the way for the succeeding period.Below this line are bent arrows upon which are written the names of the book or books that give the history of the period or epoch indicated. At the bottom of the chart are the names of the books giving the duplicate account of the history covered by those mentioned above. These are I and II Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther, which present the spiritual interpretation of this history. That means the Book of Genesis has more anti-women verses than any other book in the Bible. The main historical books of the Old Testament are Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, Judges, I and II Samuel, and I and II Kings. They deal with ancient history, indeed, but every statement is freighted with great significance. He was living in a heathen environment, which was not conducive to the development of his spiritual life. Melchizedek, king of Jerusalem in Palestine, was Priest of God Most High and was reigning over what might properly be called the kingdom of God at that time. The Lord wanted Abram to enjoy the advantages of spiritual fellowship with this High Priest. He therefore called him out of Ur of the Chaldees and brought him into fellowship with Melchizedek. This is a momentous fact and proved to be one of the turning points in history.Abraham, Melchizedek, Job, and the heathen king of Babylon, Hammurabi, seem to have been contemporaries.
Three of them were servants of the true God and played a great role in the unfolding of the scheme of redemption.The beginnings of Hebrew history are to be found in the last thirty-nine chapters of Genesis. When, however, the time drew near for the fulfillment of the promise, the Lord sent Moses to be the deliverer of His people and to lead them into the land which He gave to their fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
By His mighty power He delivered them, brought them out to Mount Sinai, and gave them His matchless Law, entering into a covenant with them. Humanly speaking, this was the fatal mistake which determined the entire career of Israel for centuries. At Sinai she made the Tabernacle, the temporary abiding place of the Almighty, where He met with His people. The Book of Leviticus was spoken from the door of the Tabernacle on the first day of the second year after Israel left Egypt. Numbers gives the historical account of her wanderings during the thirty-seven years from the time of her first arrival at Kadesh-barnea to her return to the same place in the fortieth year. From here Israel started for the Promised Land, going around the territory of Edom, and finally reached the Plains of Moab, east of the Jordan, opposite Jericho. It was at this place that Moses delivered, in his three final orations, his farewell address to the people whom he loved. In a marvelous way they took the city of Jericho, which was delivered miraculously into their hands. The history of these 450 years largely centered around six cycles of events consisting of apostasy from God, of being delivered into the hand of a foreign oppressor, of a cry for liberation, and of the Lord's raising up a judge to deliver them from the oppressor and to restore peace. The Book of Ruth constitutes an appendix to this account, which shows in a most beautiful manner the home life of the peasant class. The historical record, as shown on the chart, concludes with the seventh chapter of I Samuel.Then began what is known as the monarchial period when Israel, desiring to be like the nations around her, clamored for a king.
The Lord granted this request, but it was not in accordance with His highest and holiest plan.
David, whom the Lord chose to succeed Saul, reigned most brilliantly, although his sin of taking Bathsheba as his wife was a terrible blight upon his career. The greatest thing that could be said about him was that he was a man after God's own heart, who sought to do His will, and who penitently turned from his sins.
He was succeeded by his son, Solomon, whose reign from an outward standpoint was glamorous. Solomon, by contracting foreign marriages, established friendly relations with kings of the surrounding countries.
Nevertheless on account of heavy taxation, to maintain such a splendid court the people were burdened beyond endurance.Upon the death of Solomon, the ten tribes in the north revolted and established a government of their own, which finally was centered at Samaria.
When Israel sinned beyond remedy, the Lord allowed the Assyrian monarch to invade the territory and to overthrow the government.
The kingdom of Judah, with its capital at Jerusalem, continued for one hundred and fourteen years beyond this time but was finally overthrown in the year 3520 A.H.
Ecclesiastes is really Solomon's biography in which he tells how he sought pleasure in every way--except the right one--but did not find it.
Finally, he came to the conclusion that man's greatest happiness is wrapped up in doing the will of God (Eccl.
In the concluding days of the kingdom of Judah, however, two prophets, Jeremiah and Ezekiel, arose and spoke boldly in the name of the Lord. His book stands out as the principal portion of the prophetic word dealing with the Times of the Gentiles and the conditions and personages who will be the chief actors upon the stage in the last days of this dispensation.After the conclusion of the seventy years of Babylonian captivity, those Jews who wished to return to the land of their fathers did so under the leadership of Zerubbabel, the prince of the House of David, and Joshua, the High Priest. It was by the inspiration and the labors of the first two of these men that the discouraged exiles were inspired to rebuild the Temple.A study of the Old Testament is absolutely essential to the proper understanding of the message of the New. May the Lord use this chart and this brief survey to stimulate such an interest in His precious Word!

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