Cheiro numerology number nine

Cheiro in his book of Numerology mentioned the meanings of the first 52 numbers,1 to 52,representing the 52 weeks of the year,gave specific meanings to only 35 numbers and said that all other numbers had meanings similar to those. Know how to employ your lucky numbers and lucky dates to beat your bad stars and get what you want!!
However the question of fate or destiny has always lingered in the minds of people who have sought the help of Astrology or Palmistry in getting their future predicted.First of all, are these predictions true or mere hoax? The author is an excellent match maker and has guided many of his clients to happy marriage. But the ancient rishis or seers of India, in their deep meditation,discovered the meanings of the first 108 numbers and taught their disciples.

Second,if you believe they are true and correct, is it possible to make the predictions false? For instance, if an astrologer or palmist predicts that you are not going to have issues, is it possible to have children?
The purpose of this book will be amply fulfilled if you practise Numerology according to what is said in this book,become fortunate and attain success and happiness in life.
Only those numbers that will give health, wealth,comfort and peace are mentioned as lucky.
If your prediction is that you are going to lose all your money is it possible to avert such a calamity?

If your horoscope is weak with a bleak future is it possible to make yourself strong with a bright future? I am sure if you select your soulmate according to this book,you are on your way to marital bliss.

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