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The blog and portfolio of a UK based graphic designer with a passion for digital arts, branding and pushing pixels around. Some Chinese families wanted to know if they could predict the gender of their child in advance, others would also like to choose their childa€™s gender if they thought that were a possibility. The Chinese Birth Calendar is actually a chart found in an emperora€™s tomb near Beijing, China, about 700 years ago. Since boys were usually physically stronger than were girls, ancient Chinese people preferred to have more boys in their families to help with farm work in the traditionally agricultural country. This historical son preference ideology coupled with the one-child policy adopted on September 25, 1980 has recently led to a significant mismatch in the birth of boys vs girls, with millions more boys being born than girls.
Some Chinese cities have 2 boys born for every 1 girl & the global gender mismatch is now over 100 million.
An B predicts that the mother has conceived a boy, and an G shows that she can expect a girl. Based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the charta€™s accuracy rate is over 90 percent according to those who use it to anticipate a babya€™s gender. Some people use the Chinese Birth Calendar to help them conceive a boy or girl according to their wishes. Doctors now use scientific techniques like ultrasound to establish a babya€™s gender, and those methods normally produce correct results.
While not directly related to gender calendars, the Chinese also have a strong background in astrology going back to the Zhou dynasty & Han Dynasty. Rather than relying primarily on the above 12 Zodiac signs, the Chinese have a 12-year cycle of animals, which creates a 60-year calendar based on the combination with the 5 elements (or phase changes).
In addition to the 12 yearly Chinese animals, they also have animals based on month (inner animal), day (true animal), and hour (secret animal). Chinese AstrologyChinese astrology, Yin Yang, five element, wu-xing, Bazi, Four Pillars of Destiny. Current Year PredictionsUnder this current year Feng Shui Prediction it collects my current forecast articles. One of the most important areas in Chinese Astrology prediction or Four Pillars of Destiny reading is the combinations of the Heavenly Stems, Earthly branches and their Wu Xing transformation. Bazi chart Wu Xing combinations and transformations also known as Five Element combinations and transformations.
Without Wu Xing transformation, the Chinese Astrology prediction is too straight forward and dull. Someone may ask: Are more the combinations the better for the Chinese Astrology Prediction? To answer this question, a classic Four Pillar Book ??? (Di tian sui) from Ming dynasty (1368 -1644 AD) is considered the Bible of the Chinese Astrology Bazi or Four Pillar of Destiny.
In my experience in Chinese Astrology prediction, if a Chinese Astrology Bazi chart has more than three pairs of combination, the owner of this Bazi chart, most of the time is lacking determination. Melbourne Feng Shui Consultant and Chinese Astrology Bazi Fortune Teller Edgar Lok Tin Yung has been using Traditional Chinese Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology to assist the Chinese community in Melbourne Australia since 2000.

Over the years, Edgar Lok Tin Yung had Feng Shui for clients from small business to large corporations, also on residential and commercial projects. Click the button below to receive a 36 page eBook with over 50 feng shui tips for your home, absolutely FREE! I am writing to say a huge thank you for my recent Chinese astrology reading I have done with you via email.
I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone wishing to explore the ancient realms of Chinese astrology and I hope others receive the same benefits also. I would like you to have another look at our current office and also a potential new office which is in the building next door.
We don’t normally write testimonials but would like to personally thank you for your fengshui tips and guidance.
Generally, we have seen improvement in our lives and most importantly, we are having our little bub soon in June!
We are glad we found you and that you provide practical, honest and prompt fengshui advice. I was looking for some serious recalibration in my life when I stumbled across the amazing Lok. I was unsure of the power of Feng Shui so I approached his visit with a little trepidation.   When he suggested I paint my existing red front door to blue, and change the orientation of my bed I had a little chuckle to myself. The workshop was very useful – I have been seeking a date selection tool which was succinct and immediately implementable. My mum wants to send her thanks to you as she was told by the doctor yesterday that her blood test, ultra sound and x-ray results were normal and just a tiny little “water pops” around her chest which are no harm to her at the moment.  (years b4 she was told that they should be the bad cells and she have to do the chemo – But she refused to do it ) . Guinness World Records: most people painting each other's faces simultaneously in one location (13,413), largest bottle of cooking oil (containing 3212 litres), most couples hugging (3009 couples). Chinese is the most commonly used language in China, and one of the most commonly used languages in the world.
China has many traditional festivals, including the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival. In the Chinese zodiac, twelve animals are used to denote the year of a person's birth: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon. China, one of the world's most ancient civilizations, has a recorded history of nearly 4,000 years.. If you are REALLY (?!) pressed for time or just not interested, just skip the bit in purple and scroll down to the pretty pictures. It means a single Wu Xing or more in a Bazi natal chart can be transformed into a different element under certain given conditions. After the Wood Element luck cycle, it follows by Fire Element cycle and then Earth Element cycles. If someone who is lack of determination, how on earth the person can be outstanding from the crowd.
Edgar has been regularly contributing Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology articles to two Melbourne Chinese weekly magazines since 2003.

Our office has gone through some significant growth in the last 12 months which is excellent, but we are outgrowing our current space. Your recommendations on what should be changed in the house are feasible and within our budget. The concept of Wu Xing is central to all elements of Chinese thought, including science, philosophy, medicine, astrology, and Fengshui. The combinations and transformations can also happen during the 10 years luck cycle or during the yearly cycle. I feel so much better now and more confident in being able to move ahead with my life in the direction of my dreams.
The doctrine of five phases describes a generating or creation cycle and a destruction cycle of interactions between the phases.
On the other hand the combinations and transformations can be reversed back (break the combinations and transformations) to its original elements state during the 10 years luck cycle or the yearly cycle. With the Wu Xing transformation in a Bazi chart, an experienced Chinese Astrologer is able to examine and predict the outcomes by analysis the combinations and transformation happening in the Stems and Branches both in the Natal Chart, the Luck pillars and the yearly pillars. It is a classical part of Chinese culture and nowadays it has shown its influence worldwide. The transformation of the Wu Xing makes the Chinese Astrology prediction interesting and challenging. In other words, the combinations and transformation are the important aspect to correctly predict a Chinese Astrology Bazi chart. It is because the combinations of the Heavenly stems, Earthly Branches, and transformation of the Wu Xing in a Bazi chart giving conflicts by repositioning,rearrangement, increase or decrease the strength of the Wu Xing. The combinations and transformation of the Wu Xing or five elements represents by Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. In Chinese astrology, a person born under a Wood sign is thought to be strong and self-reliant. Its color is yellow, and it’s connected to hard work and diligence, and it controls the spleen and stomach and the changing seasons. Each astrological or zodiac sign is ruled by one or two of the five elements and yin or yang energies.
According to Chinese astrology, the signs and energies we are born under impact our destiny.
Based on a particular directional energy flow from one phase to the next, the interaction can be expansive, destructive, or exhaustive.
The key observation are things like kidney deficiency affecting the function of the liver.

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