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The numbers listed on the left vertically show the Chinese lunar age for the mother and the numbers written across on the top stand for the month of conception.
Image below is the Chinese birth chart for conceiving baby girl.According to the Chinese chart, a 21 year old woman has the highest chance of giving birth to a baby girl.
If you have already conceived, find the Chinese month of conception on the upper row of the Chinese birth chart. Find the intersection box where the vertical line drawn from month of conception and a horizontal line drawn from mother's Chinese age meet. If it says Boy then most probably you're expecting a baby boy and if it says Girl, the chances are more for a baby girl. For example, according to the Chinese birth chart, a 28 year old (Chinese age) woman conceiving during the 5th month (Chinese month) is expected to give birth to a Girl child.
This chinese pregnancy calendar can also be used to choose baby gender before getting pregnant. Now move horizontally across the birth chart and choose the baby gender in one of the box in the same row. For example, according to the Chinese gender calendar, for a 25 year old woman to give birth to a boy child, the chances are more if she conceives during the month of Feb, April, June, August, October, November or December.
Despite all the efforts we have taken to ensure the accuracy of the birth chart, we expect you to consider Chinese pregnancy calendar as a fun way of determining baby gender. The first step in Baby gender prediction using Chinese calendar is the conversion of Mother's actual age to corresponding Chinese age based on lunar calendar.
Chinese Birth Chart or the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is believed to be accurate provided the calculation of Mother's age at the time of conception and the month of conception are calculated and determined correctly. Reading the Chinese Pregnancy chart is very easy and you can easily predict the gender of your baby once you understand the chinese baby calendar. As the origin of this Chinese pregnancy calendar is mentioned here, take a quick look at a little bit of its history right now. Such a unique tool can help every mother to decide whether her baby she will deliver the next time will be a boy or a girl. As everyone has already known that a Chinese birth chart or calendar will be conducted following the Lunar calendar. When visiting them, you will see that every site has the same thing about the dates and months of a Lunar calendar that can be found in the chart, so what do such dates really represent for? Use our chart to discover what animal of the Chinese Zodiac you and your children are, so that you can then decide whether you have the "typical" of that year! Use this Chinese Characters Number Poster to brighten up the walls of the classroom or home at Chinese New Year or for counting activities.
Here's a fun Chinese Zodiac poster to print and display, showing all the Chinese animals in the correct order.
New registrations on this site have been temporarily suspended due to spam attacks on the site. I did it for my sister and friends that I knew the information for and it was correct for them. For those of you that already have children or know the sex of your baby, would you check and see if its accurate for you? I am going to send this link to another friend who is pg too..lets see if hers is accurate!
Every culture has their own methods to predict the gender of the baby, before the ultrasound technician confirms it at the 20 month check-up. Please vote, whether this calendar correctly predicted the gender of your baby (or babies), we can get a picture of how accurate this predicting method is. Hello, yes I tried the chinese calendar for my second pregnancy, I had my daughter first and my husband and I wanted to go for the boy, I followed the calendar to the T, and also tracked my ovulation days and boom! I am a mother of two and a type of person who you would call “Jack of all trades, master of none”.
January 14, 2016 by Shirley Whitfield 7 Comments It is taken for granted that babies of all genders need to be treated with parents’ care and love.

When it comes to Gender selection, there exist numerous debates and controversies around its humanity as well as mortality. In order to choose the baby’s gender before getting pregnant, the expectant mothers are asked to follow two simple steps. Now, simply follow the column or the row to find the corresponding months that are the best time to conceive a son. As an illustration, a 28-year-old woman will have much more opportunities to have a boy child when she conceives during the months of January, February, March, June, August, and November.
What’s more, a 25-year-old woman is likely to conceive a baby boy if she and her husband make the act of love during the time of February, April, June, August, October, November, and December. For most cases, timing intercourse correctly and reasonably is the most significant factor. Mother's age as per Chinese calendar and Chinese months during which chances of conceiving a boy child is highest is given below.
Age 18 and 30 has the least chance of getting pregnant with a girl baby unless conception happens during the 1st or 3rd month and 3rd or 5th month respectively. Follow the steps given below to predict your baby's gender using this Chinese pregnancy calendar.
Chances of having a desired gender is high if pregnancy is planned based on this pregnancy calendar. It is said that this gender prediction based on chinese chart has a high degree of accuracy, even though there is no scientific evidence to corroborate its high level of accuracy. There are several scientific methods of gender prediction which you may take to predict baby gender with better accuracy.
This method is believed to be over 700 years old and the gender prediction is based on a birth chart which was found buried in a Royal tomb.
The Chinese birth chart can be used to predict the gender of already conceived baby or if you are planning for a baby, you can choose your baby's gender before conceiving. As many people know, with the huge number of citizens living in China, we can’t deny that everyone there has a big concern about the birthing babies. Find the most reliable fortune or baby predictor sites online to get the highest chance of receiving the exact answers to the questions about the unborn babies’ sex. As you might guess from categories, I love my children, reading, sewing, gardening, traveling and cooking. While a baby boy is cute for his activeness, a baby girl looks attractive for her loveliness, in general.
Regardless of such the controversial topics, there is nothing wrong to fulfill your life desire by the healthy method of timing your intercourse in order to predetermine the sex of the unborn child. For the benefit of increasing the chances of conceiving a baby boy, keep your eyes on the two components before the intentional intercourse! The months of conception are very crucial; hence, try not to make any mistake while taking note or mark the boxes. Of course, women at the same age will have the same appropriate time to give birth to a son as expected. If the 28-year-old mother has sex on April or May, she is not likely to conceive a boy following the Chinese Gender Chart.
Believe it or not, the Chinese birth chart is exhibiting a very high level of accuracy (95%) when it comes to baby gender prediction.
For example, according to Chinese birth chart, an 18 year old (Chinese age) woman is most likely to give birth to a baby boy if she conceives during the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th month.
In order to use the Chinese prediction calender, you have to choose your Chinese lunar age at the time of conception and the month of conception, the Chinese gender Calendar will show gender of the baby on the basis of the data you put in.
Originally the Chart is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, so online tools that use Gregorian calendar can not give the best results.
Once you know it, match the column corresponding to your chinese age with your month of conception.
Let’s see… These two distinctive names simply imply only one popular tool that has been relied and used mostly nowadays.

According to them, the Chinese pregnancy chart was actually found in a Royal Tomb which is situated nearby the city of Peking (the old name of China’s capital) in China. When browsing a birth chart, you may see all dates and months of conception will be placed both horizontally and vertically in certain places that can allow the users to create the coordinates as any point appears to intersect.
Chinese Pregnancy PredictorKnowing the sex of the unborn baby can not be a big problem in the modern era of Science and Technology. I also work full time so I have to be practical to do all the things I want to do in a 24-hr-day.
Nevertheless, the vast majority of expectant parents are fond of making a baby boy rather than a girl. Move up and down with consciousness to locate the exact time that is most suitable for you two.
This birth calendar brings ancient Chinese wisdom into the modern age, helping couples determine the sex of their baby and sometimes even plan baby gender prior to conception.Also known as the Chinese pregnancy calender, the chart is based on chinese calendar and is believed to have been found first in a royal tomb in Beijing. A woman of age 21 has the least chance unless she conceives during the first month of Chinese calendar. The Predictor Chart will display whether you will have a baby or girl during different months of conception. This tool is more than 95% accurate, when it comes to baby gender prediction, but there are a good number of people who use it to make a funny guess about the gender of the unborn child.
Therefore Mother's actual age should be converted to Chinese age before performing the calculations to predict your baby's gender. People living here have so many ways to call this birth chart like Chinese conception calendar, Chinese conception chart, or Chinese pregnancy chart for example. Actually, the calendar will depend on some relevant information concerning the month of conception, not the month of birth as we’ve thought. If it is your case, it is delighted to inform you that the purposefully baby-making sex can be adjusted as your expectation by following the antique wisdom of Chinese Birth Chart. Besides, some other versions also use color to reflect the gender: Blue is for Boy, remember! Therefore, both husband and wife are required to put their efforts and enthusiasm into the purposeful intercourse. The point is, there is no guarantee that the birth chart works perfectly well in all situations. The months January to December listed horizontally is the month of conception and the numbers from 18 to 45 listed vertically is the Chinese age of the mother at the time of conception. The Chinese pregnancy calendar is also known under different familiar names such as Chinese birth calendar, Chinese Birth chart, and Chinese gender calendar. Nowadays, the original sample of this calendar is currently displayed at the Institute of Science located in Beijing. Also, the original Chinese Lunar chart gets involved in the certain age of a mother at the time of her conception as well as the addition of about 9 months to the mother’s age for an easier and better Lunar calendar adjustment. Chinese Baby Gender Predictor AccuracyIs it a male or female baby according to your newly used Chinese gender chart?
Self-Read Chinese Gender Chart 2014It is agreed that the attempts to control kids' sex have been practiced for centuries. However, this method has grown popular with expectant mothers because they have irresistible urge within to verify the sex of her baby. How To Make Baby Boy Twins Via Chinese Birth ChartProviding hundreds of interesting pleasure and benefits, twins can double your happiness with the stronger bond and parental attention.

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