Chinese fortune teller paper template

As you know, a wide range of toys and fun games nowadays for kids are endless, so we have seen that a lot of children can easily forget about even the simplest pastimes in the childhood. What you need at first is one sheet of paper, and through some practices, you will be able to make your personal game immediately. First, print off the template for the fortune teller made of paper here, and remember that your toy will get simpler once you’ve finally got the hang of creating them. One of you two can put fingers under those flaps while you will be the one picking out one color from those colorful choices. Subscribe To Our NewsletterJoin our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from us.
This is the time when you can turn a boring paper sheet into a complete game that can be moved by your own hands. Once having the square paper in hands, put its face down to make the blank face is facing you.

When the yellow is selected, make sure to spell out the word yellow when manipulating the paper. Try to fold all different 4 corners into the central point so that they would encounter in that point.
One of the most favorite toys around that time is none other than the Chinese fortune teller paper. Do not pause since the whole paper needs to be turned over all over again until you succeed in folding them all into the center.
In order to complete this old fun toy, it's necessary to have one piece of paper shaped like a square. However, making this template for the fortune teller paper requires your cleverness and investment. For your 3rd time, you need to choose one last number, and then both of you should view under the flap associating with this number, since a challenge is available there for you.

Now just bring some good memories back to this modern day by making one of the most fun vintage toys here.
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