Chinese horoscope 2014 fire snake

Overall 2014 Chinese predictions show that the Year 2014 will be a year of good fortune and riches for persons born under Zodiac Tiger.
It is advisable for married people to maintain secrecy regarding their past affairs to avoid disharmony in their current relationships.
The 2014 health horoscope for Chinese Tiger forecasts that these individuals will be tempted to eat unhealthy food which may result in digestive disorders. Chinese astrology for 2014 foretells that this year will bring in lot of monetary benefits in different forms. A long long time ago, the Jade Emperor decided to have a grand race and all the animals in the kingdom were invited. The 12 animals that came for the grand race were a rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Upon hearing of the Jade Emperor’s invitation to the grand race, the Cat invited his best friend the Rat to join him, and they agreed to go together.
Alas, when the Cat finally woke up, it was already too late and did not make it to the race on time. Along the way, the Rat saw other animals were in front of him and they all can run much faster. He knows that the Ox is the mightiest swimmer and being a very straightforward animal, will believe in anything.
The Ox, being a kind and straightforward animal agreed to let the Rat ride and swim across together. The first year in the Chinese Zodiac calendar is therefore named after the cunning Rat and the second, after the Ox. The heavy current kept pushing him downstream, but with all his might he finally managed to get to shore and came third in the race. As soon as the Dragon took his seat next to the Rat, Ox, Tiger and Rabbit, the Horse came charging in.
Running to the finishing line, the Sheep managed to arrive first followed by Monkey then Rooster. The Pig as expected, was hungry and although he was in the race, he decided to stop to eat.
The 2014 Chinese zodiac predictions for the Dragon people warns them that they should be ready to accept different points of view and come to a common conclusion whenever there are difficulties. They should be ready to face challenges on the career front because of external influences. The 2014 love horoscope forecasts that the single Dragons should be more prudent while jumping into relationships. Booktopia - Your Chinese Horoscope 2014, What the Year of the Horse Holds in Store for You by Neil Somerville, 9780007479559. Neil Somerville has been writing the bestselling 'Your Chinese Horoscope' series since 1987 and, as his readers have discovered, these are no ordinary Horoscope books. Chinese Horoscope: People born in the year of the RAT are blessed with great personal charm. Chinese New Year falls on Friday, 31 January and this year, it celebrates the year of the horse.
The Chinese Zodiac is believed to affect everything, from climates, politics and financial markets and may have significant impact on our birth signs. The impulsive nature of the horse can lead to insensible decisions, but the strong character of the horse means there is an opportunity for leadership and authoritative roles this year.
This will be a good year for pigs in their work and relationships but with a challenging start.

The stable and loyal rats will not be seeing any drastic changes in work or love this year.
WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. The snake - 2017 chinese horoscope & astrology predictions, Instant online 2017 chinese horoscope for the snake zodiac sign. Rooster and snake - chinese compatibility horoscope for a, Compatibility horoscope for rooster is a man and snake is a woman, your free compatibility report according chinese horoscope.. Chinese horoscope - universal psychic guild, Chinese new year for 2016 is on the 8th of february: 2016 year of the red fire monkey. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Professionals can expect some insecurity and changes which will be rewarding over a period of time. You will share these moments of happiness with all the people who helped you to achieve these benefits. Grateful for their efforts, the Emperor rewarded them by naming each year of the Chinese Zodiac calendar after these 12 animals.
So, fearing he might miss the grand race, he asked the Rat to wake him up the next morning. As they neared the shore, the Rat quickly jumped off the Ox’s back and sprint to the finishing line.
Apparently he had to slow down as he had to make rain for all the people and all the creatures on earth. Unaware to the Horse, the Snake had clung on to the his leg, and the moment they are about to reach the finishing line, the Snake quickly jumped. He managed to convince them to work and help each other to cross the river, rather than doing it individually.
He was a playful animal and was splashing around in the water too much, leaving others to overtake him.
In fact Jade Emperor had given up hope of any more animals arriving when he suddenly heard the oink oink. There is no need for getting depressed if their projects encounter unexpected problems and slow down considerably. They will have to listen to their partners if they want their relationships to survive in the Year of the Horse. This complete guide contains all the predictions you will need to take you into the year ahead - a lively fast-paced year favouring ideas, innovation and personal growth.
Although they do contain predictions they also give much encouraging advice and this is what attracted Neil to Chinese horoscopes so many years ago. The snake that reigned in 2013 quietly slither away to make way for the fast and strong horse. Like Feng Shui, the Chinese zodiac stems from the I Ching, an ancient Chinese text that helps people determine lucky dates, events predictions etc. At work, those with leadership roles will do well, but things may not go too well for those in business that relays on chance.
You will be the leading actor or actress in your own love dramas; so do beware of potential love triangles.
You will need to be careful with your money and at work, you main problem this year will be your indecisiveness. The rat is generally lucky, so though this year is forecasted as a bad year for rats, you will still be able to scrape through it.

You will have lots of financial opportunities coming your way, in the form of unexpected gains, promotions or pay increments. You may find it difficult to balance your time between work, family and friends, but do ensure you space out your time evenly without neglecting one or the other. A little creativity may be what you need to revive the lifelessness at work, but beware not to depend too much on your work colleagues as they may leave you feeling frustrated. Look forward to a highly promising outlook in the near future predicts the 2014 Tiger Horoscope. He even convinced the Ox that being a small animal, he will not be able to run faster than him.
He tried to cross the river by jumping from stone to stone, but lost his balance and was almost drowned.
At that moment, the Horse, taken by surprised, lunged backward and hence, lost to the Snake who claimed the 6th position. They should save money for the future when possible and should not put money in unknown ventures. The ancient art of Chinese astrology, which predates the Western zodiac, is a detailed system of divination that has been in use in the Orient for thousands of years. They are a great indicator of trends to come and, once aware of these, it is possible to adapt and benefit from this knowledge. With the looming New Year, don't you wish to know if 2014 will bring you luck, love or success? At work, you will excel because of your versatility to overcome any obstacles that may come your way. Despite the challenges, you can look forward to gaining inspiration and hope from your love life. Single rabbits may find love, but it may not be lasting and you should look out for love triangles.
Coming to relationships, single dragons should beware of making hasty decisions lest you end up with the wrong partner. With everything going well for the snake, single snakes may also find their soul mates this year. People in educational field will pass some important examinations and can expect relocation in their jobs. Dragons should concentrate on maintaining their health with balanced diet, regular exercise and sufficient relaxation according to their health astrology predictions.
It will be prudent to clear old loans and concentrate on balancing the present income and expenditure.
The depth of its wisdom and the accuracy of its character analysis and prediction has caught the imagination of the Western world in recent years and led to a rapid rise in its popularity.
You will likely make wrong decisions because of your emotional attachments, especially decisions relating to your relationships. Any attempt to make extra money may not be productive for people of the Dragon animal sign in 2014. This popular and enlightening bestselling guide - now in its 27th year - includes: * Everything you need to know about the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac.

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