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In Chinese astrology Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi, each zodiac sign – or Chinese animal – will be assigned either one, two or three hidden elements.
In fact, all Twelve Earthly Branches contain all Ten Heavenly Stems at all times, however much we may be showing only those Stems momentarily taken for their significant Life Stage, as to the Twelve Life Stages. We will be looking at ‘timely’ in Bazi, then while at it, we may briefly involve the notion of ‘timely equals auspicious’ and ‘untimely equals inauspicious’ in Flying Star Feng Shui. In performing to account of the Chinese astrology Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi, most would say “three” when asked “how many elements are contained in the Chinese zodiac sign of Yin Tiger ?”, then “just one” if asked same to account of You Rooster ? Branch.
Practically, whatever hidden elements shown by the Earthly Branch, you’ll continue to read the Bazi birth chart to account of those apparent elements (those shown), as much as you would go into ‘submerged Bazi reading’ – if you will – to assess the life along those hidden elements then perhaps not apparent.
Do not read the Bazi to account of just the label Some would then go through great lengths to be reading to account of the Earthly Branches ‘themselves’, while to me, the Earthly Branches are little more than notional and there to have us surface the Wuxing Five Transformations (Wu Xing – ??) that would be momentarily and comparatively more relevant, which information comes to us through the elements contained in the Branch.
The essence of Twelve Earthly Branches is that each one of these Earthly Branches carries with it each one of Ten Heavenly Stems, at all times, be that momentarily at different ‘momentum’, so that only those elements currently at their prevalent stages of vibrancy would be shown explicitely. If for the occasion we stick to the month Pillar Branches, these are to show progression in time, in this case the earth orbit around the sun, more specifically, where on its annual orbit around the sun do we locate our planet relative to the sun at any given time during a Solar year. This information is important for calendrical timing, but also – as we’re interested in life progression for the person – the predominance of organ and meridian energy, because at the end of the day, the information captured at the Bazi birth chart will be hardly ‘exogenous’ and ‘astrology’, rather more endogenous and physiology. To be reading a Bazi birth chart along external factors would be a grave misunderstanding as all at the Bazi birth chart lies internal. Still, we mostly see this image, where it says that Yin Tiger ? Branch contains (just) Yang Wood Jia ?, then Yang Fire Bing ? and Yang Earth Wu ?.
The Yin Tiger in the month Pillar is actually the ‘emblem’ giving us the Solar Month in particular, thereby earth’s position relative to the Sun, while the ‘hidden’ elements are to signify the full range of earth orbit, then just only other Stems ‘switched on’ at Tiger time, than we’d see elements energized at for example Shen Monkey time.
So, let’s no more than change the label overhead to show Shen Monkey Branch ? for August, pretty much leaving the range of Heavenly Stems as it is, while now involving the internal organs. The full range of Heavenly Stems is still very much there, we’re just not showing for Shen Monkey in the same way as we would have for Yin Tiger.
Now, just as you’d have seen how in no way Geng Metal would have been cancelled at Yin Tiger time, you can appreciate how at Shen Monkey time, the Yang Wood will be still there. We can have a client with Fire Day Master (day Stem to represent the person) and he can be born in either February for Tiger or August for Monkey.
This book is like Tiger Branch being permanently lit by two lamps, in this case, one lamp called Yang Wood, the other lamp Yang Fire. It would come with somewhat diminished illuminance no doubt, but we can still use each one to read our book. If then for a Fire Day Master, the Yang Wood Jia ‘present’ in Tiger Branch was to denote Day Master’s Resource, this was not to say that, if Yang Metal Geng ? is Wealth to this Day Master, that then such ‘wealth’ is ‘not there’ or could not be employed (Yong – ?), only because it was not apparently shown.
The Twelve Life Stages give you all elements for all Earthly Branches at all times, it is just only suggesting that, at any given time, such and such element would be more easily utilized, while perhaps we’d rely a bit less on the other elements. This doesn’t mean there can be no Wealth or Power if it just so happens that the belonging elements are not communicated through the ‘hidden elements’ of the belonging Earthly Branch, on the contrary, we can have a focus on Wealth or Power whenever we so choose, free at will. No-one will deny all Six Gods (Liu Shen ??) readily there in Yin Tiger: Resource, Parallel, Output, Wealth and Power, such that, for our Fire client we could just as well have him focus on Wealth or Power at Tiger time. For example, for a male Fire Day Master and with Yin Tiger to appear in the Bazi birth chart, any Ten God can be his focus. It is no different with the timely and untimely Stars in Flying Star Feng Shui  ????? where most would still deem the timely Stars ‘auspicious’, then the untimely Stars ‘inauspicious’, thanks to San Yuan Jiu Yun ???? doctrine under the wing of which this Xuan Kong Feng Shui School ????? resorts. Not so, whereas not only (Forms govern the Stars) would (in)auspicious still rely on a good number of other factors such as on principles of real and virtual Mountain and Water, volume, distance, regularity, direction, Qi distribution and Qi transportation, then how we use the Stars, it is just saying that momentarily it may be taking just a bit less effort to bring out the benevolence from out of those ‘timely’ Stars, whereas we can still reap from the benevolence of those ‘untimely’ Stars, but it would perhaps take a bit more effort. The very notion of ‘timely equals auspicious’ and ‘untimely equals inauspicious’ has been taken way too far in both Flying Star Feng Shui and Bazi Four Pillars. Even if an element be totally absent for the Bazi birth chart – say there is no Wood element in the Eight Characters -, still Wood is ‘out there’ and Wood is just in your Liver organ, which organ you can ‘switch on’ at will at any time for any of its plus or minus temperament and emotions.
For personal life readings and divination in 9 Star Ki, Four Pillars of Destiny or Flying Star Feng Shui, we’d take 9 Stars, Stems and branches and Trigrams to their belonging internal organs, then see the Wuxing ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ emotions, temperament and behavior associated with the belonging organs, as you may find a brief overview of those at pages 23-27 in Heluo’s article 9 Star Divination – personal and global events. February Tiger month is the birth place (Life Stage 1) for Fire, which will be Life Stage 11 (Embryo, fetus – Tai ?) in December Rat month.
May Snake month is the birth place for Metal, which will be Life Stage 8 (Death – Si ?) in December Rat month.
August Monkey month is the birth place for Water, which will be Life Stage 5 (Prime – Di Wang ??) in December Rat month. November Pig month is the birth place for Wood, which will be Life Stage 2 (Bathe, wash one’s hair – Mu Yu ??) in December Rat month. Try read the Bazi birth chart to account of all Ten Heavenly Stems – including those at weak Life Stage or even absent – and let go of such notions as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ elements, as even such notions as Useful God and Annoying God become just emblematic, once you understand that these can alter over time and all elements in your Bazi can be used, or you’d be dismissing one or two organs, which would be against health and forward progressive movement, eventually undermining your personal autonomy.
Chinese astrology Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi – Faulty Destiny Analysis Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi is a magnificent system for fate calculation, but on the provision of course that interpretations for our Chinese horoscope were done around correct parameters.
Four Pillars of Destiny Bazi Chinese Astrology – Class Description This intensive 4-day master class in Four Pillars of Destiny Ba Zi, is designed to take your ability in doing life readings to new blossoming.
Bazi of course starts and ends with correct designation of function of Pillars and elements in the birth chart. We would like to suppose that at least teachers and astrologers in Four Pillars of Destiny know their trade. If only because, well, once anything done erroneously at the realm of just basic parameters, the whole of Bazi would evaporate. In other words, if you’re a serious Bazi practitioner, you want to get things right straight from the outset. We will discuss how many – in fact, not your first teachers and professional astrologers – would still persist in mixing up just the aspects of the Four Pillars and the eventual function of single elements in the Bazi birth chart. While we’ll handle a great many more commonly employed misperceptions in Bazi life reading during your Bazi training, we will here show you the difference between what may be Pillar aspect, then what function of individual elements. How to correctly locate father, mother and spouse in Bazi As many of our students come in with vast training histories or their long established professional practice, from what they report, we were able to gather image of what would be the ‘going standard’ in the field. We could run you through a host of examples of rather unsettling approaches that seem to have become common practice since around 1995, but let me pick but one such widespread flaw to concern of notably the day Pillar and the month Pillar, as also, it would come as one of easiest to explain, at least, for just a blog post.
Easy, however, was not to say that it was not a pressing example and I may only hope that you will be able to amend where necessary and take your Bazi to the next level. It is where we know that the month Pillar will be deemed Parents Pillar, the day Pillar will be deemed Marriage Pillar.
But, as the month Pillar denotes Parents Pillar, consequently, a good many professionals in Bazi seem to then also still wrongly take the month Stem as father element as an automation, then the month Branch as mother element as an automation. The 4 Pillars that you see in a Bazi horoscope to host the Eight Characters, may as such each one in fact no more than denote life aspects, whereas the Pillar as such – with the exception of the day Stem position for Day Master – would not represent a specific person per se. A Bazi birth chart consists of four Pillars, conventionally read from right to left (year, month, day and hour Pillar).
So far, so good, both day Pillar and month Pillar in your Chinese Astrology horoscope would then receive a Heavenly Stem in the upper segment. All other Pillars and the Heavenly Stems therein will be seen as Day Master’s environment and elements taken for their influence upon Day Master (passive), while on the other hand, we may read how Day Master would employ the elements (active). Advanced Bazi practitioners may note that, where it would be possible to associate a Heavenly Stem taken to the upper segment of a Pillar with a certain person, the Earthly Branches as such taken to the lower segment of a Pillar just denote an emblem, whereas only the Heavenly Stems then contained in such Earthly Branch (deemed hidden elements) could once more associate with people.

In this view, the father would be read directly from the month Stem – whatever that month Stem comes out to be -, the mother from the month Branch, the spouse from the day Branch. That produces great fault, but even though it is squarely against teaching, we continue to see this all across the Bazi field with little to no exceptions, esteemed Chinese masters not exempt. In fact, if you know yourself for doing same, I ask that you stop doing so at once, and I will here only convincingly explain just why. Also, we have to understand that, by noting the Four Pillars for certain life aspects, we had not arrived at Six Gods (Liu Shen ??) or Ten Gods (Shi Shen ??) just yet. Let’s see what happens, if once we build further on this Bazi birth chart, we took in both month Stem Yang Water Ren ? and month Branch Shen Monkey ? in the month Pillar, deemed Parents Pillar. As we are to still further construct this Bazi chart, I want you to already here see that instead, the father element would in fact eventually locate as year Stem, the mother element as an element contained in the day Branch and the spouse element as hour Stem.
Again, as it should be a dead give away, we actually see that, for this particular birth chart, neither one of the people (father, mother, spouse) would end up where still a great many masters in Bazi would have projected these functions in the birth chart. Bazi [????] as a system for fate calculation is too accurate to at all allow for such beginners’ mistake. Life aspect is in the realm of mere Pillars categorization, while elements to designate specific people is at the mandate of Ten Gods (this should be a dead give away). We are actually looking at the difference between what may be father aspect, then what would be the actual father element and it seems best to check your sources on this, to see if at all such distinguishment was made as you learned Bazi.
Just as in Bazi, we would be handling just mother aspect differently from mother element, while also, we wouldn’t mistake day Branch aspect for spouse element. Now, if you have it handy and as you follow along, you may just as well sit yourself in front of your own Bazi. How to locate the father element in Bazi For both male and female Day Masters, the element to denote the father is the Unbecoming Wealth (Pian Cai ??) element (and nothing besides that).
How to locate the mother element in Bazi For both male and female Day Masters, the element to denote the mother is the Proper Resource (Zheng Yin ??) element (and nothing besides that).
How to locate the spouse element in Bazi For our here male Yang Metal Day Master, the spouse element is Proper Wealth (Zheng Cai ??) (and nothing besides that), which would be Yin Wood Yi ?, while it doesn’t locate in the day Branch Wu Horse ?. The father element may locate in month Stem position, or anywhere in the Pillars structure. Notwithstanding and as we zoom in on just the month Pillar, we see many to persevere in noting month Stem for father, then month Branch for mother, then base a life reading on this. Here is firm example of how not month Pillar would have anything to do with either father element or mother element. It is not difficult to see how any interpretations based on this would have to be all wrong, not speaking of other consequently flawed designations.
Rule of priority in Bazi You now know that unequivocally for this Bazi horoscope, the father element appears in year Stem position as Yang Wood. If still you saw a teacher or an astrologer to claim that month Stem was to denote father element, you’d probably hear how our here Yang Metal Day Master would be ‘weakened’ by month Stem Yang Water Ren ?, or at best, how the ‘son supports the father’, because in Wuxing Five Transformations, Metal supports Water. If it not actually represents the father element, we would merely take month Stem – here Yang Water Ren ? – as father aspect.
Quite on the contrary, there is something to say for here Yang Water Ren ? in the month Stem for father aspect being inclined to engender year Stem Yang Wood Jia ? for father element in the year Pillar, because, Water engenders Wood.
We may associate the year Pillar with regions farther from where we live, just society or even foreign countries.
Because Water of the month Stem goes to nourish Wood of the year Stem, month Stem Yang Water for father aspect would reach out to the year Stem Yang Wood, thereby the father aspect of Yang Water Ren akin to society to look out for Yang Wood Jia rather than perhaps altogether spending time around the son (which is not same as in saying that in here case, father would be absent in the life of Day Master, because, for that, yet other indicators would apply). If to begin with, a Bazi analysis departs from faulty designation of elements, then, not just would the interpretation of life be wrong, but people would actually base important decisions on such reading. If this was your birth chart and by noting year Stem Yang Wood, we would tell you that your father would have been probably ‘out there’ to serve society. Notably then furthermore as a military service man due to father element sitting on year Branch Xu Dog ?, which can be quite military. Only now that you were aware that the month Stem was here not the father element, but father element appearing at the year Stem position, could we at all commit to further reading your birth elements in a meaningful way to find more details about your father.
As long as we see that month Stem position could be taken by just any of the Ten Heavenly Stems, it is easy to determine the Six Gods, so that month Stem could be of course Resource, Parallel, Output, Wealth or Power and in more than one case, father element not remotely there. Since it is seldom that we would see someone to commit such a fundamental mistake, then ten years further on he would have amended, it means something to me to know that you were aware of this flaw, and that you were able to recognize it each time you came across it and take your life readings to another level.
In the meantime, it is difficult to grasp how the Bazi community could condone certain those mistakes much longer. Heluo on 9 Ki and Chinese Astrology annual predictions 2011 – Part One While as it is you'd be in front of your television following news events, you may just as well sit with Magic Square in your lap to see 9 Ki relevance in the news. Chinese Astrology, Chinese Horoscope, Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog, Pig 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs and Feng Shui .The Feng Shui Pig stands for properity and those who possess it will bring properity and good fortune into their home. Mount Mayon, Legazpi City, Luzon Islands, Philippines and other quality desktop wallpapers starting from 2560 and below.Updated hourly !
We have an collection of Chinese Astrology Charms Believed To Bring Prosperity In 2012 in various styles. Yang Earth Wu ? and Yin Earth Ji ?, as these do not answer to the Twelve Life Stages (??????). I’d say, all elements are contained in all Twelve Earthly Branches (Di zhi – ??), whereas it may be that just only those that ‘seem to matter’ at the time will be shown.
However, that did not make the elements that were then perhaps not shown in the particular Branch irrelevant. That was then not same as saying that the elements not shown would be ‘not there’ in any way, as nothing at the realm of energy could so much as be dismissed, just perhaps not as active in the same way as the ones taken to the Branch for their prevalence.
Person born in Chou Ox ? month of January, is to indicate that we’d locate planet earth at around Perihelion, earth’s closest approach to the Sun. Where the ten year Luck Pillar, the annual-, monthly-, daily- and hourly Luck Pillars may be external, this is not so for the Bazi birth chart, which is a depiction of internalized environmental currents true at first breath, while then also we may know information to account of the gestation period, what energy would have been proportionately invested in each organ, relative to the time spent in the Womb, again relative to earth’s position as it passed through the month Branches. In seeing Yin Tiger Branch, there be then no further mention for the Branch to for example contain Yang Metal Geng ? or Yin Water Gui ? just the same.
Each one of ‘hidden elements’ will be available, it’s just that we’d have switched our focus to highlight those elements at Life Stage 1 (Birth) and Life Stage 4 (Graduation) during Shen Monkey time. Not only could we not cancel Yang Wood at Shen Monkey time, it is clear that Yang Wood can be the Useful God, so by all means, we’d employ it. The Yang Wood Resource and the Yang Fire Parallel we had seen emphasized with Tiger Branch are now not suddenly vanished in Monkey Branch, just different weighing process to account of Ten Gods and internal organs. Even though the lamps go where the book goes, to be reading this book along just only these lamps is not a ruling. Wealth is still there by Life Stage 10 in Yin Tiger Branch, feeble, but it is there to be employed. It is just that, we may need put in more effort, because momentarily other elements are enjoying their ’15 minutes of fame’. In fact, there is no limitation as we can employ any of the Ten Gods (Shi Shen ??) out of just any Earthly Branch, at any given time.

He wants to do business through Metal Wealth, he may go ahead, he wishes to get married through Metal Wife, he may do so. How come most practitioners keep to ‘supporting cycle is beneficial’ and ‘controlling cycle is unfavorable’ in Wuxing Five Elements so persistently, while time and again we see – for example in our following news events through 9 Stars and Luoshu in 9 Star Ki Divination – that the ‘supporting cycle is unfavorable’ or ‘controlling cycle is beneficial’ goes just the same.
An alarming few in Xuan Kong Fei Xing still ‘get it’ that the current Prominent Star (Star 8 for Feng Shui Period 8, 2004-2024) could be still tickled to have it release its malign portents and that it could be instrumental in giving you a broken bone or two. Outside it is very limiting, a lot of invaluable information about the life will be lost this way, plus, we’d see silly such readings as in saying ‘you cannot have marriage’ or ‘you cannot have wealth’, just because in Yin Tiger the Geng Metal was momentarily not shown for a Fire Day Master.
Sometimes the metaphysical field may feel riduculed by the scientific field, or not taken seriously. The Six Gods – or Ten Gods for that matter – are not in your Bazi, as much as you’d have been carrying those with you in just your organs. In fact, as you read on, you may want to amend with the speed of light, because we would always allow for certain ‘freestyle’ reading in Bazi, but – as soon you may concur – the fault discussed here would be rather impermissible. If we would like to zero in on certain specific people, we would involve certain specific elements.
Each Pillar constitutes an upper segment for Heavenly Stems and a lower segment for Earthly Branches. For the purpose, we will here zoom in on just only month Pillar for Parents Pillar, then day Pillar for Marriage Pillar.
Day Stem is called Day Master (Ri yuan ??) as it is to represent (it is thereby not) the person.
We merely associate year, month, day and hour Pillar with certain aspects in life, certain emblems, if you will. If you have basics such as this right, and you know how to let the Bazi do the talking, then furthermore, if you wouldn’t be committing mistakes like the one discussed here, then, even if you feel you had just only started, you would be in my view capable of advising other people responsibly.
It is also known by anyone how life aspects distribute over the Pillars, but every teacher and astrologer should know how to locate and interpret father element, mother element and spouse element. If not you are aware of your Chinese Astrology birth chart, you may swiftly obtain yours through Danny’s Four Pillars of Destiny calculator. For a Yang Metal Day Master as in our here example, Unbecoming Wealth is Yang Wood Jia ?, but which does not appear as the month Stem in our sample chart.
Once now that you had designated and correctly located the genuine father element and the genuine mother element, how to read the month Pillar for parents aspect? We then see how year Stem Yang Wood for father heads in from afar, or the father to take up duty in society.
In case of our sample chart, we would note impossible split even only with regard to for example compatibility. However, it must be clear to everyone (lesson one) that, if month Stem is not Unbecoming Wealth also – therefore not the father element -, we look to read father elsewhere. If a life reading done just emblematically, this will lead to suppositions, such suppositions would then invoke active statements and before long, the whole of the life reading will go into sure loop, in that order. None of our beginning students would be committing the mistake of reading month Stem for father, if not actually the father element appeared in month Stem position. In this blog series, Heluo continues to share 9 Stars and Luoshu technique, for your detailed annual forecasting 2011.
Pure Agate is used for this single The Pig will get along WELL with the Goat and the Rabbit, but have to AVOID the Snake!
Here is some inspiring pictures about Chinese Astrology Charms Believed To Bring Prosperity In 2012 . If for purpose of this post you see us use a range of Heavenly Stems and you’d be ‘missing’ Yang Earth and Yin Earth there, these will be implied. But ‘shown’ in the Branch cannot be taken to mean that you’d be reading just only to account of those elements, because all information – explicit or implied – in the Branch matters.
Because, one smaller time cycle with all of its Stems and Branches happens within a larger time cycle, within again a larger time cycle and at long last we’d have exhausted what would still matter to our life.
Or, we’d be soon only reading the Bazi to account of those 1,2 or 3 elements in the Branch. A good Chinese astrologer will know how to read the obvious from the Branch, while of course he’d know how to surface the submerged.
It is almost like the Bazi or Feng Shui practitioner saying, the scientist should get its act together.
You switch on the organ – read: release the belonging Wuxing temperament and behavior -, you’d have so much as switched on the Ten God.
Father element is here actually the year Stem Yang Wood Jia ? [I] for Day Master’s Unbecoming Wealth. Mother element is here Yin Earth Ji ? contained in the day Branch Wu Horse [II] for Day Master’s Proper Resource.
Spouse element is here the hour Stem Yin Wood Yi ? [III] for Day Master’s Proper Wealth.
Month Branch – just the emblem (image) of the Earthly Branch would do, but then predominantly actually the major God contained in the month Branch – would denote mother aspect. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Chinese Astrology Charms Believed To Bring Prosperity In 2012 interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.
We capture those time cycles that would be effective for our Chinese horoscope and still applicable to account of our life progression. In fact, our Fire Day Master can do business or marry, with all Bazi emblems duly there or with no any such Bazi consideration there, but that’s another story.
If not, just about any software program on your computer could give you your fate reading besides just your Chinese horoscope. I’d say, no wonder such riduculing and I am absolutely certain how this will go on, just until our field finally felt ready to stop ridiculing its own. If month Branch doesn’t contain Proper Resource for mother element, we look to read the mother elsewhere. As it is, we’d be sailing on the waves of so many other smaller or larger time cycles, we wouldn’t have our Four Pillars stretch to involve 180 years, 2160 years, or even the Great Year cycle of 25,920 years.
Person born in Wu Horse ? month of June, is to indicate that now we’d locate earth at around Aphelion, its point farthest from the Sun.
I’d be assuring students and clients they can engage into business or marry any time they so choose. This strongly positions Fire in the Bazi, however, Water not altogether absent, as the Kidney will be still functioning. The flag of the Philippines .Free download of top quality high-resolution travel pictures and wallpapers .
A ‘usual’ life span may become such manageable time frame as the birth would have taken place at a certain hour within a certain cycle of hours, that would have occurred within the cycle of days, within the cycle of months, within a specific cycle of 60 years.

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