Chinese horoscope compatibility tiger and rat

The Chinese believe each animal sign is most compatible with signs that are four and eight years apart, and least compatible with the sign that is three, six, and nine years apart. As you can see the zodiac compatibility picture above, the differences of ages in four, eight and twelve years apart put themselves into a Triangle of Affinity. The first triangle (see the blue triangle) is made up of the positive doers: the Rat, Monkey and Dragon. The second triangle (see the red triangle) consists of the most steadfast and purposeful signs: the Snake, Rooster and Ox. The fourth and last triangle (see yellow triangle) is formed by the emotionally guided signs of the Sheep, Boar and the Rabbit. Besides zodiac compatibility there is also a circle of conflict, that is where all animal signs are arranged in the circle according to their order and the signs directly opposite each other as ilustrated in the wheel above are in direct conflict and will make the most incompatible matches. The Ox happens to be one among the twelve year Chinese cycle of animals that is there in the Chinese zodiac. They are immensely strong and hard-working who are ready to do anything for achieving their goals. Wood Oxen are self confident with a strong moral sense and the ability to work both in teams and as team leaders. Water Oxen are flexible, patient, sincere, quick-thinking and have the ability to understand well the thoughts and feelings of other people. Oxen occupy the second position in the Chinese Zodiac and are strong, determined and dependable.
Those born under the Chinese Animal Sign, Oxen are generally healthy, strong and live long, content lives.
Though good in affairs, yet when it comes to marriage, it is not a good idea for an Ox and a Rat. Those born under the Ox, when pair up with Horse, are more successful in business and not in bed. Although an Ox and a sheep might be attracted to each other physically, yet when it comes to relationships and commitment, this pair doesn’t work well. Ox and Rooster make a good pair since they both are passionate, spontaneous and sexually stimulating. With nothing much in common the Chinese Zodiac Ox and Dog are not comfortable together, when it comes to relationships. If Ox and a Monkey try hard to make it really work, fun and happiness is what they would receive. Possessing similar opinions and passions, the relationship between those following under the Ox and Pig can result in successful marriage. The Chinese Horoscope Monkey happens to be the 9th animal sign that appears in the Chinese Zodiac.
With excellent communication skills, the Wood Monkeys are able to interact with people wonderfully well. Going by the Chinese Zodiac, the Monkey occupies the ninth position and signifies personality traits such as mischievousness, curiosity, and cleverness.
You would hardly see any monkey feeling ill because they believe that falling ill is complete waste of a day. Going by the Chinese Zodiac, if those born under the Monkey and Rabbit won’t end up well when it comes to relationships.
Rather than lovers, the Chinese Animal Signs Monkey and Horse are better suited as friends. The Chinese Astrology says that those born under the Monkey and Snake make up a great intellectual pair. As per the Chinese Astrological Cycle, chances are there that the differences between Monkey and sheep might unite them. Like metals, Metal Dragons are very strong, determined and would fight hard for their beliefs.
Water Dragons are calm and have the ability to perceive things from the point of view of others. Earth Dragons are rooted in the ground and are capable of taking better decisions since they act and think rationally. Generally the Dragons are healthy, though at times they suffer from stress, headaches and periodic tensions since they are always taking up risks. There is a very strong sexual chemistry between those under the Chinese Zodiac Dragon and Horse. If the Dragons together learn on how to share the spotlight, they can achieve almost anything together. Though the Dragon and Sheep enjoys a sexual attraction towards each other, yet there are several differences that need to be overcome.
The Chinese Astrological Cycle maintains that those born under the Dragon, when goes for a relationship with a Dog, it is a very tumultuous affair with no peace of mind.

With similar goals and opinions, the Dragon and the Monkey together are headed for happiness. As per the Chinese Astrology, the Dragon and a Pig are destined towards an affectionate and caring relationship. Those under the Dragon, make a wonderful couple with Rooster but only when they learn to work on their strong sense of egotism u. Among the twelve year Chinese cycle of animals, the Chinese Horoscope Snake happens to be one of the important Chinese Animal Sign.
Metal Snakes are unbelievably goal-oriented and nothing can stop them from achieving what they think they deserve. Going by the Chinese Astrology, the Snake occupies the sixth position in the Chinese Zodiac. Snakes are definitely hard working but since they get bored easily, they tend to change jobs frequently. Snakes have immense capability to seduce others, which in turn helps them in attracting others.
With too many differences, people born under the Snake and Tiger are not fit for any relationship together. Snake and rabbit are both sensual and intense and have a lot many things to glance forward to. With the zesty outlook and flirtatious nature in common between the Snake and the Dragon, they are suitable for a relationship. Individuals falling under the Snake and Sheep together clicks wonderfully well as friends and lovers also. The Chinese Astrology says that the Chinese Animal Sign Snake makes up a dynamic duo with Rooster. As per the Chinese Astrological Cycle, the Snake and the Monkey are not fit for any relationship because they can’t trust each other. Pierce Brosnan, Abraham Lincoln, Kim Basinger, Mahatma Gandhi, Bob Dylan, Jesse Jackson, Indira Gandhi, John F. Based on this concept, a circle can be drawn with all signs, locating the Triangle of Affinity and the Circle of Conflict. Signs that form a triangle as shown in the zodiac compatibility make the best and most enduring unions. Dutiful and dedicated fighters, these three strive to achieve great heights and conquered by their unfailing determination and constancy. These three seek to serve humanity, heighten communications and promote universal understanding. Thus, we find that the Rat will encounter his biggest clashes with those who born in the year of the Horse as well as the other way around. Demanding and chauvinistic at times, the Chinese Horoscope Ox people are methodical and conservative in their approach. They have a tendency to react impulsively rather then taking into consideration other’s opinion.
Tolerant individuals, the Ox believe that only scrupulous behavior and hard work can lead to success. Those born in the Year of the Monkey are witty, intelligent and have a magnetic personality.
While some like the eccentric nature of the monkeys, some on the other hand don’t trust their sly, restless and inquisitive nature.
They are very hard working and possess an intense understanding about the way things happen. Since they don’t prefer to reveal their sensitive nature to people, so they happen to be jokesters. As per the Chinese zodiac associated to the Chinese calendar, the Chinese Horoscope Dragon holds the fifth position. They enjoy being in the company of those who are strong enough to challenge the metal dragons. The decisions they take are generally better if well-researched since they involve others as well into this. Going by the Chinese Zodiac associated with the Chinese calendar, Snakes take on the 6th position. This Chinese Astrological Sign symbolizes personality traits such as gracefulness, intelligence and materialism. However, they are the ones who decide, which relationship has potential and which doesn’t. Being made for personal contact, they will develop solid bonds with their fellow human beings.
These people are intuitive, expressive, compassionate and eloquent in artistic and aesthetic ways.

They don’t show their emotions and also face difficulty in interpreting the emotions of other individuals.
Very uncomfortable with change, the oxen look for that perfect partner, who is there to stay.
The Monkeys are however very unintuitive and unsympathetic and not ready to put themselves in other’s shoes. As they give their 100 percent into everything they do, they expect others to pay respect to them in return.
Though they don’t have any bad intentions, yet their pranks sometimes hurt the feelings of others.
The good career options for those born under the Monkeys consist of accounting, banking, scientist, stock market trader, engineer, air traffic controller, film director, dealer, jeweler and sales representative. In spite of sometimes being perceived as big mouthed individuals, those falling under the Dragon are popular, intelligent and perfectionists. Careers in which those under the Dragons are likely to flourish include manager, computer analyst, inventor, engineer, architect, lawyer, broker, and sales person. Doing things at their own selected pace, those under the Chinese Horoscope Snake, often would take up new things as the opportunity comes. When it is about taking any decisions, Snakes deal it analytically and don’t jump into conclusions. The insecure side of the Snakes starts coming to the front once they have selected their partners.
Short-tempered and restless when hindered or unoccupied, these three signs are ruled by ambition and dynamic energy. If compared to any other lunar signs, these three are more diplomatic and have calmer natures. Signs that do not appear directly opposite each other and are not found together within the Triangles of Affinity of zodiac compatibility will be compatible in varying degrees.
However, relationships in case of Ox, don’t really work because they tend to put the blame on others.
They possess many interests and are in need of partners who are capable of stimulating them. Inherently very creative and intellectual, those falling under the Monkeys can’t always exhibit their talent properly.
They are very persuasive and have some great convincing power to make others believe that they are the best. Snakes are likely to flourish as scientist, investigator, painter, analyst, potter, astrologer, magician, jeweler, dietician, and sociologist. Self-starters, they will initiate action, clear their paths of hesitation and uncertainty and forge fearlessly ahead. They give little credence to hearsay evidence and depend only on their own assessment of facts and figures.
Dependent on others for leadership and stimulation, they are very flexible because these people are sympatheticaly tuned in to the vibrations of their environment. Though not romantic of all the animals, yet Oxen are affectionate lovers and faithful partners. The diverse career options where the oxen can fly high are interior designer, carpenter, quarry worker, painter, archeologist, mechanic, horticulturist, banker, broker, engineer, draftsman real estate agent and army officer. Only when they realize that relationship or partnership is always about to individuals possessing two points of views, then only can there be successful matches. These three will invariably seek each other out and can intermingle and intermarry most successfully. They provide their own counsel and inspire other people to action by their aggressive and high-spirited personalities. However, this enthusiasm and passion can at some times unfortunately make them exhausted and unfulfilled. Energetic, extrovert and defiant against injustice and adversity, they will get along fabulously.
These three animals will share the same basic philosophies and provide each other with wonderful company. Owing to the colorful personality of the dragons, others are easily attracted towards them; the dragons however prefer to spend time alone.

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