Chinese horoscope dragon qualities definition

Gemini Dragon horoscope, Zodiac sign Gemini personality horoscope for those who was born in Dragon year.
Within the Gemini and Dragon combination personality lies the flashy enthusiasm and highly perceptive qualities of the mythical creature. Being a Dragon influenced personality these Gemini's are also considered to carry with them in their personalities much good fortune. The emotional sensitivity of the Gemini Dragon ensures that relationships with them will be open and honest.
When the Gemini Dragon personality is angry or incredibly upset you will sometimes experience a glimpse of their fiery temper. April 21 to May 21 - Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, having a fixed earth classification and ruled by the planet Venus.
May 22 to June 21 - Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, having a mutable air classification and ruled by the planet Mercury. June 22 to July 22 - Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, having a cardinal water classification and ruled by the moon. July 23 to August 23 - Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, having a fixed fire classification and ruled by the sun. August 24 to September 22 - Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, having a mutable earth classification and ruled by the planet Mercury. September 23 to October 22 - Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, having a cardinal air classification and ruled by the planet Venus. October 23 to November 21 - Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, having a fixed water classification and ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto. November 22 to December 21 - Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, having a mutable fire classification and ruled by the planet Jupiter. December 22 to January 20 - Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, having a cardinal earth classification and ruled by the planet Saturn. January 21 to February 19 - Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, having a fixed air classification and ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. February 20 to March 20 - Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, having a mutable water classification and ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune.
Free 2011 horoscope for the 2011 year of the metal Rabbit, annual 2011 horoscopes for your western zodiac sign. Daily horoscope weekly and free 2011 horoscopes, configuration of the planets, the sun, and the moon in the sky at a particular moment. Horoscopes for Chinese and Western Zodiac signs combination, relationships of Western and Chinese astrology.
Goto Horoscope - 2016 horoscope for the year of the Monkey, daily horoscope, astrological prediction distributable weekly and monthly. Free natal chart - the prediction of a person's future based on a comparison of the zodiacal data for the time of birth with the data from the period under consideration.
While there is no question that advertising is often effective, in the early stages the power of personal contact is most needed. A creature of myth and legend, the Dragon is a symbol of good fortune and a sign of intense power and wealth. The Dragon is considered an authoritative and mighty king because it contains all the various parts of animals, like the tiger, the fish, the snake, and the eagle.
Dragon + Rat - A brilliant relationship showered with lots of love, cerebral compassion and understanding. Dragon + Sheep (Goat) - Despite the sexual attraction, eventually you'll find too many differences to overcome. The five elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth) also can have an effect on the Dragon’s characteristics, which blends with the 12 year cycle. More rooted in the ground, Earth Dragons make better decisions because they act more rationally. Taurus Dragon - Taurus brings the Dragon back down from the clouds and adds a purposeful strength to his character. Cancer Dragon - Cancer Dragons have polished tastes and are generally an artist of some sort. Leo Dragon - The Lion is King of the Western zodiac and the Dragon is the sign of the Emperor. Virgo Dragon - Status and title matter a lot to the Virgo Dragon, and he is prepared to work diligently to achieve them.
Scorpio Dragon - Eccentric and exotic, Scorpio Dragons are mighty people with legendary zest and enthusiasm, and incredibly passionate emotions. Sagittarius Dragon - Open and straightforward, the Sagittarian Dragon's honor is well-intentioned, although it can sometimes be insensitive. Capricorn Dragon - These Dragons are pragmatic, determined and modest, with a driving craving for achievement.
Aquarius Dragon - Impractical and atypical, these Dragons are intrigued by the shock of the new.
Pisces Dragon - With Piscean tenderness added to Dragon brashness, these individuals are still vivid and impassioned, but. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. Chinese horoscope compatibility describes no events, but the relationships between people, shows the influence of stars and planets on this side of your life, and help to understand your actions and deeds.

Daily chinese horoscope for Rooster, Rat, Snake, Horse, Rabbit, Ox, Monkey, Dragon, Tiger, Dog, Sheep (Lamb, Ram), Pig (Boar) zodiac signs.
The Dragon Horoscope 2016 predicts that you should listen to your inner voice to achieve success.
The 2016 Chinese astrology forecasts foretell that your life will be hectic during the year and there will be hardly any time to relax. The Dragon 2016 predictions also ask you not to hesitate to seek the opinion of experts and seniors which will help you to attain your goals easily and at a faster pace. The Chinese horoscope 2016 for the Dragon says this year will focus on your love partnerships for most of the time.
The Dragon 2016 horoscope predictions suggest that you will have opportunities to start exciting business projects which should be completed with dynamism and attention to detail. The Year of the Monkey 2016 predictions for the dragon shows that all challenges that arise during the year will be resolved easily by their knowledge and experience. The 2016 Dragon horoscope predictions also suggest that you should put your financial house in order, and concentrate on pending bills and book keeping.
Dragons, you should be prudent in spending money, and do not hesitate to say no to requests for loans. The Chinese horoscope 2016 Dragon forecasts suggest that your health will be excellent during the beginning of the year, and you will have enough stamina to spend on your professional requirements. You will be more careful about your health from April 2016 onward and you will resort to physical training regularly.
The 2016 Feng Shui yearly forecasts for the Dragon zodiac sign suggests that health issues might crop up.
Thus the Chinese horoscope 2016 for the Dragon predicts that overall this will be an excellent and favorable year.
CHINESE HOROSCOPE FOR YEAR OF THE DRAGON 2012Communities around the constant menace of dragon ren. The Chinese calendar is divided not by numerical years, as is in the Western concept of time, but in a 12-year cycle of animal signs, which continually repeat themselves.
In Chinese folklore, traits and characteristics similar to the Zodiac horoscope have developed around each of these annual animal signs -- some of which are more desirable than others.
Like the simple, placid sheep in the pasture, people born under the Year of the Ram simply want to be left alone to live their lives in peace and quiet. When a Gemini is born in the Chinese astrological Year of the Dragon he is believed to be bestowed with a generous portion of perception.
Chinese astrologists regarded the Dragon as a symbol of luck and those born in their year to gain this naturally lucky streak. They place great value on their leisure time for relaxation and hate being disturbed for trivialities. While they may like their solitary moments and their own way much of the time they also greatly value companionship and intimacy. This trait is normally well hidden and will only emerge if the Dragon part of the personality and his associated short temperamental fuse is ignited. Taurean Dragons will work consistently to achieve material comforts and high standards of living essential to their well-being.
Gemini Dragons can accomplish several tasks at once and are able to juggle many conversations successfully. These organized and productive people carefully plan each aspect of their lives and leave nothing to chance. Charm is this Dragon's greatest asset and is a magnetic force that causes people to flock to him. Most importantly, they are intellectuals, very individualistic and original, born ahead of their time. Knowledge of calendar zodiac sign and partner's horoscope can help to identify some spiritual qualities. This report compiled by professional astrologers, using complex mathematical calculations and years of experience.
As it is well known and consists of the following signs: Rat, Tiger, Ox, Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Snake, Sheep (Ram or Lamb), Rooster, Dog, Monkey, Pig (Boar). In compiling the East zodiac calendar should be borne in mind that the beginning of the year in this horoscope is not fixed. Man, compiling characterization and prediction of events, must be considerate, astute and well versed in principles calculations because they include many important aspects: symbolic animal year, month and date of birth, the element of the animal, and a fixed element and in the chinese zodiac calendar is divided not only on animals, but also on the elements (metal, water, wood, fire, earth). East calendar has 12 zodiac signs depending on the year of birth, while in traditional western astrology, depends on month of birth. Signs are not based on the location of stars, as in Western astrology, and the year of birth.
Your attitudes fluctuate between strong focus on your objectives and a tendency to run away from taking responsibilities. Your thinking qualities and originality will be remarkable, and will be helpful in accomplishing your goals. Commit yourself to things which you can actually deliver, and do not yield to emotional blackmail.
Period between April and September 2016 are favorable for forming new relationships which may become serious in future. In order to keep the relationship going, you may have to make many compromises from the month of May.

You should be realistic in your approach and should not be distracted by useless things on your job during the month of December 2016.
And they will be able to use their expertise and analytical skills in the execution of their projects.
Businessmen will excel in fields of marketing, forging new partnerships and trading activities. Between the months of March and May 2016, your monetary situation improves with good earnings and you will be having a positive budget.
It is advisable for this Chinese star sign to take time to relax to stay fit to undertake strenuous work.
According to Chinese legend, these twelve signs are the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram (Sheep), Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Boar (Pig). This added foresight, when mixed with the Gemini Western Astrology traits of high sociability and intelligence, usually results in the person acquiring an intuitive character. The Gemini Dragon has an innovative mind and often utilizes his or her talents to become very successful in life. These characters can be difficult to live with as they do not like to feel crowded preferring plenty of space and peace and quiet.
To calm a Gemini Dragon down you need to appreciate their need for quiet reflection and not approach them until you feel they have had time to have done this. They are flashy and like to show-off, but their kindness and zest for life make them fascinating. The Dragon's capricious characteristics are calmed and the Virgo Dragon has a streamlined, efficient outlook on life. When they fall in love it is completely and exclusively and they expect the same treatment of their partners. For them, passion and romance come second, but once committed, they are responsible partners. However, the Dragon motivation is still there, hidden underneath that seemingly tranquil surface. Cycle 12 was there more difficult in Europe and do not always coincide with our usual notions. You have to strike a fine balance to be successful in the Chinese Year of the Red Fire Monkey. You should have a complete overview of things and put all things together before starting a new project. These relaxed people are happy to go with the flow and remiss to create a stir -- whether at work or at home. This makes these personalities very understanding people, excellent friends and kind considerate and loyal partners. These people are driven by ambition and will work tirelessly towards goals until they succeed.
As the Gemini Dragon matures they become much more tolerant of others and so more accommodating in their preferences. Once they have calmed these individuals will then be able to redirect their anger in a more positive direction. They still have the need to dictate and be admired, but they are affable, congenial and supportive.
There are 12 animals and they always appear in the same order (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep (lamb or ram), Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig (boar)).
Modern astrology is well aware the Chinese circle 12 animals, the respective year’s 12-year cycle. You should not ignore new opportunities, but you should be clear about the method of execution.
Their foresight develops and they learn to trust these instincts allowing them to better judge people and their varying needs.
When they are right their vehemence and vigor is an asset to the cause, and though they value objectivity, they do not always employ the best decision-making measures, and sometimes jump to the wrong conclusion. Compared to other Dragons, Earth Dragons are less likely to breathe fire at the least irritation. If these people set out to achieve something then they usually do as they have very determined personalities. When they reach this level in their personality the Gemini Dragon will be ready to settle down, before this stage they are often contented with the company of friends.
And until now there are disputes about how the European zodiac signs match the chinese astrology signs. Yet, when they do keep their temper, emotions, and rivaling spirit under control, they emanate a commanding influence on other people. The Earth element adds a greater portion of self-control to the Dragon's personality and usually the Earth Dragon is deserving of the respect he or she desires.

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