Chinese horoscope for 2013 taurus

If you think so far you have not acted as it should be, if you feel the need to make a clean sweep and start in life on a better footing, know that this year will be very favorable in this respect. Whether a renewed passion for your partner or attraction for a newcomer, you will burn like tinder. There will be the first star Long Duc, whose presence will enhance your charisma and your powers of seduction. And if your spouse or partner does not perceive this fatigue, it may have to manage a difficult situation. At the same time, many planets favorably influence your behavior and your alertness and sharpen your communication skills.
The stars Thien Vu and Khuc Dong intellectually stimulate and strengthen you in your interest to your business.
It will not be the first time, because you are one of those who do not spare their hard work, and it is therefore legitimate that your efforts are rewarded.
It is in fact these days that begin to emerge one of the most delicate celestial configurations of the year: the opposition between planets Tham Lang and Tang Mon. The Da La is not necessarily dangerous, but it still tends to limit the possibilities for expansion. In particular, the opposition between the planets Tham Lang and Tang Mon will influence you negatively. But attention to the negative influence of the star Thien Viet, which could upset your plans or bring you back to reality a bit less romantic.
If your current situation does not satisfy you, you can improve or even find a new job more interesting. More organized and efficient than ever, you have the best assets to complete your projects.

This will surely be the case with the beneficial aspects of the star Dia Vong, there will be promoting in the air. If you suffer from a chronic disease, this star should allow you favorable improvement; no doubt you find a treatment best suited. You are now protected from unforeseen difficulties that might have been cause negative planets. Thien Viet will indeed help you to be more authentic and assert your originality, in your work, where your skills will be recognized.
Try to live the present moment as intensely as possible, without too much you pack for the future: it will be more careful!
Note however that the star Pha Quan, which could make it difficult for you to focus on your tasks difficult. You might see new responsibilities or having to prove yourself in a new activity, but you will feel size challenges.
If you suffer from chronic illness or long, you can even help you heal or find a more suitable treatment.
If you suffer from a chronic disease, this period should allow an improvement, perhaps he will compel you to treatment requiring some effort, but you'll want to try: this is probably how you will get positive results. This should not be too hard to ask: the natives of your sign are indeed naturally gifted finances.
If you're one of the privileged who have no concern for money, the period will be for you in favor of reorganizing your investments or your investments. The stars will protect you, especially if you have exams or make a decision that will mark a turning point in your life. But singles can rest assured they will not be alone long, the presence of the star Quoc An may offer a favorite in your professional sphere.

Just make sure, in this area as in others, not to leave you overly influenced by the sun My Cu: if you are too demanding, you do not fully enjoy the support of the star Thien Phuc.
Attention simply to the star Pha Quan, which could prevent you from seeing clear and lead you down the wrong road. If this is the case, you can rely on in any case the star Dia Vong, who comes up in your enthusiasm and positive energy.
Put simply, your fatigue will probably slightly lower, so you must make sure to manage your daily life to prevent overload of work or activities. In addition, with Pha Quan, who runs the star of one of your areas of money, well connected currently in Tham Lang, planet of discipline and prudence, you will probably in no mood to smack stupid fortunes. Beware: to force unwilling to make concessions, you will alienate even those who are eager to help you! But a decisive meeting you fall over without warning and can transform your concept of love. You will be glad to have on your side in difficult times when you feel that no one understands you.
Single, if you meet someone nice this time, do not commit too fast, otherwise the station disappointment!

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