Chinese horoscope for those born in 1974

The Chinese Zodiac is a repeating pattern that relates each year to a particular animal and its observed attributes.
People born under horse’s years would do well to pursue some outdoor activities like running, hiking etc. When in a relationship, they are ardent lovers and love to regale their partners with their spirit, strength and humor. They tend to be more compatible with people born in the years of dog, tiger, sheep and rooster. The Chinese Zodiac Horoscope has 12 animals starting with the rat and followed by the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and boar. Place images of your Horoscope allies and secret friends in the sector corresponding to your sign to enhance your personal wealth luck. Your Zodiac animal, its allies and secret friend will ensure a smooth sailing and successful year ahead as you will always have your allies and secret friend to assist you whether it be at work, at school or in your business, during good or difficult times. The Chinese Zodiac is based on a classification in which a twelve month period of time is symbolized by a particular animal.
The predictive value of the system comes from the fact that people born in any year loosely exhibit the characteristics of the animal which symbolizes that particular year.
If your horoscope reading says you will experience a tough year ahead, especially if you will be in direct conflict with the Grand Duke ( Tai Sui - see chart below ), you should take extra precautions of severe bad luck will fall on you for that year.
If you know your lunar year of birth, enter your lunar birth year below to find out your animal sign.
There are twelve different animals which have been chosen to characterize years hence the cycle repeats every twelve years. They are also incredibly principled people who take great pride in their integrity and consistency of behavior.
They live in big houses, like to ‘make it big’ in life and are large hearted as well! The street-smart Rat and the talkative Rooster complement the straightforward and silent Ox.

Horses enjoy being part of a group and the people of this sign love public gatherings in parties, concerts, theaters etc.
They love new ventures but can have a tendency to not finish what they start, with the same vigor. They are generally early risers and horse people would be better off hitting the bed early at night. On the other hand, when a relationship ends; their sociable nature, positive thinking and friendships help them move on a little more easily.
These animal signs are further divided into four major groups of three animals each believed to have affinity towards each other, complement each other well, with similar personalities and outlooks in life. Wear your allies and secret friend amulet for protection, to give you the strength to see through it, help you to overcome obstacles, and make the most out of it to reap maximum benefits. If your sign is in conflict with the Grand Duke in that year, you should carry a Tai Sui Horoscope Protective Coin for protection from illness and misfortune. The Chinese New Year does not fall on a specific date, so it is necessary to look up the calendar to find the specific date on which the year begins. As per time-tested Chinese wisdom, these qualities are reflected in the people born in Ox years. Ambition and ideals go hand in hand for them as they slowly but surely go about achieving their goals.
While this could be to their benefit there would be delicate situations where the stubborn behavior and dominant decision-making put them at a disadvantage. A happy marriage, a thriving household and close relationships with children are the joys that they seek and work for.
They are most surely the centre of attraction in a crowd with their silken speech and deft sense of humor.
They try new things but their interest leans towards being more superficial and generally in agreement with the trend followed by a large group of people whom they wish to impress. They do not handle pressure that well and should avoid situations which confine their talents.

The people born in the years of the same group are special friends and buddies that you can talk to and help you in times of need.
You may display the enhancers according to big Tai Chi (house) or small Tai Chi (living room, bedroom, work desk etc.). Your allies will also help you to keep friends loyal to you, preventing betrayal from acquaintances you thought were friends.
They are not easily influenced by other people or their surroundings but have belief in their own ideology. Lack of communication skills can also lead to delays in career progression and development of relationships. Archaeology, Ornithology and Horticulture are also some of the areas where the Ox people can express themselves. You will also benefit by placing them in the sectors correspond to your allies, for example, if you are TIGER, you can place the enhancers in the sectors that belong to the HORSE of DOG. People born in the horse’s year might be perceived by others to be a little self-centered at times. A secret friend is someone you can always depend on, and will always be there by your side, to protect you and never let you down. This Feng Shui remedy is recommended by many Feng Shui masters and will not disappoint you.
Flamboyance, quick wit and charisma have also been qualities associated with people born in the year of the horse.

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