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Each zodiac sign is being ruled by the certain body parts and which in turn is likely to affect your health. Thus we(EzineAstrology) are going to introduce you with an easy way that can aid you to know about your health better with the help of astrology.
If your personality can be reflected by zodiac signs then why not it can influence your clothing style?
While doing the work you might get exhausted and you expect to have some time for yourself.
EROS is the mischievous God of Love and it represents the artistic passion in your zodiac signs. The Chinese science of Feng Shui places so much stress on the arrangement and surroundings of a child's study area.
The laughing Buddha is a symbol of wealth and happiness; place one in your child's room -- just looking at his jolly face will cheer your child. Hematite is an energetic stone, specially recommended for children. There, now you have enough ways to help your child concentrate better, study harder and make you a proud parent.
There are 9 areas in our home and businesses that we can tap into to create powerful, positive results. Each wall and corner in our environment represents one of these areas. For example, if you want a new career or to advance your present one you would go to the area that represents Career and create positive energy by adding something, like a lush healthy plant, a fountain (moving water represents prosperity in Feng Shui) or a picture that inspires you.
The concept of Yin and Yang is one of the most fundamental and profound theories of Feng Shui. Yin and Yang are dependent opposites that must always be in balance. The Eastern view of opposites is, excuse the pun, is the opposite of a Western view. Yin and Yang can further be explained as a duality that cannot exist without both parts.
Thus we also observe that the separation of the circle (symbolising the earth or alternatively, the full circle of life) is not cut into straight halves.
Thus, the directional placement and arrangement of the house has to be in a way, that Yin and Yang are placed properly.
The use of Yin and Yang here is to illustrate that your house does not become too dark. You can sometimes sense darkness - both physical and atmospheric - which results from dense foliage, overgrown hedges and close proximity to a woodland.
This stifles Yang, which is represented by light and creates a stuffy and heavy atmosphere in the house. The foliage should be cut back to reduce the negative effects of Yin. Too many windows in the house increase the Yang influence. This has the effect of allowing in too much light which can make the occupants of the house ill tempered. Some windows should be kept shut and curtains should be used to prevent too much light from coming in.
The main window or door overlooks a satellite dish or any other object.
This gives too much Yin if the clothes are women's clothes and undergarments. Place the curtains on either side of the window, but you need not draw them. Artificial flowers are a good alternative for busy people, provided they are dusted and washed at regular intervals. Chinese roses - These represent love (red), wealth (yellow) and honour (white).
Chrysanthemums - It is a flower of happiness, laughter, comfort and relaxation.

Lotus - The sacred flower of the Buddhists, it represents purity, peace and triumph. All green plants are known to create Chi and help to get in harmony and balance in the home. Healthy plants at entrances and windows make an attractive display as well as ward of all the Chi but not as much as aquariums.
Be it an aquarium, a fountain or a miniature waterfall, you should never place them in the south. Stone, metal, ceramic and glass animals are also used in Feng Shui. More docile animals such as elephants (representing power) tortoises (representing longevity) and rabbits (representing fertility) are to be placed indoors in relevant locations. In order to stay remain fit and healthy they follow certain balanced diet or healthy food guide.
With the help of astrology readings or astrology predictions you are able to know yourself better as well as able to know the behaviour, nature, characteristics, compatibility of others also. Have you ever wondered that you are always injuring your knee or why swimming makes you feel so natural? Our Health Astrology application will helps you to know the recommended work out or physical activity that is good for you according to your astrology signs. Have your child sit facing the best study direction and with solid support behind or a painting of a mountain to give support. A Feng Shui myth has it that stroking the laughing Buddha's belly daily can bring good luck. Start following these Feng Shui principles and wait for us to come back to talk on how this art of living helps you beat the blues.
You may also need to take something away from the area, like clutter.
Here is a list of some of the many opposites that are contained in such a simple symbol.
Just as in the heart of winter, a seed lays in wait to become life, so is Yang waited within Yin for its turn.
They are curved and they alternatively advance and accommodate into each other, depicting the alternation.
This early philosophy of nature, the complementary alternating forces of Yin and Yang, dark and light, female and male, which maintain the balance of the cosmos, are the foundation of Feng Shui. Each of this needs to be founded or instituted in a particular area in the house, depending upon its relevance and prominence. On the other hand, in a big garden, shrubs, rose arches and rockeries can have a pleasing effect on a flat landscape.
Air from all directions mixes together and disrupts the energy flow in the house. This usually has a bad implication, as the occupants will not be able to save money. Potted plants and freshly cut flowers are best for apartment residents. Among live flowers, most are good and brighter they are, the better.
The best locations are east, southeast and the north as plants relate to wood and water elements.
Aquariums and small indoor fountains can become a feature of a room, while at the same time increasing the wealth of the occupants.
Thus elephants go well in a study or office, tortoises in drawing rooms and rabbits in the bedroom. There are also some people who desire to lose weight and follow the weight loss meal plans so that they are able to lose weight. If a sign is likely to be ruled by certain parts of the body then you eventually try to avoid such activities that could possibly harm that part of your body.
Our application also helps you to know the suggested food to intake, which foods to avoid, ideal way to taking rest and such healthy hobbies that suits you according to your zodiac signs. The basics of this deep and extremely significant diagram are pretty subtle yet profound.
For example, the night stays in the inner rooms (the energies of the house are concentrated in the bedroom and kitchen), thus it is a Yin stronghold.

If this is not possible, light curtains should be used and drawn beyond the edge of the window where they open. One has to be careful about dead flowers in the sense that they create negative Chi. There are five flowers that Feng Shui places right on top and believes to be especially beneficial. Plants can also effectively eliminate the undesirable Khi caused by sharp corners. A water presence in the north, west or northwest will help you progress quickly in your career.
For example, the Aries sign people are ruled by the head, the eyes so they are prone to headaches and anger. Our Health astrology will surely help you to get in shape so that you can maintain an optimum equilibrium. Try not to have your child sit in front of a window - it will harm her concentration. There are also some prescribed charms that can be used for your children. Yin and Yang is a foundation theory for Feng Shui that supports many other theories including the Five Elements Theory and the Environment.
On the other hand, the day stays in the outer rooms (the energies of the house are concentrated in the drawing room, study or the porch).
In many cultures you have feline mammals placed on each side of the main entrance to a building.
Therefore, the Aries should engage themselves in such activities which would benefit them to control their anger and give relief from frequent headaches.
Observe her study area and desk -- are there any exposed overhead beams or edges, or sharp edges of furniture, pillar or protruding corner nearby?
Dried flowers as strongly discouraged as their life (water element) is drained out of them. Order Right Now!Basic Horoscope FREE : Must for EveryoneYour horoscope shows the effects of planets on your personality and life events. It forecasts on  a lot many aspects of life like nature and personality, health, love and sex life, profession and career etc. As for the chair, ensure that nothing sharp or piercing -- even in terms of graphics -- is directed towards it as it will create more bad energy. Just as the seasons cycle and create times of heat and cold, Yin and Yang cycles through active and passive, dark and light, etc. There is neither right or wrong, but rather there is balance, transformation interaction, dependent opposition and most importantly transition. Though most of them need lots of care and alertness in terms of maintenance, they tend to be the best hosts for Chi. Even a poster with arrows or airplanes with weapons pointing towards the room can create negative energy.
Keep the desk area clear of clutter and place a laughing Buddha on the desk, if possible.
Yin and Yang evolved from a belief of mutually dependent opposites that cannot live without the other.
This will immensely help you in making informed and better decisions in all aspects of your life. This article is quite brittle and costly, so you could substitute it with a solid crystal ball.
More interestingly, there are little cons in every pro and vice versa.
Horoscope of prospective bridegroom and bride are analysed according to the Indian astrological principles.

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