Chinese zodiac 1989 snake

The Chinese birth chart is said to have been developed in ancient times and is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. All you have to do is enter the date of conception of the baby and the date of the birth of the mother. Disclaimer : While every attempt is made to ensure that the information provided is correct, no warranty is made as to its accuracy, and no liability for its use or misuse.

If you wish to know whether your baby will be a boy or a girl, or planning to have a baby in 2016, then you should try this free Chinese pregnancy calendar.
The accuracy of this baby gender predictor has been vouched for by people from all over the world. The gender prediction then takes into account the Chinese age of the mother which is calculated by the free gender predictor.

So why don't you try this free 2016-2017 gender calculator today and find out how true it is!

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