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I will try to update this blog as often as I possibly can with Chinese Zodiac facts I find from my research. Other Zodiac-Related Blogs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (I do not own these blogs, but they're worth looking at if not following. Though I don’t feel like keeping up this blog any longer, maybe someone else with much better Chinese astrology knowledge could take over the blog for me?
The Ox is honest, straight-forward and kind-hearted and is often described as down to earth. After a disappointing year, The Year of the Sheep, the Ox will see great improvement in the coming year of the Monkey with the backing from people around him. The Year of the Monkey 2016A heralds a sense of ehnancement and optimism that will soar in 2017 (a Rooster year).
To take advantage of these times the Ox needs to stay flexible and abreast of what’s going on, and accept any offers which come his way. Monkeys and Oxen get along splendidly within friendships and financial partnerships, as well as within romantic relationships. For the attached Ox, an unwelcome third party might cause friction to the beautiful harmony both you and your partner have painstakingly achieved through the years. Dear Ox, as a sign that is smart with money and financially inventive, you will experience a year 2016 full of amazing financial progress. As a solid provider and a stable thinker, your diligence pays off this year of the Monkey 2016. The Chinese Zodiac Compatibility has developed and been accepted after thousands of years of experience.
From countless examples, it is evident from the Chinese compatibility zodiac that physical appearance, professional achievement, and social status are not responsible for the surprising attraction that exists between certain souls.
The best Chinese Compatibility Horoscope is with those that share similar personalities and qualities, and that compliment each other, strengthening areas where the other is weak. There are other important factors that affect the degree of Chinese Horoscope Compatibility in every relationship. According to Chinese tradition, everything in the universe has a basic nature that is either masculine (Yang) or feminine (Yin), and each zodiac sign fall into one of these categories. The 5 Elements of Chinese tradition bring certain influences and characteristics of each zodiac sign. There are 12 zodiacal animal signs in Chinese calendar and people born under each animal sign have different characteristics and personalities. With affairs of the heart, the Ox can be naive, not fully comprehending the entrapments of love. Snake women are the original femme fatale, if she doesn’t have money and power she will marry into it, and won’t agonize over women’s rights.
The Tiger and Dog are fellow idealists and will provide good relationships, the Rat is its exact opposite.
The Dog, Tiger and Horse are united in their quest for idealism, you will find it hard to relax in the presence of the Dragon.

Stick with emotionally and artistically guided signs of the Rabbit and Sheep- beware the Snake! Jessica admits dating Tyler Kwon & how she feels about him BTS' Jin 'accidentally' professes love for Girls' Generation's Sunny! I’ve been busy trying to keep up with school, and have been trying to finish the zodiac fact templates in my spare time if I feel motivated. A more detailed investigation of a Ox persona€™s personalised horoscope would obviously reveal more.
He will be in friendly territory, sought after by important people and his accomplishments will be recognized. Because Monkey years can be filled with dramas and upsets and emotional outpourings, the Ox may experience some exasperation. While there may be moments of calamity and misadventure ahead when his methods may not be appreciated, if diligent Ox stays true to his values and convictions when faced with adversity, he will be rewarded. Although you often try to hide your intense passion behind a pretence of casualness and your financial success, your magnetism still delivers sensuality. Seductive, smart and sly, Snakes make super companions for Oxen, who enjoy adventure and drive within a mate. Stick with the signs that compliment your nature to enjoy a year full of passion, adventure, and love.
Capable, sensitive, deep thinking Tiger horoscopes are compatible with cheerful Horses, honest Dogs, Pigs, as well as fellow Tigers. The articulate, talented and ambitious Rabbit meshes well with the elegant Sheep (Goat), trust-worthy Dogs, Rats, Ox, Dragons and Snakes. The sensitive, brave and honest Dragon gets along best with the dynamic Rats and Monkeys, and with Roosters, Snakes and Horses. Shy Goats (Sheep) have a somewhat pessimistic outlook on life, however, their gentle, wise, and compassionate natures blend well with Pigs, Rabbits, and fellow Goats.
Signs that occur in even years are naturally Yang, while signs that fall in odd years are naturally Yin. According to Chinese astrology, the animal signs that are four years apart from each other are believed to be compatible but are incompatible if they are six years apart.
Also keep in mind that being born under a specific animal zodiac does not always define who you are 100%.
Unlike the Greek Zodiac, the Chinese Zodiac has five elements: water, earth, fire, wood and metal. Good tidings at home or on his job await him and he will climb the ladder of success with help from the right people as new ventures and partnerships can be formed under the auspices of the clever Monkey. Sift through the men or women in your love life, pick out the truly cherished one and pursue him or her relentlessly! Avoid too-close contact with the opposite sex and caution your partner to do the same as well for 2016. This couple experiences fame and good fortune together, as long as you avoid smothering the Snake, and the Snake settles down and trusts your guidance.

Keep your head and the trickle of good luck might just turn to wonderful waterfall dimensions. Lucky tides aside, the astute Ox may want to look out for backstabbers, liars and cheaters to ensure better Career luck.
Insomnia or vivid dreams might also plague you, so do invest in taking time off to relax your strained muscles and brain as well!
These deep and unseen connections underlie close family ties, best friends, special bonds with specific animals, as well as love and sexual relationships.
Its charm and attraction for the opposite sex blends especially well with the energetic, excitable and stubborn Dragon.
Whatever they decide to do, they do with all their strength, and the friends they make, they make for life. You can test your compatibility using the following Chinese zodiac compatibility chart below. All humans are unique in their own way, and zodiacs in general can only be used as helpful guides for discovering who you really may be. So I would only trust my closest friends, whom I don’t really feel would want to worry about updating this blog for me. A beautiful pair of Mandarin Ducks in Rose Quartz crystal can keep you both together and pour in the love luck as well. You simply want so much for yourself, and for those you care about, that nothing can stop you once you lock your mind onto victory. The Ox is truly blessed in career come 2016, but it pays to practice extra caution just the same. Despite being respectable and conventional Oxen are very independent and not easily swayed by the opinions of others.
The responsible Ox person will find many opportunities in the lucky and prosperous year of the Monkey.
You enjoy a partner who has creative ideas, wit, and one who can help financially, and yet can still hold a down-to-earth attitude. They dona€™t take advice very well and can be intolerant and scathing towards people they disagree with. Simply focus on the end result of your goals, and understand that a positive social life is required for you to achieve them. Pick your battles within relationships with another Ox, though, as you two may butt heads often.

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