Chinese zodiac for january 21 1975

As we celebrate the New Year here in the US on January 1st, the Chinese New Year, also called the Lunar New Year, is celebrated today. I’d love to hear your Chinese New Year plans if you have any or what you intend to create in this Red Fire Monkey Year. Combining the unconditional love of a mother and the tell-it-like-it-is honesty of a best friend, Sunny helps people move into a higher vibration of living … and a higher vibration of Being. By reflecting the true nature of her clients back to them – which IS Love – they can experience, and then allow in that unconditional love, and begin to heal themselves.
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People born in the Year of the Tiger tend to be overconfident, and have difficulty communicating effectively.

The actual date of the Chinese New Year changes each year based on moon and the sun movements. Using her spiritual and intuitive gifts, she shines a light on the areas of lack, fear, insecurity and sometimes … B***S***! These daily quotes will cheer you on, pick you up and remind you of who you really are LOVE. They often go to extremes, and although they may have numerous acquaintences, they find it difficult to form deep friendships. They have a highly developed sense of aesthetics, and create beautifully arranged and furnished homes. Due to their gentle and accomodating nature, they easily fall into emotional entanglements.

There are many ways to celebrate Chinese New Year, some similar to what we do on Jan1st, but also many other customs and beliefs. Like the docile rabbit, people born in the Year of the Rabbit are gentle and compassionate, and always willing to help others. The years below are a rough guide, because if you were born in January or February it may be slightly different as the new year moves between 21 January and February 20.

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