Chinese zodiac goat lucky numbers

To learn more information on the Year of the Wood Sheep, click this link, to read our previous article.
Dreams could easily become reality in 2015. Continue to be diligent and hard-working and devote your energy to good causes. There will be new energy injected into existing relationships and bonds will be strengthened this year. Discover, and then wear, your lucky gem, colour and number for Chinese New Year with these stylish pieces of jewellery so you can improve your luck for the whole year!
To help you out, Singapore jewellery label Carrie K Artisan Jewellery has created these Lucky Lock bracelets that “lock” your luck onto your wrist in the form of delicate, stylish bracelets. Even if it is psychological, at least you’ll have a lovely bit of jewellery to add to your look. If you want to get a better picture of how lucky you’ll be, simply think of yourself as a kid who got a whole toy store as a birthday gift. Money from employment will flow and great rewards will be given to those who have worked hard in the past. You may be inclined to ignore signs and symptoms, and if your life-style has been unhealthy, you would be wise to change things and listen to your body.

So why not try wearing your lucky gem, colour and number from the Chinese zodiac animals this year? Each one has been created especially for the particular animals of the Chinese zodiac for 2015. Those who bought a Lucky Lock Bracelet last year, can trade it in and trade up their luck this year and get their new Lucky Lock bracelets for just $208. Because you’re feeling super confident, you will be extremely successful and people will follow your lead.
However, this comes with a warning: some efforts will still have to be made in order for you to achieve success.
There may be a few trials and tribulations in the workplace, but nothing a Sheep can’t handle.
The single individual could easily find new love this year and the married ones will enjoy their current relationships.
Shop the Lucky Lock bracelets from Tangs Orchard, Keepers Orchard on Orchard Roadbetween Robinsons Orchard and UOB Faber House; Isetan Scotts and the Carrie K. You will excel in your career and rise to top positions because others will appreciate your wisdom, your dry sense of humor and your messages of hope.

During the upcoming year, your talents will sparkle and glisten, allowing you to move forward. If you’re single, this is a good time to meet someone new, as you’ve never felt more desirable. Atelier on Saturdays from 2pm-7pm and by appointment on weekdays; the atelier is located at 136 Bukit Timah Road. If you are returning your Lucky Lock bracelet from last year you can only do that at the Atelier.
Friendships, relationships, career goals, everything will come easier to you this year, as long as you don’t get over-confident.
As for drivers, you should pay more attention to traffic safety and don’t ignore warning signs! Proceed cautiously and don’t let your newfound confidence lead you into risk-taking behaviour.

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