Chinese zodiac masks printable

These tumbling monkeys are large enough to make a real impact if you hang them up in the corner of the room!
You will find the numbers 1-10 on our little tumbling monkeys - all ready to print and cut out! Celebrate Chinese New Year with your kids by making fun printable Chinese Zodiac animal masks! Here's a new way to learn about the Chinese Zodiac with your kids: with colorful Zodiac masks!
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Printable masks for all sorts of animals - fun for children to print, cut out and wear for animal themes, make-believe, putting on plays or just for fun.
Whether you need a bunny mask for Easter or Spring plays or for Chinese New Year, you can print this one, cut it out and be wearing your bunny mask in a flash!

Print out this cute dog mask for the kids to cut out and wear - perfect for dressing up, parades and fun! Our printable dragon mask is useful for acting out fairy stories, the story of St George and the Dragon, and of course the Chinese Zodiac story! Here's a lovely bright frog mask to print out for the kids to use in role play or fancy dress! Kids can use this printable goat mask to dress up for the Three Billy Goats Gruff, Chinese New Year, or a farmyard play, perhaps!
Print onto card, then cut out this lovely horse mask for kids to use for dressing up, shows and parades. Whether you are dressing up to tell the story of the Chinese Zodiac for Chinese New Year, or need an ox for the Christmas story, this printable ox mask should do the trick!
Here's a fun rooster mask to print for farmyard plays, for acting out the story of the Little Red Hen, or perhaps for Chinese New Year!
Perfect for wearing in your Year of the Snake celebrations, to act out the story of the Chinese Zodiac, or for any time a snake mask is required!

Here's a second printable snake mask for the kids to cut out and enjoy, perfect for Year of the Snake!
Kids will love this tiger mask - just print, cut out and wear using string or elastic to attach!
We've got all the animals of the Chinese Zodiac and many farm animals, and we are adding more all the time.
Children will enjoy wearing it for a farmyard theme, to act out The Three Little Pigs, during Chinese Year of the Pig - or just for fun!

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