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When it comes to love compatibility, the Sagittarius man almost always never has a problem. In many cases, the Sagittarius man and, to a lesser extent, a Sagittarius woman knows how to read people before they approach those people. This is why when it comes to love compatibility, I can say with a lot of certainty that it is almost always a question of the other partner in terms of hitting things off, because when it comes to making a love connection the Sagittarius man does not have a problem. So, what happens when you mix that type of person with a Pisces woman that is often busy projecting a set of values and a life direction that is often completely different from what she is really feeling? So, when you mix these two tendencies together, it makes the project of taking Pisces woman and Sagittarius man love compatibility to a higher level quite difficult. One key component of a Pisces woman and Sagittarius man love compatibility is that, the Sagittarius man can find the Pisces woman very attractive. It is not like you are weak or you have no direction, but it is just something reassuring and gratifying to see such a person. The Pisces woman is really the volatile partner whenever Pisces and Sagittarius love compatibility is involved.
Whenever we are analyzing the compatibility of these two signs, we have to always focus on the Pisces woman. You have to understand that the way the Pisces woman lives her life, the way she interacts with other people, the way she sets her expectations, her assumptions, all these flow from a sense of inadequacy, a sense of hurt, a sense of feeling cheated, a sense of not having enough. At some time or other, she wants the Sagittarius man to get off the fence and make that commitment. You might have to wait and pay attention to the signals he is giving (just like in a relationship with two Pisces signs). I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. The Cancer woman is very headstrong, but unlike an Aries woman, a Cancer woman can really bring it. One of these types of situations involves matching up the Cancer woman with an Aquarius man. This is why Aquarius men tend to be more practical, they can also be quite successful in business, in the arts and in politics.
The match up of the headstrong Cancer with Aquarius men can lead to a very strong partnership where both grow.
If you are in a situation where a person cannot make up his mind, this can be a serious problem. I am talking about self-reliance in the sense that this person feels that the needs of other people do not really matter; he or she can rely on himself or herself.
The good news is that, this seemingly fire and ice combination of the wishy-washy Aquarius and the headstrong Cancer female may not be as diametrically opposed as you may think. The Cancer makes decisions and sticks with them, and these are not just any regular decisions, these are decisions that actually become reality.
An Aquarius can bring a lot of depth to the equation by helping the Cancer think through decisions, by including different factors that make for a richer and wiser decision. The Aquarius is very wishy-washy, is easy to get caught up in a world of ideas and hard to commit. Hanging out with a Cancer can give them that solidity that they need to be able to focus on their dreams, and make those dreams a reality. The secret to Cancer woman and Aquarius man love compatibility can be boiled down to Aquarius patience. You have to understand that her boldness or brashness are going to mellow out eventually leading to something better and higher. You can benefit from him looking at all angles of a particular decision, so you can come up with more informed decisions.
The magic of real relationships is that, they enable both partners to grow and become better people. In the case of Cancer woman and Aquarius man love compatibility, the challenges are the wishy-washiness of the Aquarius partner and the brashness of the Cancer partner. You can look at these as problems, but you can also look at them as the raw ingredients you need to step up your game and become a better person. Cancer woman and Aquarius man love compatibility, far from being a recipe for disaster, can actually lead to a higher spiritual maturity, deep, rich and fulfilling emotional bonds, and, of course, material prosperity. These zodiac signs tend to have lots of tension between them in regards to their emotional needs, life responses and habits. Capricorn Cancer Relationship CompatibilityThere are many ways in which these two signs are exact opposites.
The way these two react to relationship responsibility is quite different, and usually always so. Both of these zodiac signs have compatibility conflicts when it comes to emotions; Capricorn needs loving just like everybody else, but finds asking for it hard to do. Gemini Cancer Relationship CompatibilityCancer is typically the sign to take care of family-related issues – visiting and writing family members, providing emotional support to children and adults, and they’re often regarded as being more attentive to other’s emotional needs and feelings.
Gemini uses their intellects to approach compatibility issues, discussing them whenever they can. If relationship compatibility is to work between these two signs, they need to accept their different needs and styles to overcome any misunderstandings. Leo Cancer Relationship CompatibilityWhen it comes to taking life seriously, both Leo and Cancer take it so and even more than they realize. Leo is a proud astrology sign, demanding attention and recognition and wants to be the center of attention.
Libra Cancer Relationship CompatibilityBoth Libra and Cancer share similar qualities but the biggest differences in their relationship compatibility are in their needs and personalities. With these differences, misunderstandings can arise within their relationship compatibility, but they usually don’t result in major problems between the two. Pisces Cancer Relationship CompatibilityWhen it comes to the Cancer and Pisces relationship, there is a lot of sympathy and compatibility flowing between them.
The Cancer and Pisces pair understands one another extremely well, sharing many of the same character traits.
Sagittarius Cancer Relationship CompatibilityThe natures of the Cancer-Sagittarius faction are vastly different, which can lead to compatibility problems in their relationship.
Cancer is usually sympathetic and tends to be close to someone and have some security but, because of their sensitivity, can come across as moody. Scorpio Cancer Relationship CompatibilityIt’s so easy for the Cancer and Scorpio to lose themselves in each other. Both zodiac signs are intuitive about the feelings and needs of others, often becoming devoted to people and can become extremely close to each other, often needing the emotional tie to the other.
Aquarius Cancer Relationship CompatibilityWhen it comes to nostalgia and family, Cancer is viewed as being more attached than their partner and can also become attached to their surroundings whereas Aquarius doesn’t mind following the direction of the wind flow and having a friendly disposition, is not emotionally attached to family matters. However Aquarius looks for excitement and doesn’t mind doing things on a whim, which includes moving but when it comes to a traditional relationship, balks at the very concept of such a union. The Art of Playing InnocentIt is hard for people to stay angry with a Cancer, probably because you have mastered the art of playing innocent. Cancer Cancer Relationship CompatibilityCancers are overly emotional, sympathetic and sensitive; moods tend to shift like tides. Virgo Cancer Relationship CompatibilityDue to the mood changes, irritability with one another tends to occur, affecting relationship compatibility.
Cancer is regarded as the more compassionate one of the two astrology signs, often appearing more sympathetic whilst Virgo, who doesn’t mind lending a helping hand, can come across as being unemotional. When it comes to lubrication in industrial plants, most maintenance people strive for consistency – the use of the same products over a long period of time. In grease-lubricated applications, on the other hand, it is usually impossible to remove all of the old grease from the application when changing products.
Unlike the compatibility of oils, which is most often related to interactions of the additives in the products (and sometimes the nature of the base fluids themselves), the compatibility of greases is most often related to the thickener types of the products to be mixed (although base fluid compatibility is also important). Grease compatibility is often confusing to grease users, even though most grease manufacturers produce compatibility charts. Compatible – The properties of the mixture are similar to those of the individual grease. Incompatible – The properties of the mixture are significantly different than those of the individual greases. Borderline – The properties of the mixture may or may not be acceptable, depending on the nature of the application.
To add to the confusion, there are some grease specifications that are based solely on grease performance without regard to grease composition.
The compatibility of polyurea greases with soap-thickened greases is probably the most debated area of grease compatibility today. It is necessary to perform compatibility testing on combinations of these greases to determine whether the greases can be mixed in service. To help users understand the implications of mixing greases, ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) Committee D02.G developed ASTM D6185 Standard Practice for Evaluating Compatibility of Binary Mixtures of Lubricating Greases in 1997. The dropping point of the mixture is not significantly lower than that of the individual greases. The mechanical stability of the mixture is within the range of consistency of the individual greases. The change in consistency of the mixture following elevated temperature storage is within the range of the change in consistency of the individual greases following elevated temperature storage. Once two greases are determined to be compatible in the above three areas, further testing to determine the impact on other performance parameters of the products may be warranted.
The Sagittarius man has a way of getting along with everybody in almost any kind of circumstance. In fact, it only takes them a few seconds to get a broad outline of how they are supposed to talk to a certain person and what to expect from that other person.
I am not saying at all that the Sagittarius man is some sort of Casanova or Don Juan; I am not saying that at all. This pretty much summarizes a key element of a Pisces woman and Sagittarius man love compatibility. She is projecting strength, but deep down inside, she has deep seated insecurities and inadequacies.

This does not mean it is impossible, it does not mean that it is extremely hard, but it takes some doing. There seems to be something appealing about a person who seems to know what is going on in her life and how to take control over her life. However, the problem is, if you fall in love with a Pisces woman because she manifests these traits, you might be falling in love with a shadow. It is how she responds to the Sagittarius man’s general tendency to basically leave the relationship at a fairly superficial or shallow level. However, she will really get frustrated if it seems that it is taking him a long time to truly commit. In many cases, maybe at a later date things will get a little bit deeper and more involved or if you are not seeing the right signals, maybe it is time to head for the exit.
The key to Pisces woman and Sagittarius man love compatibility is to know when to wait and to know when to fold your cards.
If it is obvious that they are not really looking for a long term deep relationship and you have a fixed time line, maybe it is a good idea to just bail out on the relationship. If you are looking for courage, bravery, strength, Cancer women have those qualities in spades.
By coming on too strong, you either scare off romantic partners or you tend to attract romantic partners that tend to hold you back emotionally.
If you mix the tentative nature and hesitance of the Aquarius and the stubbornness of the Cancer, it can lead to serious emotional disasters down the road. It is just a question of seeing both partners mature enough to really fill out the relationship within a very mutually beneficial way.
How many times have you thought about starting a business or taking your significant other to a nice vacation, but things do not pan out? The Cancer helps the Aquarius, because she acts as a model for decision making to the Aquarius.
This is why an increasing number of Aquarius people tend to be atheists or agnostic, faith is too much of a commitment. This is especially true when you are dealing with a Cancer who tends to take the ball and run with it.
In terms of the Cancer female criticism over men, you can benefit from his open mindedness. It is not just a question of completing each other, but actually becoming multi-dimensional beings. Cancer is the opposite in that they feel devoted to the needs of their family and friends, and even to strangers. Cancer, being overly sensitive emotionally, demands comfort and security; something Aries often cannot give becomes of the sign’s unwavering need for independence.
People often find this pair loving, friendly and caring and have a great compatible relationship.
Cancer tends to be needy however Capricorn appreciates Cancer’s softness even though they can become aggravated by the awkwardness Capricorn shows, this star sign reacts to its emotional stability and strengths.
They are attached to things of the past, regarding things with fond memories, people and places, more so than Gemini. Cancer demands changes in attitude and thinks that talking does little to solve the underlying relationship problems. Cancer needs tenderness due to their extremely sensitive nature and can become hurt when their feel left out and unloved in any way. When it comes to criticism or no appreciation, their feelings and pride become hurt…especially when it doesn’t come from the people they care about. Both feel the other understands each other like other astrology signs cannot, they are compassionate, intuitive and sensitive to the plights of other folks. The emotional compatibility they have with each other is particularly strong, and because of that, they share the ability to easily communicate without words. Sagittarius wants to travel to faraway places which often conflicts with the desires of the Cancer who would rather stick to one place and set roots.
Whilst Sagittarius would rather look to the future and doesn’t mind uprooting at a moment’s notice going for things that give them the chance to grow, they don’t like the idea of being tied down too long.
Due to the intense bond, both signs have similar goals and temperaments within their relationship.
Cancer tends to be dependent on the people they love, and while Scorpio is the same way, they don’t admit to it easily. In fact, they tend to have a broad range of interests and like making new friends and doesn’t crave intimacy like their other half, which is why change is easy for this astrology sign. However, Cancer is often more personal and will deal mainly with family and people in their immediate settings.
You are mostly attracted to partners with a desire for relationship compatibility and have a tendency to work hard at keeping your loved ones in a state of needing you.
While they tend to appear indifferent, this astrology sign takes things personally and can easily feel hurt.
And, because of that, there is a compassionate connection that exists between the two, they need a nurturing partnership – they demand to have a sense of belonging and family. One road bump is the reinforcement of weaknesses in each other – Cancers may baby one another two much or cling to each other when they should get out and grow.
Cancer tends to have moments of tenderness, worry, mawkishness, melancholy and concern; something Virgo just does not understand or identify with and can unexpectedly become irate over little things, often showing extreme criticism and sarcasm. The support Virgo shows within the relationship is typically practical and tangible although they can be fussy when it comes to things regarding order, cleanliness, behaviors, etc. Grease suppliers typically advise their customers to purge as much of their grease as possible through the grease-dispensing system and application to displace the previously used product. This is because the charts from the various manufacturers often disagree with one another on certain thickener-type combinations. If greases of different thickener types (both of which meet the performance requirements of the specification) get mixed in service, dire consequences can result. Greases based on simple lithium soaps (lithium stearate or lithium 12-hydroxystearate) and lithium complex soaps (containing simple soap and a complexing agent, such as lithium azelate) may or may not be compatible with polyurea greases.
It is incumbent upon the user of the greases to verify compatibility when making a change from one product to another. This document details the procedure for evaluating the basic compatibility of greases, which is determined by measuring the dropping point, the mechanical stability and the change in consistency of the mixture upon heating. Any test that is designed for measuring grease performance may be used on a mixture of greases to determine the effect on that parameter when the greases are mixed.
You can have very amazing times, or you can have a very grueling emotionally trying situation. Such a match up is easy to get in, it is harder to take it to a higher level, it is hard to finish or perfect the combination.
The Sagittarius, on the other hand, is very gregarious and gets along well with people precisely due to the fact that those relationships are very shallow. You have to understand, these are projections, and this is not the core of the Pisces woman’s personality. Since the Pisces woman is a water sign and is driven by emotions, she is looking for commitment at some level or other.
The key here is to understand that you should not think that he does not care if he stays at a certain level. It is not like the typical Aries that likes to talk a big game, likes to put on a good show, but at the end of the day it is very hollow. They are not as caught up in this imaginary world and they do not judge the real world based on their ideal world. The problem with Cancer is, if they go into a situation, they feel that all that is needed is their courage, and it takes a long time for them to admit they are wrong, or to change course. You can be self-reliant in a good way, in the sense that you do not depend on the government or other people to bail you out, that is a good kind of self-reliance.
This is definitely good in terms of business or careers, but it can spell disaster when it comes to matters of the heart. You may not consciously realize that you have entered the giving, nurturing nature of a compatible Cancer relationship and given nothing in return emotionally.
You, Aries, aren’t too concerned with bonds or the past whereas your partner Cancer deems these things important.
When it comes to food sharing, children nurturing and home creation, the parties involved are satisfied. They have the deep desire to feel connected, to be taken care of and be needed placing intense value on closeness and caring. Who doesn’t care much for the whims of Cancer’s concerns; they generally do not become emotionally involved with situations and minor issues in their relationship compatibility. Understanding often develops between these astrology signs because Gemini is the more emotionally rational one whereas Cancer becomes too emotional and unable to express themself reasonably and rationally. They tend to have warm relationship compatibility between one another despite their varying temperaments. They also tend to blow things beyond proportion and when feeling ignored or neglected, their sensitive side often shows. Both think having good personal partnerships is a must, which is why they strive for peace in their personal lives. Both of these zodiac signs are extremely sensitive to the emotions around them and are attentively aware of other people’s needs and feelings, but can be too sympathetic to others’ plights. Sagittarius, however, is usually cheerful, and is not usually happy with the unhappy nature of their other half. They like having freedom and their independence within a relationship, and they may feel hindered by the emotional states of the sensitive Cancer. Cancer, on the other hand, likes feeling secure in their finances and emotions and will worry when things are not stable in their relationship.
Aquarius is more concerned with a broad spectrum of things and has an interest in human welfare and tends to put family loyalties lower on the concern list.
In order for this compatibility to work Aquarius must remember to be sensitive to the feelings of their partner, who relies heavily on their loved ones. You tend to thrive on your loved ones’ need for you because this makes you feel wanted, but this may cause you to have a love-hate partnership with their dependency over time.

Both are extremely sentimental about their family, home and other things they value as important to them. Both depend on their loved ones to give them some sense of safety, which can cause them to smother those they love. This often makes it hard to live with the Virgo whose other trait is the irritability they have in people being late or sloppy.
However, this may not be necessary if the two greases in question are compatible with one another. In bygone days, when simple soaps and clay were the primary thickener types, compatibility was relatively straightforward. This is because of the wide variety of materials that can be reacted to form a thickener that is termed polyurea. Most grease suppliers have data on certain grease combinations or are willing to perform the required testing for their customers. The tests that are conducted should be agreed upon between the user and grease supplier to assure that the properties that are critical to the proper function of the product in service are covered.
It is like second nature to them to say the right things at the right time to the right people. Do not think that just because he is more than willing and happy to let the relationship stay at a fairly shallow level, does not mean that he does not want to get deeper with you.
Aries folks demand their independence, which can conflict with Cancer’s desire to be intimate and dependent. Capricorn values loyalty and compassion just like their other half, but does not like the neediness and vulnerability they tend to display. Even when Gemini is being a sensitive person, the expression of their concerns are different, and they tend to be less personal about it than the Cancer sign. Cancer tends to respond to all things emotionally and personally whereas the Gemini responds to things with logic and intellect.
Cancer, however, is a sensitive, private person, and the histrionics of their other half tend to be excessive for sensitive Cancer, who is usually moody and feels a need to withdraw from life.
Both value harmony in their personal life, going out of their way to make each other comfortable and content. The problem is that it’s too easy to become involved with others’ issues that they often overlook their own feelings. When it comes to personal issues, Cancer will take a more compassionate route whereas their partner will take an offhand approach. However, instead of accepting these feelings, Sagittarius either tries lightening up the mood or ignoring the feelings altogether will try to be more intellectual to get the Cancer out of its moody state.
Cancer will show more compassion to the plight of others and the Scorpio will see these feelings as being over-romanticizing. Cancer likes the idea of being needed and wants the kind of compatibility bond Aquarius is not capable of giving. Aquarius’ demeanor can make Cancer feel insecure and they have to realize when an unexpected change hurts their soul mate.
In some cases you might even wonder if you’ve created a dependent monster that cannot do without you! If the background of the Cancer pair is different, this could be an issue with their relationship compatibility, as identifying with their origins is rather important. Virgo needs to show practicality while their other half needs to be more forgiving when things don’t go the way they planned. Their perfectionist nature is also turned on themselves; they may feel they’re inadequate or that the accomplishments they have are not enough.
In the case of lubricating oils, it is often possible to change the fluid completely; and when that is not possible, the compatibility of the fluids can be relatively easily determined. Lithium and calcium soaps were compatible with one another, and neither was particularly good when mixed with a clay-based grease. Some polyurea thickeners are completely compatible with lithium and lithium complex thickeners, while other polyurea thickeners are definitely incompatible with the lithium and lithium complex thickeners. Aries can appear and come across as being impersonal and selfish with Cancer, who can come across and appear as being overly needy and sensitive. Your other half is the exact opposite who doesn’t like disruptions in their emotional atmosphere or things that impede on their important partnership compatibility. Taurus is also resistant to changes in their personal life, often staying with things that are established.
Capricorn tends to detach emotionally from all kinds of personal affairs and tends to ignore their partner’s response to situations.
Gemini will often give Cancer a witty, playful comment with little emotion being played into conversations. Cancer loves being needed and demands tenderness and emotional support from their beloved, but has a problem accepting and expressing their weakness, sadness and needs.
Where the lion often has a sunny disposition and is friendly and emotionally constant Cancer’s emotions tend to fluctuate erratically causing many compatibility problems. Libra is much more rational of the two and is sympathetic, often staying cool and showing intellect when issues crop up between the pair. When it comes to interpersonal conflict, they feel threatened and will try to avoid the issues that affect their emotional nature. Pisces tends to have broad and universal sympathies lumps family and strangers together in emotional concerns, whereas Cancer tends to be more concerned with family and people who are dear to them. This pairing demand a peaceful home they can get to so they can step back from the busy life that envelops them. While the differences can work well with each other, they are going to be instances where the pair will need to be work together to meet the needs of all involved.
Whatever the situation, Cancer tends to feel misunderstood or ignored and that the partnership lacks compatibility. A wounded Scorpio tends to be resentful, but will hide their hurt; a wounded Cancer tends to withdraw from life and let the person know how they feel, usually non-verbally.
You do get off on taking care of your lover, but sometimes at the expense of your own needs. Due to the similarities in emotional needs, they feel comfortable with one another; helpful to their relationship compatibility. For the sake of the sign’s compatibility and well-being, they need to learn how to love and accept themselves and learn to relax and enjoy life. Both zodiac signs view compatibility, stability and dependability as important, and the two can find it in one another.
When it comes to their personal emotional needs, they are often cast aside for more practical things like work and responsibilities hating and trying to avoid no-nonsense behavior.
When they express their weakness or are moody, Leo can become uncomfortable with it and is extremely dominant and is often seen as the leader within the partnership.
Cancer tends to base their responses on loyalties and sympathies and will respond to matters emotionally. This union’s emotional needs and personalities are very different, leading to aggravation for the couple many times. They may have extremely powerful hates, loves and emotional reactions but tend to hide these emotions. Cancer remains attached emotionally to their past – familiar people and places, and will demand some type of security and safety as they like the way things are in their life. It would do you good to detach yourself even just a little from some of the problems of your loved ones, and realize that you are not responsible for the happiness of other people. Both zodiac signs have the emotional habits of being too concerned and overly worried about their loved ones and about life. If there is to be any relationship compatibility between these two astrology signs, they need to both make some adjustments for it to succeed. Cancer is more sensitive and emotional than their other half who is often regarded as practical and even-tempered. These differences can actually work in the couple’s favor if they want appreciation and understanding.
Libra often wants communication and wants to feel like an equal partner in their union, whereas Cancer likes the idea of being mothered and for that reason they tend to like being financially and emotionally dependent on the Libra.
Both the Cancer and the Pisces share the drive to get away from the pressures and stress of the everyday world. For instance, Cancer may think Scorpio is driven by lust rather than love, which can become a problem in the partnership.
Nor do they often reveal the deeper parts of themselves, and when it comes to giving up control in a relationship, they have a hard time doing so. And due to having empathy for each other with similar temperaments, the pair goes well together. This is where the Cancer can come in and help as they are often non-judgmental despite their flare-ups of emotional highs and lows. How the two signs react to their environment is different emotionally although there’s still something similar about one another reactions.
When it comes to security, Taurus tends to be the Cancer’s rock in times of turmoil, who often wishes they were not unemotional during other times.
Some of the ways they do this is meditate, listen to music, create music or live with nature.
However the powerful emotions and bond of the relationship can foster a long-lasting affection between these astrology signs.
In fact, a hurt or upset Scorpio may become vindictive whereas the Cancer tends to take the gentle road wanting an atmosphere that is nurturing and sympathetic; a setting that’s not competitive. You have a tendency to care for your other half’s every move, and the cherishing quality of your love is a rare find.
There is a fairly good chance that time will increase the appreciation each of these astrology signs has for each other. Libra would rather have someone love them romantically and is regarded as being level-headed and cool where the Cancer is irrational and emotional.

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