Compatibility horoscopes libra

You are attracted to each other, you like to challenge each other but you may be pretty balanced in this relationship.
Actually, in order to really appreciate the love compatibility, astrology takes into account all the planets of the chart as well as the Moon, Venus and Mars. Moreover, angles (or aspects) of the planets are important and give dynamics to the connection, more than if it was only about solar signs. If your solar sign don't seem to be compatible, your Venuses may be in the same sign and then, the love relationship will be very strong but the sign specificities will be irrelevant !

To sum up, in order to be reliable, a compatibility report must focus on both birth charts, with the ascendants, all the planets and their aspects. We are talking about millions of different combinations and not only the 78 combinations limited to only solar signs.
Beyond the zodiac specificities, the comparison of astrological charts is a powerful tool when it comes to knowing the elements that will make a relationship work. Librans think a lot and put things into perspective, that's why they might not be hurt as much.

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