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This is our basic love match chart for a quick & easy way to check the compatibility of two zodiac signs. To use the chart, all you need to do is match the female sign on the left with the male sign on the top. Each element type has different personality traits, so by matching different elements together you can see get a better understanding of which signs blend well with each other and which do not mix well at all.
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Chinese Zodiac Love Signs: Compatible Chinese Zodiac SignsCompatible Chinese Zodiac Signs are the results of 4000 years of observations and study.

Just for your information, Smart Astrology Sign Compatibility located in Astrology Compatibility category and this post was created on August 18, 2014. Don't worry if your combination doesn't match highly on the chart, sometimes opposites attract! This chart is based on Sun Signs and their love compatibility in percentage based on their astrological characteristics.
The Chinese Zodiac is thousands of years old and easily predates its Western counterpart. It is celebrated in full force throughout the world, in any place where Chinese communities live. Holidays, Zodiac symbols, calendars, tattoo designs, recipes, fine art, poetry, and more, visit any of the links on this page.
The Chinese New Year festival traditionally begins on the first day of the first lunar month in the Chinese calendar, and ends on the 15th day of the same lunar month.

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Our Knowledgeable Astrologers developed this chart based on their analysis, knowledge and research. Best keep your feet on the ground.MayLove is back on track making you feel wanted and appreciated.

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