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You hold intellect in high esteem and will shirk social and emotional aspects of life in order to acheive your higher purpose. Even if you are not a strong believer in astrology, you most likely know your starsign and have a curiosity to learn more. If you find yourself curious about your starsign and what it means for your future, there are also links on this page to help you along the path of plotting your birth chart. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac and its symbol (or glyph), two wavy lines, represents the Water Bearer and the life-giving properties of water that are poured out onto the earth from the heavens.
The ancient Greek myth that tells the story of the constellation of Aquarius centers around a handsome young man named Ganymede, son of Tros (the king of Troy). Ganymede was made the cup-bearer to the gods, bringing water and wine to the deities whenever summoned. Zeus was angered by Ganymede’s act of defiance, but he had a soft spot in his heart for the beautiful child. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which represents creativity, originality, inventiveness and progressive thinking.
Aristotelian Elements The Zodiac is divided into four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, which represent the four basic modes of being. The Element of Air symbolizes flexibility and experiencing life through knowledge instead of emotion. The signs of the Zodiac are also divided into Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable and signs that share a Quality are generally regarded to be hostile to each other. On the flip side, Fixed signs can be stubborn and unwilling to change or bend to suit the needs of others. Leo, Taurus and Scorpio are also Fixed signs and are therefore less likely to be compatible with Aquarius. Those born in Aquarius are true intellects and never miss a chance to further their knowledge.
Those born under the starsign Aquarius can also seem stubborn, difficult and rebellious at times. Great careers for Aquarius include: teacher, professor or tutor, business owner, hotel or restaurant management, musician or actor, social worker, freelance writer or scientist. The lucky colour for Aquarius is turquoise, combining blues and greens reminiscent of clear skies and sparkling water.
Aquarius finds luck with the color turquoise because it wards off the sadness and depression Aquarians’ can often feel when they are emotionally distressed from their workaholic tendencies or self-imposed isolation.
Combine your interest in all things scientific with your love of adventure and you’ll have yourself a fine time at any number of attractions. Consider hiking at a National Park, a trip to a city zoo or an amazing aquarium, or even an Alaskan or Caribbean cruise!

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When reading the following I ask you to remember that no two star signs are ever totally incompatible. The Chinese calendar of astrology is a twelve-year, cyclical, calendar represented by twelve animals.
In Chinese astrology a person that was born a Tiger, element wood, will have an entirely different personality as a Tiger, element fire.
Yin-Yang, the elements and the animal a person represents are all present at the time of birth and present limitations on them.
In valleys of Tibet and Mongolia there is a special berry that the locals use and cherish so much that they honor it in special celebrations that last two weeks each year. I have tried every keyword in the search box to find out how to find out what your chinese zodiac sign is, but have gotten nowhere. Asking questions are in fact good thing if you are not understanding something totally, except this paragraph provides nice understanding even. What i do not realize is in fact how you are not actually a lot more well-preferred than you may be right now. Here you will find everything you need to know about Aquarius, along with links to weekly, annual and Aquarius daily horoscopes. For example in the year I was born the sun moved into the next star sign, just two hours before my birth.
Attracted by the boys’ beautiful features, the god Zeus turned himself into an eagle, swooped down to capture young Ganymede and carried him off to the heavens. As the story goes, the boy became tired of being a slave, so in a fit of rage he began pouring out all the liquid in the heavens.
Instead of punishing him with death, he gave him a place among the stars, where he would forever immortalize the figure of the water bearer.
Those with a certain Quality will tend to have dominating characteristics that are deeply ingrained and unchanged throughout their life.
They believe in acheiving their goals and will work toward end results until they are achieved, no matter how long it takes or what they have to overcome.
They view life through facts and logic rather than giving into their emotions and feelings.
It’s not that that they are unemotional, they just have a hard time expressing their feelings.
It is represented in nature as the perfect balance, as in four seasons, four dimensions, four elements and four directions.

Did you know that astrology can reveal a whole new level of understanding between people simply by looking at their star sign and that of their partner? The essential qualities of two star signs blend like two pure colors producing an entirely new shades. These are: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.
All of the elements in Chinese astrology have an effect on the other and all have equal strength.
In Chinese calendar astrology the elements also affect world events since an element is represented along with the animal during that year. It is well documented that many people in those areas live free of common diseases and for well over a hundred years. This website has only told me what they are, not how to determine what it is, just like all the other ones.
Each Quality views the world in a different way and reacts to stimuli differently so that their reasoning and actions may be contradictory to the other Qualities. However, they do not like to be tied down, so careers in flexible fields that offer opportunities to experience new places are desirable to Aquarius.
This colour has been said throughout history to bring its wearer good fortune and positive energy, chasing away sadness and depression.
While the twelve animals of the Chinese calendar represent individuals born during that cycle, they are not labeled the same as western astrological signs. For this reason, Chinese astrology considers its many forces of influence on an individual as building blocks toward prosperity. Each star sign combination is followed by the elements of those star signs and the result of their combining: for instance, Aries is a fire sign and Aquarius is an air sign and this combination produces a lot of ?hot air?. It is believed that individuals have the capacity to direct the course of their own lives and determine their own successes. During the year of the pig, which is the last animal in the Chinese calendar of astrology, luck and harvests are prevalent. Chinese calendar astrology provides the individual with the tools to make certain this happens. I have included information about the different birth periods within each star sign and this will throw even more light on your prospects for a fulfilling love life with any star sign you choose.

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