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All vehicles manufactured after 1 January 1973 must display number plates of reflex-reflecting material, white at the front and yellow at the rear, with black characters. Cardiff is easy to reach from all parts of the UK and beyond due to our good road, rail, bus and air links. Want us to fit it for you?  Just call us on 01733 896 002 or use the contact form below to get in touch. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Free delivery is offered on some products (as marked) and is shipped as a Standard delivery. International delivery is available on most items and is calculated by weight and destination.
Characters can be numbers, letters in upper case, spaces, diamonds, dashes (-), or full stops (.) and are embossed onto the base plate in a choice of three different heights with Large (L) = 77mm, Medium (M) = 60mm, and Small (S) = 50mm depending on plate size and number of characters. The characters are then coloured to highlight them, and the chosen character colour also becomes the plate's border colour. Please note that the colours shown are an approximation and may not be an exact match to production plate colours. Character combinations similar to either local government licenced or personalised plates will not be done.
So for instance if you had an order for a plate to go on a show car with a combination like ABC 123 it would be a 'no no' but OK to have ABC 12A. The factory will not supply plates that carry anything resembling a State identifier (ie: the small line of text such as VIC, NSW, QLD etc).

If spaces are required between characters these count as a character, and unfortunately punctuation marks such as apostrophes are not available as embossed characters.
The number plates we supply comply with UK Law in terms of number plates fonts, spacing and flag badges.
Regular bus and rail services link the centre of Cardiff to the valleys and South East Wales.
In general this includes the following list of character combinations where A stands for Alpha and N stands for Number and these combos are not allowed either with or without a space. Attachment of a novelty number plate to a vehicle could attract the interest of law enforcement officers should it affect the visibility of, distract from, or imply it is the actual registration plate of the vehicle. We understand that purchasing online can be a worry at times, especially when it involves customised items. If you need a replacement number plates because yours has broken, cracked, damaged or if your number plate has been stolen. But if you're not in the mood for walking there are good public transport links around the city, particularly between the city centre and the Bay. For a really different view of the city don't miss the open-topped sightseeing bus and the water buses.
Russ - Embedded 514 A4 Page PDF FileAcceptance For Value, The Standing In Commerce Way To Pay!
Some examples: Yellow on black background will appear darker (almost orange) and ochre on black background will appear darker (almost brown).
Firstly I put the word out to get a good colour photo of the #32 plate that appeared in the article (the tiny grayscale photo that appeared in the paper was useless) and a few hours later I had a great colour image sitting on my desk.

I then went through my list of old records of the original owners of numeric plates to see if the Syme family did in fact own the Vic #32 in a motorcycle format. It is most likely a telegraph pole marker which were commonly used around Australia in the later part of the 1900's. From 1910 numbers were issued as vehicle registrations beginning at number #1, this is common knowledge. NO Queen of Australia - We Only Have The Crown In Right = FRAUDCorporate UNITED STATES 3rd Edition by Sir David Andrew - 16th November 2008 - 6 x A4 Page PDFCourt Win Against The Australian Tax Office (ATO) Over Alleged Debt - Clrg Tax Pack - 85 x A4 Page PDF - 4th March 2011Courts, We Hate Them, Thats Their Power, What If They Were Nothing To Be Afraid Of? My records show that the Syme family had Vic #32 registered to a car from 1910 and there appears to be no record of the family ever having a motorcycle registered in their name with this number.
For some unknown reason the second plate in the photo was cropped out in the article and there was no mention of it.
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