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LIBRASeptember 24 - October 23Coinciding with the autumn equinox when the Sun crosses the equator, Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac.
But no matter what zodiac sign you may be a healthy diet combined with exercise and a positive outlook on their surroundings will be useful for all.
The Taurus man respects the individual independence of the Aries Woman that’swhat she likes !
SUNDAY Express astrologer Lori Reid said the baby, a Taurus, was born at an auspicious time and would grow into a great beauty.
Symbolised by the scales, this sign marks the halfway point in the agricultural calendar when the days begin to shorten.Libra is associated with marriage, partnerships and alliances and is aptly ruled by Venus, goddess of harmony.
Choose your zodiac sign and get your free daily weekly and Find out more about your zodiac. Located in Aries’ house of couples and being in straight movement (after two months and a half of retrograde movement) Mars will get down to work. According to horoscopes 2015 you will achieve win over your opposition force and legal route. Depending on the Nakshatra ("zodiac star") the moon was in at your time and place of birth a perticular first syllable will be auspicious for your name. It’s a big problem.Who drives you wild, who sets your sheets alight and who turns you cold? After the 14th of March Saturn will e retrograde wherein you got to be careful of your step and drive and beware of an Carmen Maura Wallpapers. A few of the most famous celebrities born under the sign are PG Wodehouse, Rita Hayworth and Simon Cowell.In years to comeRelationships could be wobbly but 2014 introduces you to a new and prosperous crowd.
Horoscope Cancer LinkLink has threes Modes: Classic Mode – 8 bubbles maps for you to discover! With Rahu transiting through your House of Partnership be extra careful of disillusionment and distractions. Extremely detailed Cancer horoscope, free Cancer horoscope written by world reknown, expert astrologer and psychic. Never afraid of taking the tough decisions that others shy away from, you have a strong sense of duty and your organisational skills are legendary.
Horoscop sanatate Capricorn 2013 Forever Horoscope gives information on the 2015 New Year Forecast and Horoscope for Scorpio sign gay,Lesbian,Homo New Year astrology Predictions Astrostyle: Where Astrology Meets Love, Relationships, Career, Money, Fashion, Celebrities and more!
Charts, readings, daily forecasts, Understand that these "themes" will be reoccurring issues throughout your life.
New responsibilities or an increased workload may be to blame, but spring will give you a chance to cool down.
In August, you spread your wings and make new friends.In loveAs the sign that rules alliances and relationships, Librans function best in a partnership.
You prefer cool greens and blues to suggest elegance and peace.For funLibrans seek out peaceful settings in their leisure time.

But 2014 is the year to broaden your scope, especially around spring when you have itchy feet and yearn to travel or learn a new skill.August is an enriching month for friendship and romance, as a period of hard slog comes to an end.
Plan an adventure for 2016 then set your sights on that plum job – and really go for it in 2017.
Intense, private and secretive, Scorpio is a powerful water sign, representing sex, death and regeneration.As a Scorpio you need a job that stimulates your curiosity.
You are a brilliant sleuth and great at planning and excel in researching information, getting to the bottom of a mystery and handling precision instruments.You can on a bad day be intimidating, and prone to fits of jealousy.
A few of the most famous celebrities born under the sign are Pablo Picasso, Vivien Leigh, Leonardo DiCaprio and Katy Perry.In years to comeTravel, ideas and new friends look set to make life interesting between 2014 and 2016. Maybe you’ll decide to take a holiday in one destination, then turn tail and head off in the opposite direction, just on a whim.
You may have a seductive reputation but you don’t go in for emotional games or casual flings.
You like to make a bold statement with exotic designs in rich, deep colours, sumptuous upholstery and plenty of mirrors.
The good news is that your creative talents will provide a money-making opportunity from August – make sure you take it. A few of the most famous celebrities born under the sign areIn years to comeStill looking for someone special in your life?
Those born at this time of the year tend to be deep thinkers and are often smiled upon by Lady Luck.As a Sagittarian you need freedom to work your way, without being hemmed in and are adaptable, enthusiastic, philosophical, scrupulously fair and broad-minded. Your finances should improve in 2016 and that dream holiday just might become a reality in 2017.In lovePisceans yearn for fairytale romance.
In fact, it’s fair to say you spend your life trying to make reality match your fantasies. Wealth follows in 2019 and 2020.The year aheadEasy-going and sunny, Sagittarians have the knack of bringing cheer to everyone they meet.
But faced with a beautiful beach, you’re less likely to go surfing and more likely to pick up a paintbrush (watercolour, of course).
Your favourite styles are loose and free-flowing, reflecting your dreamy and artistic nature. Like Leo and Sagittarius, this sign belongs to the fire element – hot, passionate, enthusiastic and eager. It may not be tidy but your home is always warm and welcoming.For funTravel is a source of joy for Sagittarians.
Your workload increases in 2015, relationships sweeten in 2016 and your horizons expand in 2018. You love to lead from the front, but being pushy between March and May will create conflict, especially in close relationships.In July, you get into the party groove and let your hair down. Your stamina and determination will help you at work through the first half of this year when demands come thick and fast.

Your decor is traditional and your colour palette is a mix of earth tones with delicate pinks, blues and greens. Plan that dream holiday for 2020.The year aheadYou are active and always on the go but avoiding travel in February will save you a lot of hassle. Your partner needs to be interesting and independent, someone who will keep you guessing and is tolerant and broad-minded. Creams and yellows tend to be favourite colours, with books and magazines much in evidence.For funYou love to keep moving, keep talking and keep learning new things. Motherhood, nurturing and conservation are all instinctive to those born under this sign.As a Cancerian you need a job that offers a warm, family atmosphere, or better still, allows you to work from home. Behind it you are a kind and caring soul – though when you are hurt or unsure, you become withdrawn. Family and friends soon learn to avoid hurting your finer feelings.At homeHome is the centre of your universe, and you lavish as much care and attention upon it as you possibly can. Creams and pale greens are favourite shades and, being a water sign, your bathrooms will be warm and inviting.For funBeing a water baby, you are in your element when swimming or lazing on the beach.
But your true love is pottering around the house – cooking, gardening or simply making your home a beautiful place to be. Leos have hearts of gold, and they give themselves, their loyalty and their devotion unstintingly to the ones they love.At homeSubtlety is not for you. Gold and orange are your key colours – the perfect backdrop for opulent furnishings, rich mahogany and lush potted plants. You’re a party animal too, so nights on the town, clubbing, shows and dancing until dawn are all your ideas of fun. Represented by the maiden carrying a sheaf of corn, this sign reflects the bounty of nature. Then at the end of the year, home becomes your focus as you plan a refurb or put down roots.In loveFor you, brains win over beauty. You rarely fall in love at first sight – you like to assess the pros and cons before you commit. What you seek in a partner is someone you can respect.Preferably they will also be organised and totally on your wavelength.
Subdued colours and subtle prints characterise your clean home – this is no place for bold statements.

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