Daily horoscope 5 jan 2016

The Full Moon could make you overreact and say something you later regret, even behaving in a way that is totally out of character. Being honest, blunt and direct will only encourage everyone to say what they think too, and you could come off worst.
If you are giving either your work or your domestic scene too much of your time, one of them will deservedly complain, and then you’ll overreact in return. No matter what anyone does today, especially if it’s dangerous or unwise, don’t even think about telling them – well today, anyway. Think about your values and your finances – and, if necessary, learn the techniques to keep you on top of every situation.

You might think you are being reasonable when discussing issues with partners or colleagues, but you are probably coming across as argumentative, strict and even sarcastic – especially if they don’t get the point immediately. As you get your head down and are committed to some very hard work, you could get quite irritated by colleagues and friends who just don’t understand, don’t give support or pull their weight. As temperatures rise, you seem ready to take on everyone – at work, at home and socially, too.
Of course you come up with the right answers, but as everyone is feeling stressed, nervous and ready to argue, they’ll probably not accept what you say, find fault over the finances and everything else. Today is about joint enterprises, financial ventures and partnerships, so look at every contract in great detail.

Just when you think you know exactly which way to go and that everyone is giving you support, you suddenly feel confused and stressed as someone suggests you have to make adjustments. Consider paying off any debts, credit cards and other loans and leaving yourself with a clean slate. You love the idea of love, but the Full Moon tonight could make you more than usually critical, cool and not very sympathetic.

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