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This book takes place during Sunset, a book by Erin Hunter, is in the point of view of Smokestripe, a RiverClan warrior who has been banished for supposedly feeding her Clanmate, Yellowflower, deathberries.
Follow my friends Lightningfur, Moonclaw, and Sovereign Lights and check out their stories, some of which correlate with this series! Daily Horoscope is a fresh, elegant application for checking horoscope for you and your friends. As she tries to find a way to clear her name, she uncovers a growing force of cats outside of the Clan territories, where she's invited with open paws.

Your writing style is similar to how it is in the books, which to me makes it seem more like a warriors book. Old friendships from the Great Journey are rekindled, new relationships are formed, and paths will be entwined as Smokestripe settles into the new group, but there is a darkness waiting within the depths, and, with no leader to guide them, what will become of this amateur Clan?
There were a few accidental punctuation marks mid-sentence, and you left out a few quote marks.
Wallpaper images in the Mortal Instruments club tagged: the mortal instruments a™? tarot cards jonathan shadowhunter king of blades cassandra jean photo.

Not only does it support the original 12 but also the ability to add the controversial 13th sign, Ophiuchus. In its simplest form, most people relate it to their sun sign - which symbolizes the zodiac sign the sun passed through when they were born.

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