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In order to feel more connected and at one with the world, get into a feeling state of love for yourself, your surroundings and the planet as a whole. The other message I got with this card is that we are quickly approaching the end of a cycle and getting ready to begin a new one. This entry was posted in July 2012 and tagged crystal visons tarot, daily tarot card reading, free tarot card reading, tarot reading blog, the world tarot, the world tarot card meaning.
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This entry was posted in March 2013 and tagged daily tarot reading, free daily tarot, oracle card reading, tarot card meanings, wild wisdom of the faery oracle cards. Considering my boyfriend and I were in a major car accident, we should have listened to the Universe yesterday, but didn’t.

I am so sorry to hear that – I hope you are doing okay now and getting the rest you need. Nope, I for one did not listen yesterday, perhaps Snail’s Pace is just what I need today for my reminder to slow down! Maybe we just couldn’t see clearly enough what the 4 guy was doing inside his swords-fence, so Snail showed up to give us the close-up!
Oneness, connection and completion are the themes of this card and I feel like this will also be the theme for the entire week. It is common to go through the day feeling very separate and cut off from others and from life in general. Approach this with a sense of calm, peacefulness and celebration – enjoy all the new challenges that this has to offer and let yourself fantasize and dream about the kind of world you want to live in.

Don’t pull any of that multitasking nonsense and just focus on being fully present and alive in all that you do.
But The World tarot card comes as a reminder that this is not true – it is only how we may choose to experience things. And, speaking of which, if I DID want to buy this deck, what do you say to providing a convenient and obvious Amazon link just beneath your post?

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