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I get asked these two questions all the time and I often hear from people who feel really guilty that they have been keeping an old deck in a dusty box in the back of their closet for years. Of course if you live in a busy household full of nefarious children and pets, you might not want to leave your cards just sitting out.
Should you wrap your Tarot deck in silk or is it okay to leave it in it’s original box? I like to wrap mine in silk, but since I only have a couple silk cloths, the rest stay in their original boxes, which is perfectly okay.
I have some of my decks in little mesh and cotton bags, which were actually lavender sachets that I emptied out and converted into Tarot bags.
Now for the real question: will your readings be effected by how you store your Tarot deck?
But if you keep your cards stashed under your coffee table and feel great about it (like me!) then you have nothing to worry about. You don’t need to wrap your cards in silk and keep them somewhere sacred in order to have a good reading experience. Sign up for my monthly Newsletter and you will receive FREE updates on my best tips, videos (and even exclusive specials & goodies that I only share with my subscribers! This entry was posted in February 2014, Tarot Tips and tagged how to store your tarot cards, storing tarot cards, tarot boxes, tarot chests, tarot silk, tarot storage, where to keep tarot cards.
I take used or unwanted tarot angel cards, books and divination tools and donate to inquirers or new readers. I’ve been searching Craigslist , hoping to find someone who is urgently trying to unload a tarot deck for free. I was given a stack of cards from a friend over the summer, but I’m only cleansing them now. I got my first tarot deck last Christmas from my parents (the Tarot Illuminati deck- it’s beautiful)! I’ve just inherited Tarot Totes from my fabulous, fellow tarot enthusiast mother-in-law (I know, how lucky am I?!). I recently obtained my tarot cards (an artist hand drew everything and they are all beautifully done) but my question is about the box they came in. I am a newbie with tarot, though I’ve been using Doreen Virtue angel cards, and a deck by Ambika Wauters for many years. Thanks for commenting here, Sharon – welcome and I am so excited that you’ve discovered how wonderful Tarot can be and that your just starting to learn!!!! I made a card case out of Duck Tape and keep them next to my bed with the book that I go to for interpretations of the cards’ meanings. I keep my deck wrapped up in a nice cloth inside a black glass box that we picked out together.
I keep my 5 favorite decks in a book box, but wrapped in my grandmother’s handkerchiefs.
As one said before me it is indeed important to have cards you enjoy and that make you feel good.
My decks are in bags, I dismantle the Llewellyn boxes and the decks are in silk, which is the colour of the box, and in bags.
I meant the Blue Angel Publishing & self published Australasian decks are in their own box and I may need a bigger box! I keep my tarot cards in those little decorative boxes from the craft store that look like books.
Angels from the Christian pantheon are featured on the major arcana cards, ilustrating in Robert Place's signature style.
Miniature reproduction of the Waite-Smith majors, but with a twist: the deck features a "minimalist, faux vintaged take" on original images - a dusky, at times almost photo-negative recoloring that puts composition over detail. Not your regular tarot deck, the major arcana cards of the Shadow Tarot are based on the 22 Tunnels of Set as described by Aleister Crowley. The Erde Tarock (or Tarot of the Earth) is a Marseilles-based deck with strong, individual, and reversable drawings.

The Jean Noblet Tarot is a Marseilles variant from 1650, restored and with a few missing cards added by French Tarot historian and artist Jean-Claude Flornoy. Russian published, the Karmic Tarot deck has reasonably life-like looking, prettily illustrated majors and court cards, but plain pips for the minors. The Cook's Tarot celebrates cooks: those who gather, create, serve food and physical and spiritual nourishment for others.
The White Light Tarot is an inclusive, positive deck that incorporates the reiki energy system and tarot into unique paintings. The Angel Love Cards show the user how to channel the power of the love angels, through 40 large-size cards and their associated quotes, prayers and actions. Take the visual approach to learning astrology with this highly coloured astrological deck. Based on the Wraeththu trilogy by UK fantasy writer Storm Constantine, each card represents a character from the books. The Tarot for the School of Athens a fan fiction by Suixinsuiyuan using the Saint Seiya characters. The Egipcios Kier Tarot is a 78-card Tarot deck based on Ancient Egyptian symbolism, mythology and legend, that was originally published in Argentina.
The Druid Plant Oracle is from the authors of the Druid Animal Oracle, and is illustrated by the talented Will Worthington. The Manga Tarot is from Taiwanese artist Selena Lin who specialises in shojo, a romantic style of comic especially for teenage girls. My partner is the only other person in my home and he has no interest whatsoever in my cards! Actually, if you have many Tarot decks, they are easier to find if you keep them in their original boxes! Along with the deck- which came with a silk pouch with the High Priestess on it- they bought me a simple little wooden box with a metal pentagram on it! I feel as though the time and care I spent in making the case helped me to connect to my deck (which is the Rider-Waite deck). Personally, I have such a strong connection with my cards that I could NEVER own more than one deck.
Sometimes I wish I had less decks because it takes me forever to decide which one to use for a reading and then I feel bad if I don’t use one for a while. I have four decks, and the last one I totally got because of the weekly reading I saw you do with it. I don’t have any Leonormand decks (yet!) but that will add a whole new dimension to my collection. My 2 favorites are kept on the side table by the couch in a turkish puzzle box lined with a red velvety material. The minor arcana of the Angel Tarot are plain with only the appropriate symbols such as eight hearts, or two diamonds. The deck is intended to assist contact and integration with our shadow energies, facilitating access to unexplored territory in the psyche. It's a fantasy, mysterious, feminine deck, and with minimal black borders to set off the luminous images. The deck has 78 lively cards depicting modern scenes of kitchens, restaurants and cooking, all based on the traditional Rider-Waite imagery. Each card in the Olympus Tarot represents a myth, hero, monster or god from Greek legend, depicted in dramatic comic-book style.
The Wonderland Tarot has suits of Oysters, Flamingos, Hats and Peppermills, and also includes Tweedledee and Tweedledum as the Lovers.
It's designed to "bring white light into otherwise darkened areas of our lives and to facilitate natural healing".
This deck is not designed for readings, but for the drawing of a single card for meditation, contemplation and guidance. The majors have been renamed to more positive titles and are attractive, but the suit cards are perhaps too sparse for beginners.

The art is computer-manipulated, has a slight fantastical, vampiric feel, and is quite gorgeous. The deck has traditional-looking Egyptian artwork with a central gold background, and associates Hebrew letters and the Tree of Life with Egyptian hieroglyphs. These cards feature individual plants, herbs, and flowers illustrated in natural landscapes. If so, donate it to the thrift store, give it to a friend or if you live in an apartment building, leave it down in the lobby and someone who is meant to have it will. So if you feel disconnected to your Tarot cards, and as a result keep them in an old junk box in your basement sandwiched between your New Kids on the Block cassettes and a stack of yellowed Harlequins, then yes, your Tarot readings with that deck will be super shitty. Start treating your Tarot deck like a treasured guest and notice how your readings improve.
What I do have is five crystals, a soft maroon coloured pouch, and an old book converted in to a box from my childhood. I feel that the happiness and love around that time of year and the fact that I recieved the deck from the people I love most really made it special, and so I immediately connected with it!
Hey Kate, if you send me your shipping address, I’d be happy to send you a free sample of one of our bags! If you feel like your readings suffer as a result you can go back to keeping them in the original boxes, but I don’t think that would negatively effect your readings at all. Needless to say this was self published in a small edition and will probably be impossible to source in a few years, like many self published Japanese tarot. I just found the book again today, just as I was making space for my cards, so it must mean that I have to use it.
Although sometimes I go weeks without using it, I never lose interest or feel disconnected, as I always keep it on my nightstand!
I don’t want to handle them to much because I fear it will get bent a lot When I take them out.
I also only plan on giving readings for myself and family (I am a beginner but I’ve always been interested in tarot readings.
For those that don’t sew like me stitch witchery binding works well with an iron to give you a finished look.
The 2 in the brown box belonged to my husband’s great-grandmother and his mom gave them to me. Could I store them out the original package and keep them in a wooden box with incense and crystals and just unfold the original containers and place on the bottom?
I guess she used them a ton and was really into tarot, palm reading, and I even have some rune stones from her. The ones with flimsy boxes I couldn’t help but to toss the boxes and make bags out of fabric or crochet.
I never met her, but my mom-in-law has tons of fond memories and insisted I have those decks.
2 other decks I placed in wooden boxes I painted inspired by 1 of the cards in the deck to go with the deck. It was as if something was in the drawer that I needed to find and I could hear it calling to me. I started going through the mementos in the drawer and came across a beautiful raw silk patterned bag tiny bunnies cherry blossoms and bubbles.
I like to carry my deck with me and because of the way this all came about I feel certain this deck is safe. My other three decks stay in patterned cotton draw string bags as well laying on my alter basking in the light of Himalayan salt lamp.

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