Dc inverter ceiling fan

This is the circuit which outputs 100 V of the alternating current from the input of 12 V of the direct current. It is convenient to use the equipment which works in the alternating current using the battery (DC12V) of the car.
The transformer that the input is 100 V and the output is 24 V in the one with the 12 V center tap makes the input and the output opposite and uses. Because the comparatively big electric current (about 3 A) flows through the part of the line that the circuit diagram is bold, the thick wiring materials are used. When the load is added, the wave form of the output voltage changes by the inductance of the transformer. Push-Pull Squarewave DC-to-AC InverterThis DC to AC Inverter uses inverter gates for the oscillator part, then use one of the gate to invert the produced square wave signal.
Self Powered Sine Wave to Square ConverterOnly with a single chip active component (4069 IC), this circuit will convert sine to square waves without a power-source.

Super Simple InverterThis is example of a simple inverter that can be used to power fluorescent lamp and a small strobe.
12V 6-12 Watt Fluorescent Tube (Neon) Lamp InverterA 40 watt fluorescent tube lamp or two 20-watt tubes in series will be driven by this circuit but this circuit will produce less brightness than usual, since this circuit only deliver 6-12 Watts.
DC AC inverter circuit works by switching the DC voltage source to make an alternating current  that flow to a transformer.
This circuit will produce over 400VDC from a 12 VDC, 2.5 A power supply or marine battery or an auto.
Because these transistors are difficult to drive directly from the IC, they make amplify in the electric current using TR1 and TR3.
You can use the transformer with 220V as for primary(input) and 12V as for secondary(output). Some people has reported that they has succesfully use square wave dc ac inverter to powe their audio system,  even their laptop, but you must use on your own risk.  Finally, this 12v ac inverter has good efficiency, around 90% for various load power consumption.

This inverter is absolutely very easy to construct, well-performing, and also strong enough to power up a 15W florescent tube (when you cool the transistor properly).
The only hard-to-find component of this circuit may be the so-called yellow inverter transformer. It featured short circuit protection, overload protection, overheat protection, low battery voltage indicator and over battery voltage protections.

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