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API Technologies' Power Solutions is a well-respected manufacturer of power strips, power distribution units, and circuit protection systems for both DC and AC power applications. The DC SMARTStart is used in unmanned or autonomous boats to power all of the mission specific electronics on the boat.
The DC SMARTStart Solid State Switched PDU with power monitoring provide reliable remote-managed power to the Military, Oil & Gas, Medical, Industrial, Communications, and Telco industries, as well as data centers throughout the world. Product Introduction:YKDPZ-B is DC Power Distribution System provides DC power supply to communications rack.
Product Introduction:YKDPZ-A DC power distribution Unit PDU provides DC power supply to communications rack.
Product Introduction:YKDPZ-B is DC Power Distribution Panel provides DC power supply to communications rack. DC Power Distribution Panel 19inch RackProduct Introduction:YKDPZ-B is DC Power Distribution Panel provides DC power supply to communications rack. 8chs DC Power Distribution Panel 19inch RackProduct Introduction:YKDPZ-A DC power distribution Panel provides DC power supply to communications rack. DC power distribution systems are used to take the output from a power supply system and facilitate the connection to the load(s). Typically, output power from the power system is divided to facilitate physical connections to the load. In addition, where dictated by the user application, protective devices and low voltage disconnects may also be included as part of the DC power distribution system.

Protective devices may be used either on the entire DC bus, or on individual branches that go to each load. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
The DC SMARTStart uses specialized electronic switchable solid state breakers with remote power cycling.
The DC SMARTStart enables the mission operator to power up and power down devices when needed, conserving battery life on the vessel. YKDPZ-B is a DC power distribution system module with 19inch standard structure, small size , easy to install and use. Although each one is unique, over the years Kepco has found that using a series of proven common building blocks allows greater flexibility for custom tailoring to a particular application and environment, while maintaining high quality and reliability of the system. For example, a 21 Ampere redundant power system (two or more 21 Ampere power supplies) may be connected to ten loads drawing 1 Ampere, and 1 load drawing 10 Amperes. If AC fails, the battery powers the load and as the battery discharges, the voltage decays. A system for a computer room will look different from a system for a power board, and a system for a telecom application will look different from either one.
Remote management of the DC SMARTStart gives the operator the ability to reboot connected devices by cycling power. The distribution system provides the mechanical and electrical components necessary to connect the wires from the load to the DC bus.

Examples of the Protective device building blocks used in Kepco power distribution systems are circuit breakers as well as various types of fuses, including American style, indicating style, and Telco indicating style.
If the voltage drops below a certain point, the battery will be destroyed, so to prevent this, the low voltage disconnect (generally, a normally open relay or contactor) is wired between the battery and the load. A DC distribution system for this example could be accomplished with a 22 position barrier strip: two positions (+ an -) for each of 11 loads. These standard form assemblies can then be used to configure overall power systems containing power supplies, DC distribution panels, batteries, inverters as needed which can be packaged either as rack mountable unit(s) or entire cabinet(s) to meet user needs. When AC is restored, the power supply turns on, the disconnect closes and the load is run from the power supply while the battery is recharged.
Please don’t change or replace any wiring or air switch etc inside the dc power distribution system module. And you should pay all additional shipping fees incurred and the items returned should be kept in their original status.2.

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