Dc power supply circuit breaker

Once the voltage level surge to a high level beyond the ability of the varistor to absorb it, fuse F1 or varistor V1 or both will burn.
Free electronics design software downloadFree electronics design software - PCB layout, circuit analysis and simulation and other software. Digital Dice ProjectExplore the use of 7-Segment Display, 555 Timer, Decade Counter and Binary Adder. A very simple step down DC converter electronic project , can be designed using the LTC3833 , manufactured by Linear Technology . As you can see in the schematic circuit , this step down DC converter design , require few external electronic components .
This step down DC converter require an input voltage between 7 volt and 38 volt and will provide a fixed 5 volt DC at a maximum output current of 8 amperes .
As you can see in the diagram bellow , the efficiency of this step-down Dc converter is very high .

CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. It can supply current up to a 400mA to power the various circuits for your electronic projects.
Varistor V1 is connected in parallel to the input of the line voltage to clamp the surge voltage from the line to a reasonable level that helps to protect the transformer and other circuitry. If this circuit failed after a period of operation, check that the fuse and the varistor are still in good condition or else replace them.Diodes D1, D2, D3 and D4 are used to rectify the 12VAC voltage to DC voltage.
Test your hardware and software skills against the best designers from the rest of the world. The LTC3833 is a synchronous step-down DC DC switching regulator controller targeted for high power applications.
You can use this 5 volts DC converter circuit for applications like datacomm systems , computing systems or some other electronic projects where is needed a high precision low output voltage at a huge output current .

Electrolytic capacitor E1 is used as a smoothing capacitor to reduce the ripple of the DC voltage. Check out here.PCB PrototypesMake your own printed circuit board and learn the processes involved along the way.
Request have fun , DC Power Supply 300V or DC Converter 300V , please sir.The following circuits to similar to the this circuit. The DC voltage is fed into the input of 7805 regulator where the output DC voltage is obtained. The controlled on-time valley current mode architecture allows for both fast transient response and constant frequency switching in steady-state operation, independent of VIN, VOUT and load current.

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