Dc power supply kit

12V DC power supply adapter with 2.5mm power connector that plugs directly into the WattsVIEW sensor.
We also provide customized LabVIEW power monitoring and control versions for your application whether it’s for AC or DC monitoring and control. If your computer does not have a serial port, then you should purchase the WattsVIEW USB version which plugs directly into a USB port on your computer. Be sure to select a USB to Serial adapter that is advertised to work with your particular operating system. NOTE: If you want to measure a very low amount of current, you can loop the wire through the hall effect sensor multiple times to increase the strength and resolution of the sensor.

For instance, looping the current carrying wire through the sensor 10 times will make the current signal 10x stronger! The regulator IC is used to regulates DC voltage, which in this circuit we use an IC numeber of LM317T for the positive voltage and the LM337 circuit for the negative voltage. The LM317T is readymade regulator IC can use to adjust voltage from 1.25 volt to 37 volt, there is 3 leg, body same the regulated IC number 7805.
In addition, Internal the IC is also circuit is fully protected are the short-circuit protection, input overthe voltage protection, over load protection.
The IC LM317T, there is a weakness in this is the output the voltage minimum adj pin is connected to ground is equal to 1.25 volts.

Shienna December 5, 2015 Hi, I based my circuit on your design and I used a 5k six-pin potentiometer to adjust the voltage however I want but my problem is that the value between ground and negative is different from the value I get between ground and positive. Shienna December 5, 2015 Its not a lot of difference but still, I want them to have the same value.

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