Dc to dc converter 24v to 12v

An electric car still uses a 12 volt system to power all of the original 12 volt accessories: lights, horn, etc.
Our wide selection of dc voltage regulator (dc-dc converters, dc voltage reducer, voltage booster, step down converter, step up converter) also help you convert golf cart batteries (and other battery banks) to another voltage. I have put together many of Aaroncake's circuits, many very good, but I did have issues with this circuit. This is a great circuit, but if you want a really easy boost converter, just go buy a pwm chip (they make ones for this exact purpose). Hello everyone I love this circuit but I want to find out if I add more power transistors to this circuit if it can handle higher currents.
Can author of this circuit please post inductance of L1 since there is no info about permeability of toroidal core? Please give us more information about L1 because it's hard to calculate exact inductance without info such as permeability. DC-DC converters are important in portable electronic devices such as cellular phones and laptop computers, which are supplied with power from batteries primarily.
I couldn't get this circuit to work and have checked my worl several times, is this schematic correct?
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Since this circuit has lethal potential and high risk, please be careful when try this circuit. This page shows some sepcial input range converters, including some high voltage dc-dc converters which accept 100~1000VDC high input voltage. This item can be run out of stock, in this case we will need 3-8 business days to produce.
This is not recommended, because it will cause the pack to discharge unevenly, affecting performance and battery life.
This taps the full battery pack voltage and cuts it down to a regulated output, similar to that from an alternator. This video shows how to stop the exploding capacitor problem, and also shows another variation which produce plenty of power.
For Q1, we had to replace BC337 with BC331 because BC337 wasn't strong enough and kept getting fried. If yes, which modifications need to be done to the circuit(note: if possible the input mustn't chande)? Comments can be things like suggestions, successes or failures, improvements, similar circuits, error reports, an answer to a previous commenter's question, or anything in between.
The q5 and q6 placed aoutside the PCB because it require heatsink.You may connect each transistor with the B (basic) and E (emitter) on PCB. These converters are mainly use in solar, wind or EV industry.Input voltage like 36V, 48V and wide input range DC-DC converters.

It also violates the isolation of the traction pack from the chassis, which is required by some components, and necessary for safety. It can be used to charge one 12V battery from another, or step up the voltage just enough to provide necessary overhead for a 12V linear regulator. However if you would like to ask a question it is suggested that you use the forum instead.
By changing the values of the feedback resistors (R1 & R2), the output voltage can be varied over a wide range. One option in the early days of EVs was to use a deep cycle 12 volt battery, as heavy duty as possible, and recharge it when you charge the main battery pack. Using one op-amp as a squarewave oscillator to ring an inductor and another op-amp in a feedback loop, it won't drift around under varying loads, providing a stable 24V source for many applications. As the battery drains in use, the headlights will grow dimmer and the turn signals flash more slowly.
It can also effect the running of the car if some of the drive system components do not get the 12 volt signal they require. This also eliminates the need for a separate 12 volt charging circuit for an auxiliary battery.

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