Dc to dc converter failure modes

We make every effort to ensure the information provided is accurate however we can not be held responsible for errors. Klipsch, a company famous for high quality speakers, but also infamous for poor quality amplifiers and equally notorious for poor customer support.
Faced with the lack of support from Klipsch, I began tracing the BASH amplifier circuit for my V.2-400. Resistor R27 is 5 ohms and is made by putting two 10-ohm resistors in parallel, one on the top of the pc board, and one on the back of the board.
For the 47-kilohm, 2-watt resistor( which should be dissipating .95 watts), I used a 47-kilohm, 5-watt resistor. The final weak spot, reported by others, but not failed on my amplifier yet, was the 680-ohm, 2-watt resistor R12. The HC1010 or HC1011 Module uses a UC3842A controller IC to drive the FETs in the Digital Converter in response to the demands fed to it by the Amplifier Board's AMP-LEVEL signal. An AMP-OC circuit is incorporated in the Module that reduces the rail voltage if excessive current is being drawn by any of the Amplifier Boards.
Some of the late V2-400 units may have used an HC1011 module instead of the HC1010, or perhaps some of the early V4.1 units used the HC1010.
I did not have a problem with the I-O Board, so I only traced the voltage regulator portion of it.

Like the I-O Board, I did not have a problem in the Amplifier Boards, and did not trace the circuit. Tom Hydorn traced the circuits on his V2-400 Contol Pod and supplied the information for an early version Pod.
The diagram below for the V4.1 DIN plug was taken from Klipsch forum postings that I believe is correct. These diagrams are shown looking at the mating side of the plug pins and not the soldered side. This high voltage pulse is used to charge the CDI's capacitor through a high speed schottky diode. When line is 0 volt, the oscillator is ON, when line is higher than 1 volt, oscillator stops.
Please note that this current is high frequency and the small 22n capacitor at the left side of the cap. Specifications are subject to change without notice; please ensure you conduct testing to ensure the product is suitable for your intended application.
With our highly experienced professionals, Meanwell Direct offer a first class friendly service from point of contact through to completion of purchase and after sales service.
The control pod and the satellite speakers shown are separate units; all other connections are internal to the subwoofer box.

Resistor R12 looks like a 1-watt-at-25 degrees-C rated resistor , but it is dissipating 1.1 watts at a somewhat higher temperature, so, it must be a 2-watt resistor. The printed-circuit board for the V2-400 and the V4.1 board are different and use different reference designators. This implies the existence of three different control modules all roughly interchangeable, though probably not equivalent. Evan Shultz did the same for his Pod and supplied the component reference designators shown on the schematic below. This is still a little above the normal design guideline of 50% of rated power at normal operating temperature. I have to assume that there is some transient current not accounted for, or that the ambient temperature inside the subwoofer is very high when the system is not being used.

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