Dcdc converter questions

A small step down switching converter with a good yield which advantageously replace a linear regulator like 7805. Random electronic project: Amateur Radio SSB VFO PLL Transceiver Receiver Circuits suggest reading the article.
It can be set by both the desired I2C bus position of each servo, as the direction of rotation and the Offset.
Can be read by the I2C bus corresponding to any of the 5 analog inputs of the digital value available (8 bits).
The LT3999 is available in a 10-lead MSOP and 3mm × 3mm DFN package with exposed pad. Please login to your MyLinear account for notifications of datasheet updates, new document releases and LTspice model announcements for your favorite products.

LTspice® IV is a powerful, fast and free simulation tool, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for improving the simulation of switching regulators. For immediate technical assistance, contact your local sales office or distributor or call 1-800-4-LINEAR (US customers only) or 408-432-1900. Solder plated terminal finish (SnPb) versions are non-standard and special terms and conditions and pricing applies if available. The switching frequency is programmed up to 1MHz and can be synchronized to an external clock for more accurate placement of switcher harmonics.
For volume-specific price or delivery quotes, please contact your local Linear Technology sales office or authorized distributor.
The input operating range is programmed with the precision undervoltage and overvoltage lockouts.

It remains the customer’s responsibility to verify proper and reliable operation in the actual end application.
A user-defined RC time constant provides an adjustable soft-start capability by limiting the inrush current at start-up.

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