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This electronically controllable DC voltage converter transforms a low input voltage in to a nearly twice as high output voltage.
The nucon DCDC converter principle combines the function of different converter principles with relatively little components required. The flyback converter charges up an iron core or reaspectively the magnetic field inside a transformer.
The micro controller can replace special ICs if the software is done right, which is our special know-how. The forward converter transfers energy directly over the transformer when the transistor is switched on. The push pull converter transfers energy directly by mutual conductive transistors switch1 and switch2 over the transformer. The Nucon DCDC converter principle operates with only one transistor on the primary side as a forward as well as a blocking converter, where Cboost in combination with the wiring w3 allow symmetrical usage of the transformer iron. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of DC to DC Converter, Custom Power Supply and Voltage Converter at Kolkata, India.
A very simple 16 volt switching power supply electronic circuit can be constructed using this circuit diagram that is based on the MAX668 constant-frequency, pulse-width modulating (PWM), current-mode DC-DC controller that is designed for a wide range of DC-DC conversion applications.
With the high-speed development of social economy, the human demand for electric energy is larger and larger. The switching power supply provides 12 volts, at 10 amps, maximum, using a discrete transistor regulator with an op-amp functioning as a comparator in the feedback circuit. Using the LTC3810-5 synchronous step-down switching regulator controller can be designed a very easy and simple 12 volt switching power supply electronic project using few external electronic parts.
A power factor correction (PFC) circuit (10) includes a pulse width modulator (31) operating in response to a clock signal (CLK) for switching a coil current (ICOIL) over a charging period (TCHG) to correct a power factor at a node (32).
Because switching power supply energy-conservation also brings the huge economic benefits, cause the attention of the various circles of society to be popularized rapidly.
Designing wide range variable power supply using linear regulator is easy, but suffer terrible efficiency when it should regulate 60 Volt constant source .. A DC-to-DC step-up converter is traditionally implemented using transformer, working by converting the DC voltage to AC Voltage, step-up it using transformer, then rectify and filter the transformer`s output to get a higher DC voltage. This power supply uses two VN400A 400 Volts MOSFETs in a half-bridge power switch configuration. With the amount of equipment in home entertainment centers today the need to be able to vary the gain of the audio or video signal is needed.
We have two circuits  high  current output about 1A to 2A ,that easy to builds and cheap.1. When switching off the transistor the temporarilly stored magnetic energy is discharged over the diode into the charge capacitor CCharge.
Because there is no transformer with two wirings there can be always an non interrupted current flow over the choke.

When switching it off the remaining magnetic field of the transformer is discharged over an extra wiring w3.
An addtitional wiring is not needed to discharge the magnetic field of the transformer, because the magnetic field of the transformer is used in both directions.
Different from case to case this takes a lot of effort to control and a huge amount of components.
Cboost causes very fast changes of the magnetic flux inside the transformer, so that high output voltages can be achieved. Then fed through a Half-Wave Series Multiplier (Villard Cascade) to get a high voltage DC output. Under non-renewable, situations in short day by day of energy such as the fossil energy, etc. The simulation seems to give me what I want when the switch is open, but not when it`s closed. With the technical development at full speed of power, high frequency, becoming the development trend of stabilized voltage supply of switch miniaturizedly, integratedly.
This circuit is more efficient, switch mode regulators convert DC input voltage to pulses of high DC voltage. I found this particular circuit helpful when used in conjunction with the Universal Descrambler and a Stabilizer circuit I built for making copies of video tapes. Information can be send by serial interface for that purpose or later it is easy to make a wire less application with it.
On the secundary side the pulsed current into the charging capacitor CCharge is smoothed by a choke which needs another free wheeling diode. Ideally I want to be able to send a single pulse at 5V pulse from a micro-controller to the switch to change the resulting output of the system between those two points.
What am I doing wrong Is there a better way to do this I was avoiding a common cathode diode pair to avoid the forward voltage drop.
Three-terminal regulators are used for the low-currents outputs, either 12 Volts or 15 Volts can be made available with a simple change in the transformer secondary windings.
The circuit features a primary side and secondary side controller with full protection from fault conditions such as overcurrent. The example shows that a micro controller can be applied to drive an LED buck directly with all features required: The controller tests if an LED is connected, shuts down if not or if a short is detected, calculates current and the temperature of the LED. It's also possible to apply the transformer with only two wirings having 4 transistors on the primary side und 4 diodes on the secundary in a full bridge arrangement also.
Depending on the PWM ratio the ratio of forward mode energy transfer to blocking mode energy transfer is changing, because there is no interrupt in between two modes of operation and a continuous output, while using the full magnetic stroke, higher harmonic interferences can be kept low and high efficiences can be achieved.
The converter is ideal to generate high voltage out of low voltage, especially to the repetitive charging of a capacitor (i.e.
But using the full magnetic stroke of the iron leads to a higher energy flux through the transformer.

The principle works as if a variable transformation ratio of the transformer would adjust itself to the secondary load condition.
It use the integrated circuit digital number CD4093 perform produce the frequency drive current change CD40106 bilateral the group trips work. As a meaning for limiting peak inrush currents through main power switch the C buffer cap is a smaller ceramic capacitance which is capable of delivering big current bytes while being emptied without bearing losses because of it's very small ESR. By drive high current with power mosfet BUZ11 make output current collect at capacitors the very total up voltage bilateral the group then is double of Input power supply. This inductor can be selected also quite small it is just ment to break down an initial peak current.
Actualy the digital software PWM control of the converter is the key of technology to prevent over currents and to keep the components within their maximum limits. Source: CEW circuit Electronics Book Dc to dc Converter Regulator 12v Step up to 24v 3a 72wDC to DC step up converter using TDA2004 or TDA2005We can increase the DC voltage from 6 volts to 12 volts. Or from 12 volts to 24 volts with a simple model of The DC to DC step up converter circuit with use TDA2005 or TDA2004 as main.This circuit is similar to Simple DC to DC step up converter using TDA2822.
We use an IC amplifier features the original, is producing a high current frequency to store a voltage in the Capacitor is about 2 times the input. So the current flows to the D3 and C6, the voltage at pin 8 so drop near zero.And the working of circuit will return to the first time. And when current out of pin 8 and pin 10 to Converge together at C6, cause output have voltage rises up one times. Which is equal to input together.The capacitors C1-C4 acts as square wave generator about 5 Khz. To determined working of IC1.Building,Testing and Application When we are fully equipped and built PCB as Figure below and then soldering equipment, as Figure. PCB of DC to DC converter using TDA2004 the component-layout-of-DC to DC converter using TDA2004After examining the faulty circuit. Then test them with 12V battery at input and measure voltage ouput will have about 22V please watch as video below.If you have 6 volts input, it can increase the output voltage is 12 volts, or feed input is 12 volts will have output is 24 volts Or nearby. The output is then multiplied with the two input will be the output, or about 10 volts to 24 volts. I think the parts on this circuit can buy easliy at a common electronic shop.But this circuit as idea from the old book. Cornell May 14, 2014 I’m looking for a DC to DC 12 to 24 volt 720 watt power converter if you have or know someone that does please let me know you can contact me at 312-953-0360 Thank You Peter June 6, 2015 Hi, what is the diode D2 and D3?
If possible, can you also post a reliable circuit diagram for a DC to DC converter with input of 12 volts, output of 0.700 A or 1 ampere, this will serve me as driver of 30 Volts, 30 watts LED.

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