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TL;DR- Destiny boasts excellent visuals, an elaborate eco-system, tons of customization, and some of the most solid core mechanics seen in a first-person shooter in quite some time. Racing across the Ishtar Sink of Venus, I find myself critically pondering my purpose for being here.
Racing within the vicinity of my targets, I abandon my speeding sparrow and go flying through the air, drawing fire from the surrounding hostile forces.
But as I implied before, the lacking plot line is only a petty omission if you take into account how fun this game is.
Destiny‘s eco-system is another area that rewards players for their dedication and patience– the game becomes far more enthralling when you reach level 20, and upgrading light-based armor becomes the only means of obtaining a higher rank.
Destiny is a game that, out of the gate, could easily fall flat on its face pulling a player into its world. The game bores the hell out of me… For everything it does it does it less than other games, although it does a lot.
As Angry Joe pointed out in his review, Bungie really failed in the story aspect of this game. You decide to help those other players because your “conscious” got the better of you? Destiny is the first major game built entirely by Bungie since they parted ways with Microsoft and their epic run with Halo.
The new character video runs over a few of the classes and, what I suspect are, species from the upcoming game.
Destiny, if you believe Bungie’s current message, is unlike any other shooter on the market.
Joey Davidson has been a diehard gamer ever since his dad brought home the family’s NES and a copy of Paperboy.

While this game is a pretty close to heaven-sent for die-hard shooter fans who enjoy MMO-like grinding, non-shooter fans who either have a small amount of patience for the monotonous mowing down of NPCs, or only venture to this genre for narrative driven experiences, may find it tough to fully appreciate Destiny. My hunter’s level is too high, thus making their incoming fire seem as if it were being shot from weak and feeble squirt guns, hardly damaging my armor. We have no clue why our characters are in this universe, nor what our true purpose as guardians is besides being heavily irritated by legendary engrams.
The moment I just described isn’t something you can experience in any other console gaming experience to date, which is a testament to just how ambitious Destiny is. Blame it on the lack of character development, the lifelessness of the game’s safe haven, the Tower– which feels more like a glorified 3D menu as opposed to an actual colony– or even the possibility that the actual grind of Destiny completely overshadows the narrative that exists. Destiny, on the other hand, forces players to hop on their computers and study Grimoire cards, which are collectible items that give you background on the game’s lore, but are only viewable outside of the game. The core mechanics of Destiny are as polished as you’ll find in any first-person shooter. This is the PvP (player vs player) area of the game, which allows folks to team up in groups of six, three, or by themselves across several different match variants. You’ll find yourself even more engaged in the PvE elements of the game like completing strikes and going between planets to farm different minerals and items, as well as completing daily missions and bounties in order to increase your level.
But with a bit of diligence, players will discover that Destiny has a lot going for it: the game is graphically alluring, absurdly addictive and has laid a great foundation for future updates. The fact that the game doesn’t shove the answers down my throat like most triple A games has caused me to leave the game and dig deeper into the lore and even read some fan theories. We don’t know too much about the game, but Bungie has elected to shed a little light on the characters, the locale and the art going into this process with a slew of new media. For the Destiny lore is completely unbeknown to us, as the spiritless NPCs of the tower only offer us a microscopic fraction of personality and engagement.

It’s a bit of a shame, considering how fun it is exploring the visually appeasing landscapes of the game. This definitely does not support Destiny‘s already poorly executed plot, and I hope that for future expansions, Bungie makes a better effort to convey the ideals of the Destiny universe within the gameplay, as opposed to via extracurricular research. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a group of rookie guardians being overwhelmed by Vex forces. But what we do know is, despite all of our uncertainties, we’re having one hell of a time. It is a persistent first-person shooter experience that takes place in a universe shared by other players.
The game also adds to the list of shooters coming out this year that focus heavily on transversal gameplay, giving players the ability to double jump, triple jump, teleport, or use a jetpack to leverage the games verticality infused map layouts. As I revive the downed rookies, they all wave before commencing in a group dance session– a nonverbal thank you to me for assisting them.
After two weeks of playing this game, can it be said that Bungie achieved everything they set out to at launch? There were lots of progressive decisions made by Bungie in terms of movement, with the ability to quick and easily summon a sparrow being an ingenious way to beckon players to explore and move about Destiny‘s play areas. My conscience gets the better of me, and I whip my sparrow into an absurdly sharp left turn just as fast as I finalize my decision– it’s. From a gameplay standpoint, Destiny is a step forward for the console first-person shooter genre.

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