Destiny number of worlds

For example if the name on your birth certificate is Margaret but all your life you have been called Peggy, you still have to use Margaret to calculate your destiny number. To figure out what your destiny number is start by writing your birth name on a sheet of paper. Finally add the destiny numbers of your individual names until you are left with one digit. You may argue that in that case your destiny number will be exactly the same as another family member. That is true, but your final numerology chart will end up to quite different as your destiny number is only part of the equation.
Other parts of numerology include your soul number, life path number, personality number and maturity number. The only exception to reducing your numbers to one final digit (also called the root number) is if you in the process end up with the 11, 22 or 33. These people need to generously reach out to the world and work to unite, heal or help in whatever manner possible. As a Destiny Number Six, you are romantic, peace loving, homely, family oriented, compassionate and considerate.
You may be fond of collecting beautiful dresses, cosmetics, jewelry, perfumes and precious stones. While you are normally very conventional and may be very moral, there are Sixes who do not accept bondage and are uncommitted.
You make extremely good parents however there may be a tendency to become over protective of your loved ones.
Key Words: Generous, consistent, domestic, nurturing, teacher, advisor, loyal, conventional, moral, compromising. It’s important to note that they do not originate from Vedic numerology’s destiny number, which deals more with how other people view the person in question.
The summation of the numbers made by your full birth name is the resulting number that reveals your expression number. Those that have been given the number one are known as being extremely ambitious and courageous. Ones make great business owners and can generally go into any field they wish, thanks to their incredible concentration. In direct contrast to number one, this group of people is actually more apt to avoid being the center of attention. A three’s personality is extremely social by nature, which can be dangerous considering that they are also extremely sensitive. Fives are largely the opposite of fours, especially in the area of stability and self-discipline. Number sixes are always looking out for the other people in their lives, putting themselves last. This can be bad as they can smother people and prevent them from learning to do things on their own, which snowballs into the larger problem of always needing to help the same people over and over again.
Another leader by habit, eights are incredible business people with oracle-like abilities to discern what a company needs to flourish in the future. Eights will be happiest in life if they can learn to use their incredible abilities for the betterment of those they love and, eventually, the world they live in. Number nine is often regarded as the godly number, and in many schools of numerology it is reserved for the holy deity themselves.
People born to the number nine are always striving to improve themselves and feel the need to improve their surroundings as well.
Because of this, elevens tend to be the innovators of the world, the avant-garde artists, and the revolutionary leaders. Finally, twenty-twos are known for having an over the top skill for building and architecture. People born to this number have many conflicting traits which they must learn to meld together in order to be happy in life.
I understand that the information I provide will be used to generate my own personal numerology reading. There are many online and offline numerology software that provide very accurate guidance for people wanting to study numerology.
Other than software or numerology calculators, you can access a lot of websites that teach numerology.
Another way to improve your knowledge on numerology is by preparing or accessing esoteric dictionary that contain terms related to numerology.
Ancient people thought that certain numbers brought luck along with them, while certain unlucky numbers are devastative. Similarly, people believe in good fortune numbers, numbers that are believed to bring luck, while choosing their license plate number, while choosing a home and also in mobile numbers. Heart’s Desire Number is the sum of the digits corresponding to the vowels in your name.
So it’s time to get started with your numerology lessons and become an expert numerology reader in no time! In Vedic numerology, there are three primary numbers which are used to provide insight and direction in a person’s life. The destiny number is normally used to discern how strangers and distant friends see a person regardless of their actual behavior or traits.
The first step for a destiny number compatibility reading is to generate a destiny number for both people involved.
There is an algorithm to determine which letter is equal to which number, but it is easier to consult a chart. Each number is then added together, and if the resulting number is more than one digit, each digit is added together again until a single digit number is acquired.
Once both numbers are obtained, they will be converted into what is known as a partner number.
For example, a two and a four generally have a very safe relationship built on trust; it is generally not a very exciting relationship, but more of a stable and long-term one.
In contrast, the relationship in the previous example between numbers five and nine is an extremely fast-paced and passionate one. Both are providers and seekers of creative inspiration, but both also have a tendency to live in the moment and neglect responsibility. While the results from a destiny number compatibility reading are not completely correct one-hundred percent of the time, they are generally fairly close. Use the name exactly as found on the birth certificate even if you have never used it since. So for anyone saying they have a number higher than 9 please read the directions more carefully.
Sixes also have a tendency to become perfectionists, which can be very difficult living in an imperfect world.
Finding out your results for this number can be helpful in the discovery of what you are capable of, as well as providing some guidance in a career path. Each Individual letter of your name is assigned a specific single-digit number which are then added together to create a final answer. Sometimes this means that a person is extremely efficient in solving problems and their life is totally organized. They tend to be extremely successful financially, but have the fatal flaw of letting the power get to their head.
They are multi-talented but prefer careers that “make a difference” and have some kind of significant meaning within society. These people are extremely energetic and practically lift up the world around them merely with their presence.

Then read this article to get insight into tips and tricks to understanding this fantastic subject with ease. It was first used by Babylonians and then by Greeks and then it spread all around the world. Such software are usually available in free version with limited features and professional version with full features.
For example, 666 is believed to be the Devil’s number as was also depicted in the film Omen. When you add consonants in your name and reduce it to single digit, then it is your Personality number. However, it can also be used to test the romantic or cooperative compatibility between two people.
This is done by simply adding both destiny numbers together, and then reducing the resulting number to a single digit if necessary. Many sources offer simplified and concise descriptions of the relationship between two destiny numbers.
The two must provide stability and organization, while the four must be cooperative and supportive.
This could spell doom for the relationship if one or both of them cannot step up to the challenge of overcoming this.
Even so, the purpose of these readings is also to explain how best to proceed in a relationship in order to get the most out of it. God is believed to have used the power of six to impart wisdom and create harmony through the universe. You take care of your friends and relatives without a second thought and have to work hard all your life in doing so.
Money slips from your hands, you are generous to a fault and spend lavishly to entertain friends and relatives. They make excellent leaders and have decent social skills, yet still prefer to be solitary much of the time.
They are the artists of the world, though many of them may not realize it until making an attempt to access their artistic side. Their pool of friends tends to be quite diverse as they are extremely social and have some of the best people skills of this list. A seven can guess what happened at a crime scene with only a couple of pieces of evidence, or catch someone in a lie after only a few sentences.
They have an almost divine ability to understand the workings of the universe and seem to pull thoughts straight from the future. It is a very spiritual number, with personal success and security relying on chasing dreams, but also strictly efficiency-oriented.
Based on what numerology number you end up with in your name or date of birth, your future predictions can be made. You need to add the digits in your date, month and year of birth to calculate your lifepath number. The nature of a nine is almost exclusively one of helping other people, which is perfect for a five who needs plenty of space.
In the end, as with all numerology, the results must be interpreted in relation to each individual’s life. Plunging in the world of writing and reading, could be her genre to impress the spectators.. Later, people started publishing books on that topic and it was discussed openly in forums by numerologists. You can include terms like Balance Number, Challenge Number, Expression Number, Essence Number, Karmic Debt Number, Life Path number, Pinnacle Number, etc.
888 is considered to be a lucky number by the Chinese but 13 is considered to be a number of misfortune.
This maturity number corresponds to an underlying wish or desire that gradually surfaces around age of 35. And the most underlying hush hush secret about hers is that she keeps all string attached with all the people she has ever made friends with. Your ability to provide for others, to provide loyalty and security ensures a lifetime of responsibility. Although, you are a homebody at heart, your enormous creative talent will make you an excellent interior designer, or a musician, poet, artist as well as an excellent marriage guidance counselor, or a dedicated teacher. Destiny number Six creates many sexual problems, for which you might not be really responsible .It makes you enter into unwanted sexual relationships.
Although this number is called both of these names, throughout this website it will be referred to as the Destiny number.
Now in the Internet way of life, you can learn numerology online or you can download numerology software and learn from it.
When such things happen by chance, and without personal involvement, the physical relationship seems to be forced, as if by destiny.
This is the number that describes the tasks that you must achieve in this lifetime using the name that was given to you by your parents. This name, the complete birth name, symbolizes the opportunities you have at your disposal. Living up to attributes of this number may not be easy, but it is your goal in the here and now. Unlike the Life Path number which reads as you are, the Destiny number more correctly reads as you MUST or what you can aspire to become.To arrive at your Destiny number, take each name separately and add up the letter values using the conversion chart below.
A name producing a 1 Destiny may help you gain the talents to become a skilled executive with keen administrative capabilities, or perhaps a sales executive, or promoter. As you develop, you will have little need for much supervision, preferring to act on your own with little restraint.Progressing through life, you will become one who seeks to expand and broaden opportunities to find new careers and new inventions. Frequently, this Destiny belongs to one running a business or striving to achieve a level of accomplishment on ones talents and efforts.As you mature, you must become increasingly ambitious and determined.
Self-confident and self-reliant must be yours, as you develop a strong unyielding will and the courage of your convictions. The negative attributes of the 1 Destiny include one becoming egotistic and developing a self-centered approach to life.
You have the capacity to be inspirational, and the ability to lead merely by your own example. An inborn inner strength and awareness can make you an excellent teacher, social worker, philosopher, or advisor.
No matter what area of work you pursue, you are very aware and sensitive to the highest sense of your environment. Indeed, the 2 has a spiritual connection not found in other numbers.In many ways you are dependent on others and seem to function best in a partnership or in some form of group activity.
As you mature, modesty will run deeper in your nature, and you must work comfortably without recognition of your accomplishments.
Often, others will get credit for your ideas, and this must be of little real concern to you as you skill as a team play progresses.
Cooperative, courteous, and considerate, you have the capacity to become an outstanding facilitator. You will have the capacity to organize and handle people, just as you will handle detail, rarely overlook anything.As you fulfill your destiny, tactful and friendly behavior will increase your popularity, and nearly everyone will like you.
Perhaps this is also because you are more content working with your ideals, rather than dollars and cents.
This path also leads to establishing yourself as an inspiration person spreading optimism and cheerfulness wherever you reside or travel. The byword for the 3 Destiny is embracing the joy of living and helping others to do the same.A large part of your mission in life centers around raising the spirits of your fellow man.

This might be on a everyday small scale basis, or it might be by being on stage as an entertainer. Obviously, for most, the first more likely, but, this Destiny does incline you along a variety of lines that may include writing, speaking, singing, acting or teaching. For some the interest in and appreciation of the arts is there, but the creative pursuit of these interests might not arrive.You also have the destiny to sell yourself or sell just about any product that comes along. You may indeed be a natural salesman as the 3 traits are always welcome in sales and public relations. You are imaginative in your presentation and a pleasure to be around.As you mature you must become an optimistic person that seems ever enthusiastic about life and living. You are friendly, loving and social, and people like you because you are charming and such a good conversationalist. It is your role in life to inspire and motivate.Friends are extremely important to the 3 Destiny, and you must develop the ability to be a true friend. Opportunities open for you as you become increasingly social.The negative side of number 3 Destiny is superficiality. As you develop, you must adopt an approach that is more practical, down-to-earth, and thorough. You must be willing to work those long, hard hours to push a project through to completion.A increase in your patience with detail allows you to become expert in fields such as building, engineering, and all forms of craftsmanship. You may accumulate abilities to write and teach, leaning toward the more technical and detailed. You will be happiest mixing with associates and friends who are, like yourself, practical, moral, and doing good works for others.The negative side of 4 often produces dominant and bossy individuals. If there is too much 4 energies present in your makeup, you may express some of the negative attitudes of the number 4.
The obligations that you face may tend to create frustration and feelings of limitation or restriction.
The number 5 Destiny potentially endows you with the wonderful characteristic of multi-talents and versatility.
The tone of the number 5 is the constructive use of freedom, and in your drive to attain this freedom, you must be the master of adaptability and change.As you mature, you must become good at presenting ideas and knowing how to approach people to get what you want.
Naturally, this will give you an edge in any sort of selling game and spells easy success when it comes to working with people in most jobs.
Whatever you do, you have the capacity to be clever, analytical, and a very quick thinker.You must learn to accept changes as they come along and avoid clinging to the outdated. Avoid rebellion, and focus on enlightenment and progression thinking that will benefit mankind. You life is broadened by gaining an understanding and an appreciation of all kinds of people.The Destiny 5 will be welcome in many varied professional environments. The media, advertising, promotion, publicity, all types of selling, and entertainment are all potential fields that may interest you.
Settling on a single career may not be in the cards for you, as you are in a continuous state of flux brought by constantly changing interests.If there is too much of the 5 energy in your makeup or if you develop negatively, the negative side of the number may appear.
Your restless and impatient attitude may keep you from staying with any project for too long. As clever as you are, you may have a tendency to make the same mistakes over and over again. Development in life must make you more helpful, conscientious, and capable of rectifying and balancing any sort of inharmonious situation.
You have a natural penchant for working with the old, the young, the sick, or the underprivileged.As the saying goes, charity begins at home, and the home is where you must be a special person.
The qualities of the 6 make the finest and most concerned parent, and one who is often deeply involved in domestic activities. Openness and honesty is apparent in your approach to all relationships, particularly close family relationship. A happy home life is the goal of Destiny 6, and if you live up to the promises of this number, you will reap this reward most likely with some degree of luxury and grace.Although you may have considerable creative and artistic talents, the chances are that you will devote yourself to an occupation that shows concern for the betterment of the home and of the community at large.
The destiny of the 6 is often a career in medicine, welfare work, education, dealing in the arts, furniture, decorating, landscaping, home construction, religious endeavors, or scientific fields.The positive side of the number 6 suggests that you are very loving, friendly, and appreciative of others. You have a depth of understanding that produces much sympathetic, kindness, and generosity.If there is an excess of the number 6 in your makeup, you may exhibit some of the negative traits associated with this number.
In this regard, you may at times sacrifice yourself (or your loved ones) for the welfare of others.
You must become accomplished at analyzing, judging and discriminating, so that little escapes your observation and deep understanding.
In this you will become increasingly introspective, and value seclusiveness and solitude.You are the type of person that can really get involved in a search for wisdom or hidden truths, and you must become an authority on whatever it is your are focusing on.
This can easily be of a technical or scientific nature, or it may be religious or occult, it matters very little, you pursue knowledge with the same sort of vigor.
You can make a very fine teacher, or because of a natural inclination toward the spiritual, you may become deeply emerged in religious affairs or even psychic explorations. You have excellent capabilities to study and learn really deep and difficult subjects, and to search for hidden fundamentals.You tend to operate on a rather different wavelength, and many of your friends may not really know you very well. You neither show or understand emotions very well.The positive aspects of the 7 Destiny are that you must be a true perfectionist in a very positive sense of the word.
You can be so rational at times that you almost seem to lack emotion, and when you are faced with an emotional situation, you may have a bit of a problem coping with it.If there is an over supply of the number 7 in your makeup, the negative aspects of the number may be apparent.
The chief negative of 7 relates to the limited degree of trust that you may have in people. A tendency to be highly introverted can make you a bit on the self-centered side, certainly very much self-contained.
You have outstanding potential for organizational and administrative responsibilities.You have the potential for considerable achievement in business or other powerful positions such as government leadership roles. You have the skill and abilities to establish or operate a business with great efficiency.You can expect to receive the financial and material rewards. You have good judgment when it comes to money and commercial matters, and you understand how to build and accumulate material wealth.Much of your success must come due to your ability to judge character.
No one has any more self-confidence, either.If you have too much of the 8 energy in your makeup, you may express some of the negative attitudes. Ambition sometimes has a way of becoming over-ambition, and you may express an unreasonable impatience with the lack of progress.
You must work well with people, for you have the potential to inspire.Creative ability, imagination and artistic talent (often latent) of the highest order are present in this Destiny. Career fields in which you can excel are many and include advisory roles, medicine, legal fields, artistic fields, diplomacy, and religion.Friendships, affection, and love are extremely important. Your personal ambitions must be maintained in a very positive perspective, never losing sight of an interest in people, and preserving a sympathetic, tolerant, broad-minded and compassionate point of view. If you are able to achieve the potential of your natural Destiny in this life, you are capable of much human understanding and have a lot to give to others.Undeveloped or ignored, the negative side of the 9 Destiny can be very selfish and self-centered. If you do not actively involve yourself with work that benefits others, you may tend to express just the opposite characteristics.
It is your role to be very involved with other people and their needs, but it may be difficult for you achieve this role.

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