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Customized invoicing, which details usage by location or department, makes expense-tracking a snap. Directory assistance (411) was originally provided for free by phone companies for their local customers. With 411 service, you can find any local, national, or 800 listing for anywhere in the U.S. We'll assign your company an exclusive toll-free number that rings directly into our call centers.

You'll hear why we're corporate America's leading live-operator directory assistance alternative. By dialing 411, members bypass their PIC’d carrier (your chosen long distance carrier) and are routed directly to the 411 database.
With an industry-wide average of 6 seconds, our goal is to consistently beat that time even during peak periods of high-volume directory assistance usage. This is based on the same sample pulled above, but measures how many callers' directory assistance requests were successfully fulfilled.

Using a 100-point scale, our directory assistance operators are evaluated in the areas of Customer Care and Fulfillment with an emphasis on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

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