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The Pilgrim Glass is a place to share the beauty of stained glass - and other art and art objects - from around the world. Sculpted tympanum depicting the Ascension of Christ and the Commissioning of the Apostles (Pentecost) above the central portal between the narthex and nave, Sainte-Madeleine, Vezelay, Burgundy, France, c.
Just a quick note to let you know that Heather Domin’s new novella is now available for free.
Heather has such an amazingly deft touch with historical detail, and the story is a great mix of action and romance. Oleanna and her sister Elisabeth are the last of their family working their farm deep in the western fjordland. Reviewers and book bloggers interested in an advance copy: please email me at juliekrose at gmail dot com. Lucy is a Sicilian saint, the patroness of Syracuse where she was martyred in the reign of Diocletian. The inner archivolt around the tympanum and the lintel below are populated with the peoples of the world who will hear the message of Christ. It's been online since 1995, and is run by Henriette Kress, a herbalist in Helsinki, Finland.

Allegiance is an historical novella set in 1922 Dublin, a story of dangerous romance in a time of bitter turmoil. A new century has begun, and the world outside is changing, but in the Sunnfjord their world is as small and secluded as the verdant banks of a high mountain lake. Sharing a common bond of loneliness and grief, Anders stirs within her the wildness and wanderlust she has worked so hard to tame. One story says that when a suitor admired her beautiful eyes she cut them out and sent them to him, asking to be left in peace thereafter (like most early Christian virgin martyrs, she refused marriage). She was later absorbed into an aspect of Juno, Juno Lucina, who is goddess of childbirth, bringing children to light.
But the place where she is most beloved is Scandinavia, where light is especially welcome in the long hours of winter darkness.
Bolts of lightning (or rays of light) shoot out from Christ’s hands and hit the apostles in the heads. With their parents dead and their brothers all gone to America, the sisters have resigned themselves to a simple life tied to the land and to the ghosts of those who have departed. When she is confronted with another crippling loss, Oleanna must decide once and for all how to face her past, claim her future, and find her place in a wide new world.

Now she is the patron of eye diseases and the blind and is often depicted carrying her eyeballs on a plate. On her day, the eldest (or youngest) daughter rises before dawn and fixes a breakfast of special pastries and coffee for her family.
This provides a fascinating insight into the medieval worldview and popular legends of the time. She appears in their bedrooms, dressed in a white dress belted with a red sash, and wearing a wreath of greens and four (or seven or nine) lighted candles. The outer archivolt consists of medallions with the Zodiacs and Labors of the Months, symbolizing the timelessness of the message.
She serves traditional pastries called lussekatter (or Lucy cats), x-shaped pastries, sometimes flavored with saffron. Other traditional foods served in her honor include saffron buns, ginger biscuits and glogg, a hot spiced wine with aquavit.

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