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After years of looking to the future with its green-themed license plate designs, California draws on its past to announce that its latest plate designs will emulate those of the 1950s, 60s and 70s—or as close as it can get to those designs within the parameters of modern safety (the new plates will have reflective surfaces for better night-time visibility).
The Department of Motor Vehicles issued 28 frequently asked questions (and answers) about the new plates, and we present them here.
Q2: Does the application fee of $50 apply to either a sequential or a personalized license plate? A: The California Legacy License Plate Pre-Order Form (REG 17L) (PDF) can be found on the Legacy License Plate Pre-Order web page along with other information about the Legacy plates. Q11: Are the Legacy Plates going to look exactly like the license plates issued in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s? Q12: If implemented, will the Legacy License Plate program eliminate the Year of Manufacture (YOM) plate program? Q14: How many pre-orders does the DMV need to receive in order to initiate the production of the Legacy Plates? A: The law enacting this plate program (AB 1658, 2012) allows until January 1, 2015 to reach the required minimum 7,500 pre-orders for any one of the plate styles. Q15: Will the DMV wait until January 1, 2015 to implement the program even if the minimum is reached before that date?
Q16: How long after the program is implemented will I receive the plates I have pre-ordered? Q17: If I submit a pre-order with a personalized plate number, will my request be reserved when the order is received?
Q18: What if the personal license plate number(s) I request is deemed to be unacceptable by DMV? A: All of the personal plate number choices entered on the pre-order form will be reviewed for acceptability upon receipt. A: The plate number conflicts with configurations of other license plate types, or it can be construed to be offensive to good taste. Q20: What if the DMV determines the program will be implemented, but it turns out all of the personal plate numbers I requested were not available? A: If you checked the box on the form to receive sequential plates if your choices are not available, and your requested choices were deemed acceptable, you will receive a set of sequential plates.
Q22: Can I order a different style of personalized plate with the configuration I want, and then convert the number to Legacy License Plates if the program is implemented? Q23: If I send in my application fee, and the plates are not made, when will I get a refund? A: If the program is not implemented, your refund will be processed as soon as possible after January 1, 2015. A: Mail an Application for Refund (ADM 399) request to cancel your pre-order to the address shown below. Q25: If I wish to cancel my order after the program is implemented and my personal plate number is reserved, will I get a refund?
Q26: If the Legacy License Plate program is implemented, how will the plates be assigned to my car? A: You will be asked on your order form to select a DMV Field Office or Auto Club office where your new plates will be shipped.

A: No, the plates must be assigned to a currently registered vehicle when they are picked up. Q28: What is the statutory authority permitting the development of the Legacy License Plates?
Connect to your Facebook or Twitter account and we'll fill in your registration information. Just a heads-up: Authorities in Springville, NY, do not accept license plates made of cardboard. The Supreme Court today upheld Texas' refusal to issue a license plate bearing the Confederate battle flag, rejecting a free-speech challenge.
The Supreme Court today considers whether Texans should have the right, as folks in nine other states do, to drive around with a license plate bearing the Confederate flag.
Quick, which of these license plates was approved and which rejected in Indiana: HATER or HATERS? Georgia officials have once again approved a specialty license plate featuring the Confederate flag, infuriating civil rights advocates and renewing a debate among those who believe the symbol honors Confederate heritage and those who see it as racially charged.
This latest product from Password:JDM, the universal License Plate Re-locator(LPR), is by far the best thing there is on the market. We engineered this product to fit both JDM and USDM license plates on nearly all vehicle applications. Relocator kit v2 is designed for better fitment for those that have a larger or longer width front bumper. The initial cost of a vanity plate in Hawaii is $25, plus $25 added to your registration fee every year. Payment must be made by check, money order, or cashier’s check made payable to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The pre-order form contains an area to provide the recipient’s name and address information. Once the required minimum is reached, implementation of the program will go into development. Reserving numbers for the Legacy Plates could prevent someone else from obtaining their desired plate number on an established special plate.
The form contains a check box to indicate if you would like to receive sequential plates if your requested plate choices are not available. If this box is not checked, a refund will be issued to you as soon as possible after January 1, 2015. The department must ensure that the meaning of a plate configuration will not be construed as offensive to good taste. However, this will not be considered an exchange and the fee for each type of plate will be due when you order them.
The Application for Refund must indicate the refund is for a pre-ordered Legacy License plate and provide the configuration(s) requested.
Erie County sheriff's deputies say they spotted a woman driving 35 miles south of Buffalo on Wednesday without a front license plate, reports WIVB .
The court said in a 5-4 ruling that Texas can limit the content of license plates because they're state property and not the equivalent of bumper stickers.

The feds are making use of license-plate reading technology to run a database that tracks millions of cars in real time around the US, report the Wall Street Journal and the ACLU . Shannon Morgan says it was bad enough when she typed in 8THEIST on the state website and learned that it was deemed objectionable. The Honolulu Department of Motor Vehicles doesn't keep a record of how many drivers have these chattels, but they are a huge source of revenue for state licensing agencies.
There is a trade-off between paying attention to your retirement plans and getting attention for your car: the value of the license plate isn't in the $25 spent every year but in the thousands of dollars this recurring, discretionary expenditure costs in forgone earnings compounded over many years.
After this, the black Lamborghini was released and the police allowed him to continue driving. If this box is checked, and all of your choices are deemed as unacceptable, you will receive a set of sequential plates if the program is implemented. Take your CURRENT registration card (the vehicle cannot be on Planned Non-Operation status) and your existing plates to that office to have your new Legacy License Plates assigned to your vehicle.
Precision cut from T-5052 spec plate aluminum and then precisely bent on state of the art equipment, this plate re-locator is fully anodized black to withstand the harshest of weather. Twenty-five dollars a year won't drain someone's bank account, but there's certainly an opportunity risk here.
I was searching for my own path and needed to tell the world who I thought I was and to get out of my way.
Recall that in mid-March that same year, the Brazilian police hired a man who will have to go to the Batman costume.
So, go ahead and order them for your retro-looking 2013 Mustang, or your new George Jetson electric car.
Like it or not, driving without a front license plate is illegal… you will get a citation, it’s only a matter of time.
As a financial advisor, I spend a lot of time commuting to client meetings and noticing vanity license plates while yoked to my car seat during traffic. This re-locator kicks that front plate of yours off to one side giving you that sleek customized look often seen on kick-ass cars all over the world.
Without any question, the Password:JDM license plate re-locator is the best thing there is. In New York City I never noticed them (probably because the initial cost for a personalized plate is $60) but with the multitudes of custom plates in Oahu you'd be hard pressed to ignore a Golden Nugget. The woman at the counter automatically asked me if I wanted a personalized plate for my car, and I without even thinking answered, “no, I don’t need that anymore.” I was shocked at what came out of my mouth. The difference between this plate re-locator and everything else that is offered is that this one WORKS!

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