Drugstore brow pencil for redheads

This products features a pencil at one end for precise filling and a wavy, clear pencil at the other end that will set the look in place when it’s finished. The EyeStudio line by Maybelline New York grew a little bigger this past July with the addition of the Master Shape Brow Pencils.
The product itself is has a waxy texture, which Maybelline describes as a bonus to keep brows in place, ruling out the need for a brow gel or other product to set. The product does last nicely on the face and I find I get to the end of the day with still nicely penciled brows. If you are looking for an everyday brow pencil that keeps brows in place and looks natural than this is a great product for you.
NOTE (added 20 Oct 12): As you will see in the comments, some people have reportedly spotted the Maybelline NY Define-A-Brow being sold at select locations across Australia. The products mentioned in this post were provided for consideration, in accordance with our Disclosure Policy. This post contains an affiliate link, which gives us commission when you click and purchase something from that link. I bought one of these the other day and was confused as well about how to sharpen it, I just assumed it was wind up but then couldn’t figure out how to wind it! Define-a-brow launched here around 2009-10 (I think) but I believe they have now been pulled in Australia with the launch of these… I am gutted, as they were my go to pencil above all others!
Yes sharpening was a downfall and I had to put a lot of muscle power into that one, which is odd because I have no muscle power. Store your gel and creme liners upside down to preserve moisture and prevent them from dying out. Spot clean your makeup brushes after each use and thoroughly shampoo weekly to avoid build-up.
And those who have graciously accepted the trending (and totally flattering) application of this product may have realized that when used on the reg, those little yet completely powerful pencils get dull and run dry really, really fast. On one side, you’ll find a soft gel that naturally fills in your brows and leaves a smooth finish. When you want something to simply (and subtly) fill in stray hairs in an already well-defined set of eyebrows, this might be for you. The cap also features a little brush with soft bristles that you can use to shape your brow. The extremely thin and pointed felt-tip of this pen is designed for total precision, while the liquid formula is said to be resistant of smudging.

While eyebrows are a relatively new area for the brand in Australia (and non-existant in the UK), these EyeStudio Master Shape Brow Pencils are now the 4th eyebrow offering in the USA joining Define-A-Brow, Expertwear and Ultra Brow ranges. You can easily identify the shade of the brow pencil as the body is colour-matched, and the clear lid makes the product visible. I love this because I think brushes need protecting from dirt and grime just as much as the product.
I couldn’t find instruction or a note as to whether these were wind-up pencils or if they are meant to be sharpened. I do think the waxy formula contributes to the lasting effect as regular powder-type pencils tend to fade quicker.
The natural waxes and defined pencil tip is engineered to give you control to allow delicate feathering, while the brush end of the wand helps to even out the colour for a full and soft brow. The L’Oreal Group has developed and validated alternative methods, particularly in the area of reconstructed tissue development (Episkin), that eliminates the need or requirement for animal testing. Despite the product not appearing on Maybelline NY’s official product list for Australia, you may still be able to find it. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are the authors own and remain 100% uninfluenced. You do not pay any more for the item by shopping through an affiliate link than you would through a regular link. The Plastic Diaries was created to share her journeys with beauty, her attempt to fight off aging and her desire for a healthy beautiful self. I love the waxy texture of a Revlon eyebrow pencil I got in the states which is two ended (has an eye highlighter on the other end) and I’ve been looking for something with a similar texture here, (the only Revlon one I could get was a Colorstay one that is more pencil-ly) this might be a match. I have three sharpeners and none of them work, I cannot get the pencil to sharpen even the tiniest little bit.
The other side of the duo features a powder (kind of like an eyeshadow) that you apply on top of your freshly-gelled brows to soften the overall look. This product has a soft applicator that you can use to gently dab on the tops of your brows.
Because let’s be real, you want your filled-in eyebrows to look as natural as possible.
A good brushing with the grooming brush does loosen it up a bit and makes the product more usable for me.
For a filled in brow my own shade was the darkest, Deep Brown, but when I wanted to just fill in regrowth or sparse areas I found using a mix of the Soft Brown and Deep Brown worked a treat for the natural lowlights & highlights effect.

My confusion came in that the entire body of the pencil is plastic, and while I have sharpened a lot of makeup pencils in my life, I have never come across one where I was removing a plastic body. I was using this one prior, and although it was great because it wound, I found this one looked more natural, and set nicely due to the wax.
I tried to look it up in the back catalogue of its Australian launches and again had no luck.
We recommend using an angled-eyeliner brush to apply the gel, as it will you give better control over the look. Also, ingredients for L’Oreal (and its brands) are systematically tested on different reconstructed tissue models. I checked the Maybelline website one final time before posting the review and it wasn’t listed as available in Australia, but I am going to add an update to this post saying it has been spotted at a few stores.
I knew of the Define-A-Brow Gel (as seen here on Beauty Heaven) but that is no longer available. You can use each one individually for a stark or simple take on your brows—and at $3, you really can’t beat it. Since it’s a powder, we suggest blending it in with a thin brush your your ring finger. The product comes in four different shades, allowing you to pick the color that best suits and complements your look. The pencil did go through the sharpeners I tried but I am yet to successfully get the pencil part back into a nice point.
Online, you can find out more information about our laboratories and how they have contributed to most of the replacement methods accepted today in the cosmetics industry – including the tests on Episkin validated by the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM), which have become industry standards.
Let’s hope they bring (back?) the Define-A-Brow pencils to Australia because it sounds like they are a winner! When it comes to eyebrow products, there are affordable options that work absolute wonders, enhancing your look and drawing attention to your features. Overall, if you’re still on the fence with bold brows, this product will ease you into the trend.

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