Dvla number plate letter spacing

As well as being cheap, these private number plates have an added plus - they can be transferred to any car, whatever its age. If Irish or dateless number plates don't appeal, there are some very good cheap prefix number plates. Whether you choose to create your own custom number plate or place a bid at an auction for an exclusive plate, DVLA number plates are a great option for all motorists looking to enhance their vehicles. Remember: you cannot make your car appear newer than it is – by assigning a Y registration number to a T registered vehicle, for example.
For your security, we are members of MIRAD (Registration Agents and Dealers) and APRT (Association of Personalised Registration Traders).
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Call our Marketing Team for demo and briefing of our world class products.Soltech won award at Energy Conservation DayWe are manufacturer, distributor and consultant of Energies Solutions. A cherished number plate is a great way to show your personality and customise your vehicle, but you must ensure that the number plate is legal.
The DVLA (Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency) requires all legal number plates to use Charles Wright font. You must alert your insurance provider when you change your number plate to a customised plate.
When you purchase a personalised number plate from a private dealer, it should come with one of two types of certification. Mr Clarke said that the letter from the organisation does not specify what his punishment will be if he keeps using the plate. A DVLA spokesman said: 'Many people enjoy displaying a personalised registration number and the vast majority of numbers are made available, but we have a responsibility to ensure that the combinations used do not cause offence.

Some suffix number plates can be picked up for as little as ?200-300, for less popular letter combinations. Decide on whether you want to look for a personalised number plate of your own or bid on an existing car registration. You can buy cherished number plates from many DVLA registered number plate suppliers on eBay. This does not apply to old and second-hand number plates, but all new ones must use this font. The DVLA sells custom and personalised number and letter configurations, although they reserve the right to refuse yours based on content or the letters and numbers included.
The cherished number assigned to your vehicle must be on the insurance in order for you to legally drive with the number and still have insurance. I think they are embarrassed that they have let a plate slip the net but that's hardly my fault. There's a lot more choice with prefix style number plates, but the most popular ones (like short names such as BEN or ANG) will still be expensive.
Use our tool to do a number plate search and enter the relevant search details before reviewing the listings which are returned.
Consider your options such as spelling words or names as number plates, which might be tailored specifically to the driver or your business name, or alternatively go for a more fun option and display a slogan.
Before installing the number plate on your car, you have to take the following steps to make sure that you can drive with your custom licence plate.
If you have a new private plate with a different font, then you may not be able to register it. There are four types of accepted registrations for vanity number plates including the current style with two letters followed by two numbers and three letters.
These certificates ensure that the personalised plate is legal, not already in use, and entitle you to use the plate number.

I saw it on the DVLA website last November and thought it would be a bit of fun to put it on my new car. But they are a government agency and they put the plate on their own website for anyone to buy so it's 100 per cent legal.'I would love to know what offence I am committing as they haven't told me. They've also still got similar plates for sale on the website so why haven't they taken them down?
You may have to update your certification to add your name after the purchase if this is not included in the vanity plate purchase. I have got the receipt for the plate, the registration document and the vehicle is fully taxed and insured so I'm at a loss to see what the problem is.'They sent me a normal plate to put on but I sent it straight back, I don't want it. Finally, dateless plates feature a random combination of up to four numbers followed by up to three letters. In fact I was inspired by a plate I saw on the website which was '130 LUX' so who's deciding what's offensive and what isn't?
If someone else is already using your preferred cherished number, then you will have to choose something else. Registering your cherished number requires you to assign the registration number to a vehicle, and purchase a certificate for a yearly fee. If you choose not to renew or pay for the certificate, then your vanity plate is not legal.

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