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DVLA Number plates relate to the make your own Personalised Number Plates, issued by the DVLA in Swansea. Current Style: DVLA Number Plates that are 2 letter followed by 2 digit followed by three letters. It is important to note that you can not make your vehicle look younger, however you can make your vehicle look older. AboutSpeedy Registrations is the market leader in personalised number plates and DVLA registrations. Number Plates December 20, 2014 Personalised Number Plates Have you always wanted your very own personalised registration? Number Plates October 28, 2014 Personalised Number Plates   We Brits love our pets and some of us love them so much that we are willing to get their names tattooed. Number Plates February 15, 2014 Cherished Number Plates, Personalised Number Plates So you have found your perfect registration and you have begun the task of transferring it onto your vehicle but you have hit a snag. Number Plates January 20, 2014 Personalised Number Plates, Private Number Plates It's never been easier to find your perfect DVLA number plate.
Number Plates January 4, 2014 Personalised Number Plates, Private Number Plates When you're shopping for a personalised DVLA number there are a few things you should know. Number Plates August 13, 2013 Personalised Number Plates, Registration Industry The DVLA has always withheld number plates which it deems to be offensive.
Number Plates March 11, 2012 Personalised Number Plates, Recent Number Plate News Well your search may be finally over, A119 ELA has just become available for sale. Number Plates February 24, 2012 Personalised Number Plates Speedyreg was approached last year to make up number plates that would be used in a Bollywood film , Naachle London. You will find an extensive range of motoring products and accessories at our showroom in Addlestone.
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The eagerly anticipated plate, a€?1 RHa€™ which went on sale last week, has been sold at auction for a massive A?250,000. Rob Harverson, 47 in early retirement, paid a total of A?247,652.50 for his new registration plate 1 RH. Within the confines of the auction, the bidding intensified eventually leading to the now proud owner out-bidding Richard Harris who is a well-known businessman from Skegness. A spokesperson for the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) said they were stunned at the price of one of its last "jewels in the crown". This plate was one of 1,600 prestigious registrations being sold at a three-day DVLA event at the Tankersley Manor Hotel, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Mr Harverson said: "I came with A?150,000 to spend but, in the end, I was just determined to buy 1 RH and nothing was going to stop me. In total, the breakdown of the total sum came to A?197,000, plus the Auctioneers commission, then came the added VAT and then the merger A?80 transfer fee to top it all off.
Damian Lawson, marketing manager for DVLA Personalised Registrations, said: "I'm absolutely delighted for the agency.
The DVLA has banned what they deem to be 'poor taste' number plates which use number and letter combination to spell out rude words or phrases. Staff at the roads regulator have sifted through thousands of potentially offensive combinations to rule on which risque combinations should not be allowed. Most of the selections were censored because they were judged to have been deliberately put together to form swear words. Combinations using the most recent 63 plates as well as the upcoming 14plates were taken into account. The 14-plate, which is due to start appearing on new cars in March next year, is a boon for personalised numberplate fans as 14 can be made to appear to read as a I or an A.
Censors have been busy banning certain letter combinations from the road - with many plates starting with PR, SH and SL having to be scratched. In addition, a fear over glorifying terrorism has seen any numberplate ending with J14 HAD also being vetoed.

The 63-plates, which went live in September, also saw the experts at the DVLA busy banning the ruder combinations, where the numbers can be made to look like a G or a B. This included variations of numberplates such as BU63 GER, FA63 HAG, HU63 NOB and NO63 END.
The experts even have to consider common text language abbreviations, with OM63 WTF one example of a modern phrase reference, which has also been outlawed. A special group of people called the DVLA's Propriety Group sit down for meetings every year to discuss which plates should not be allowed.
A DVLA Spokesperson said: 'The vast majority of registration numbers are made available but we have a responsibility to ensure that the combinations used do not cause offence.
For example you can not transfer a AA52 ABC onto an S registered vehicle, however you could transfer  S25 ABC onto your 52 registered vehicle.
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This massive amount of money is more than thirty times the reserve price, which was on the plate. Thule, based in Sweden, is a respected and well known name in the motor industry, designing and manufacturing products made to the highest quality and built to last.
The plate was expected to go for around 150,000 say auctioneers, however after intense bidding, one by one the interested parties dropped out leaving Rob Haverson the proud owner.

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