Dvla number plates for trailers

The department of transport is to investigate a claim that the DVLA is breaking the law by as regards its treatment of off-road notices, which are sent when a vehicle is declared to be a€?off the roada€™. There has been claims that the DVLA are knowingly doing this in order o obtain more funds through fining. It is still not clear whether or not this will continue to happen as the DVLA have their heels dug in and are adamant they have done nothing wrong.
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Collins found that the date on his notice was that of which the letter was printed, and not the date he received it on.
It is estimated that there are over 100 drivers in a similar position through out the UK, most of whom may not even be aware of their legal predicament. After a notice has gone through the DVLAa€™s system, it may take up to fourteen days before a driver receives it which, as you could imagine will lead to serous complications. He hopes Mr Brown will now take notice of a problem with grave implications for terrorism, fraud and serious crime.

We fololw the DVLA guidelines set out in the legislation for manufacturing acrylic number plates and DVLA regulations.

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