Earth dragon chinese zodiac 1989

I find it interesting how every time I look deeper into any kind of astrology (looking for western rising sign or chinese element) it explains exactly what kind of person I am. When the war with Humanity began, he was among the first of the dragons to insist that they should fight back.
But when his father and brother were slain in combat, he realized that in order to save Dragon-kind, he would have to awaken Draconis and retake the old lands. He favors the indirect approach to most all things, and loves to gauge both friends and allies alike, as well as to manipulate them to his own ends.
While he is not a pacifist, Ixenooble wants the world to be at peace again, not only between his own kind and the Lizard-kind but between the other races as well. With his own crowd of undeath he likes to think he's a faction all on his own, and prefers to stay secluded in the dank peaks he calls home.
He believes that every race can peacefully co-exist in the world, and he will achieve any means to do it, even if it means sacrificing a few lives.

But as he fled, he realized he had forgotten his girlfriend, and returned, braving arrow and halberd to see to her safety. But in the end, he is compassionate and is willing to make anybody his ally, dragon, lizard, human, or elf. He’s got a large cave network to call his own and a mob of Undeath to run it and occupy the immediate area.
He occasional goes out on errands (Namely to pillage larger libraries in the hopes of discovering something he doesn’t already know) but spends most of his time reading, studying, and practicing necromancy. He is most famous for his involvement in the war against humanity, where he proved that he was exceptional with his fire abilities, as well as proved to his comrades that he was very compassionate. They learned quickly that, while powerful, Ixenooble fought for peace in the world for all species, but was not afraid to fight for it. When the civil war broke out, Ixenooble immediately found himself on the side of the Ahmik, as all he wanted was peace, and uniting the lizardkind and eventually humanity was the only way to do it in his eyes.

You have minor resistance to fire, frost, and shock, and you are immune to magic, but you are prone to physical attacks.
You can raise dead to aid you for as long as you will, and you are immune to magic, yet prone to fire, shock, or frost.
One side was for diplomacy, the reuniting of the Lizard-kin, and fleeing to our homeland, to discover one of the remaining Elder-Dragons, Draconis. Maybe a dimwitted dragon?Affinity: I will accept Fire, Frost, Earth, Storm, Poison, Shape (Changelings), Magic, or Dark.

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