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Mobipocket Desktop eBook Reader will recognize any reading device on first connection and install the appropriate mobile reader automatically. Gli ebook Reader Sony hanno il vantaggio di poter essere personalizzabili, proprio come con il Kindle si possono fare molte operazioni particolari che non sono realizzabili con altri lettori. Anche se l’operazione puo apparire non semplice, in realta richiede solo pochi minuti utilizzando Calibre.
Successivamente, avrete bisogno di cambiare il nome del file per ciascun font, com’e scritto su ciascun file che avete aggiunto sul dispositivo, eccetto l’estensione, che rimane sempre “.ttf”.
Potete utilizzare anche la sezione Look and Feel su Calibre per modificare le dimensioni del carattere, lo spazio tra le linee, etc.
Aiuta questo sito a sostenersi, diffondi i contenuti che ritieni validi sul tuo social network preferito o iscriviti alla newsletter. Questo sito utilizza cookie, anche di terze parti, per inviarti pubblicita e servizi in linea con le tue preferenze. Something I’m asked about frequently is which is the best, must have eBook Reader (ereader) on the market today and which should I get for my needs. The new navigation is the first thing you notice about the Kindle 2 and is arguable one of the best point and makes it’s usability much improved over the older model. The web browser is probably the worst part of the device as it is slow and very basic (no Flash) and without a touch screen, navigation of sites is poor.
With all the features of the Kindle 2 but with a bigger screen this e-reader has been hailed as a killer newspaper device. The Kindle DX is one of the most expensive eReader which along with the poor web browser and missing touch screen are only weakest points. The Sony reader does however fall short on the number of books it can hold on its internal memory, that being only 350 books – but you can use removable memory sticks to add more storage if needed, so not really a big issue. There is a dedicated service called the eBook Store which has a very wide selection or books, newspapers and magazines. With one of the best eInk readers on the Market the Cybook Gen 3 is a great eBook and boast some great functions. The iRex Digital Reader is something of a business animal since it accepts all the office files you will likely come across. Still going strong after four years, I also purchased a cover with a light in the back which still works too however I need to put my fingers between the reader & cover. The Kobo ebook reader, a low cost digital book reader, went on sale at Indigo Books this past weekend. The ebook reader features an electronic ink screen with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution similar to the one found on the popular Amazon Kindle but does not have any wireless connectivity. The device comes pre-loaded with 100 public domain books and users can purchase and load additional books in the ePub, PDF or Adobe DRM format and load them onto the reader via a USB or Bluetooth connection.

The eReader has 1GB of memory which Indigo says should allow owners to store about 1,000 titles. A review of the Kobo ebook store finds a selection of New York Times bestsellers starting from $9.99. Physically the eReader is 120mm x 184mm x 10mm thick and weighs about 8 ounces, just slightly more than an average book.
I font, o caratteri, dei propri dispositivi possono essere modificati tramite il file CSS, o di stile, negli ebook che sono liberi dal DRM.
Se non l’avete ancora installato, qui ci sono le istruzioni su come farlo e le caratteristiche principali che il programma offre. All’interno dovrebbero essercene delle altre come il database e le edizioni digitali gia presenti all’interno. Questo dovrebbe portarvi direttamente alla cartella dove sono contenuti i caratteri del computer.
Questo e solo un template per cui dovrete cambiare tutti le parole “Arial” con i nomi dei font che avete scelto spostato nella cartella del dispositivo.
Con il Sony PRS-350 troverete, per esempio, che la dimensione migliore e settare i caratteri a 10, che e l’opzione migliore per quando si imposta la visualizzazione su ‘media’.
Ma se il computer va in ibernazione o in modalita dormiente, il caricamento si fermera, e la batteria ricomincera a scaricarsi nuovamente. Utilizzando una presa di corrente per caricare la batteria dell’ebook Reader saranno invece necessarie solo due ore.
Se appare uno sfondo scuro, invece che bianco, aggiornate lo schermo due o tre volte cambiando pagina. Questo accade quando si vede un’immagine ombra nello sfondo, di solito della pagina precedente o della stessa pagina. Se vuoi saperne di piu o negare il consenso a tutti o ad alcuni cookie consulta la nostra Privacy Policy.
Well here I review my top eBooks currently available in the UK and US with rating and specifications – an ideal Christmas gadget. The Kindle 2 is now thinner than an iPhone but that is nothing compared to the other new features like USB charging, text to speech, increased battery performance, 3G wireless, 20% faster browsing and a much more impressive grayscale display. The bigger screen really makes it easier on your eyes than the Kindle 2 and also isn’t too bulky.
It has a number of nice features like a blacklit LED which makes it viewable in any kind of lighting (including bright sunlight) and a touch screen (which should be standard on these devices now). You can also view DRM free content like PDFs, Word, HTML and all the other popular book formats. I can live without the wireless features and text to speech in favour of the touch screen and backlit screen (particularly as with the removable memory stick option I can transfer files simply).

The problems with the pre-release model is that it has a clumsy interface and is very slugish – great shame as it has such potential.
If you want a device that does other things like newspaper or magazines then look else where. Your content is excellent but with images and video clips, this blog could undeniably be one of the greatest in its field. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. While Amazon’s Kindle wireless reader and Sony’s non-wireless reader sell for $259, Indigo’s reader (Indigo owns the majority of Kobo) will retail for $149. An expansion slot lets users add up to a 4GB SD memory card of additional storage making it possible to store thousands of more books.
Per quelli che, invece, ne sono provvisti, sara necessario toglierlo prima di fare questa operazione, altrimenti non sara efficace.
For people who want something larger but with all these new options Amazon have the Kindle DX (see below). The benefits of the touch screen means that a keyboard is not needed and so is a much more compact design. I am happy to download content to a memory stick on a PC and transfer especially when it prolongs the life of the battery.
It is currently let down by a lack of tech Support albeit it does come with a good warranty and if you are really stuck there is a good online community. It is somewhat let down by no dedicated content provider and a battery life of just 24 hours.
Indigo says the eReader will last up to two weeks on one charge, or up to eight thousand page turns. There is an included stylus but for the most part selecting text, making notes and navigating works extremely well without it.
If you can’t live without wireless then without doubt the Kindle 2 or Kindle DX is the device for you. Another feature which makes this stand out is it’s searching features which is very intuitive and quick.

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